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Dulcelli's Avocado Sansrival - Super Yummy!

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.7 out of 5.0

Ultimate Taste Test 3-39

Dulcelli Cakes is our personal favorite and one of our best finds in the Ultimate Taste Test series.

My wife loves Sansrival, and we would often only go for the tried and tested classic flavor. But Denise's Avocado Sansrival got Rache's approval and we ordered a few cakes ever since to share with a few people. If you ask anybody in the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0, Dulcelli Cake was the most raved about next to Dulcelin.

During the taste test, the sansrival was a bit soggy already because it was a bit hot. Surprisingly, the Avocado Sansrival still managed to WOW the foodies. We agree that it is better served chilled. The magic is in the way it is able to capture the flavor of avocado with the right balance of sweetness (without being nakakasawa).

Congratulations, Denise! If you are tired of your usual cakes, try Dulcelli's Avocado Sansrival. :)

*** AVOCADO SANSRIVAL PROMO!  Its now P 640 only for this 2009 Christmas season. ***

What Foodies Are Saying About Dulcelli Cakes

"Wow Dessert Heaven!"
"Good delicious avocado taste! Chocolate was divine!"
"The Best.... I had two rounds of this"
"Really really good!"
"Yummy! New!"
"This could have been awesome if they get the nougat chewy!"
"I was looking for the crunchiness of the sansrival"
"Avocado sansrival, well-balance(d), sweet and really good! The avocado is not overpowering."
"Tama ang lasa ng avocado. really good."
"If you're used to the usual sansrival taste, this taste(s) a bit weird-- has an aftertaste but in fairness is an innovation."
"I like it very much and it's healthy specially avocado sansrival."
"Unique Avocado Sansrival."
"Avocado Sansrival should have been chilled."
"Avocado Sansrival was awesome!"
"Very interesting taste, a bit too sweet"
"nahuli ang avocado flavor."
"Loved the icing on the cake, avocado sansrival was just OK"
"It adds but a bit of a nice surprise should be better if chilled."
"Love it!"
"Yummy When Cold!"
"Unique Taste and Yummy!"
"The name delivers sarap!"
"Thumbs Up for the avocado sansrival - NOT CLOYINGLY SWEET"
"Avocado Sansrival is the HIGHLIGHT!"
"I will order Avocado Sansrival!"

The Dulcelli Cake Story by Denise Mayor

After graduating from college, I worked as a product developer in Maya Kitchen Culinary Center then worked at a Hotel in Asian Institute of Management as a Head Pastry Chef. After working for 2 years, i decided to put up a small business, supplying cakes to coffee shops. I started in 2005 when Gloria Jean's Coffee accepted me as one of their cake suppliers. (But I am no longer doing business with them...) So then, I offered my cakes to other coffee shops and restaurants. In 2008, I managed to supply more than 10 coffee shop outlets in Metro Manila. I am planning to expand my products more and to start accepting personal orders. But my problem is our kitchen is located in a hidden place in Malibay, Pasay, where customers will have a hard time picking up their cakes so I am planning to deliver the ordered cakes straight to their homes instead of them going to our kitchen and picking up their orders.

Dulcelli Cakes is a home-based food business that specializes in cakes. We have been supplying cakes to several coffee shops in town (like Rustan's Le Gourmet, Attivo, Java Man, and some branches of Mocha Blends). We make sansrival, Kahlua choco cake, hazelnut torte, amaretto choc, White Opera, Lemon Torte, tiramisu and Decadence. Apart from making "the common type of cakes" I have mentioned, we would like to test our newest cakes -- "The Snow White Cake" and our "Avocado Sansrival", but since avocados are not in season and are very hard to find, we might not be able to make them regularly.

Ultimate Taste Test 3-37
AVOCADO SANSRIVAL (P790)cashew-almond meringues layered with avocado buttercream.
(size: 8 X 8 square)

*** AVOCADO SANSRIVAL PROMO!  Its now P 640 only for this 2009 Christmas season. ***

CHOCO MALLOW FLUFF (P700) – Moist and fluffy chocolate cake, filled with caramel custard and topped with marshmallow icing. (size: 9 inches round)

DULCELLI LAB by Denise Mayor
746B M. Patinio St. Malibay, Pasay City 1300
Telephone/Fax: +632 799-8010
Mobile: +63922 816-2468

Free Delivery within Makati Area and Magallanes Area.

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Anton Diaz
Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 
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P.S. The Choco Mallow Fluff was just OK for us. Also, the packaging needs to be improved. They should get their packaging from Jennifer. :)

*** AVOCADO SANSRIVAL PROMO!  Its now P 640 only for this 2009 Christmas season. ***



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For more details you can check their website at

The cakes tasted a bit on the commercial side to me.

I love the Avaocado Sansrival. Flavors are balanced. And it's not that sweet. Super yummy talaga!

It was my favorite during the food taste test.

This has got to be the lightest sansrival EVER!! :)

lasang lasa ang avocado!! its a chewy kind of sansrival that melts in your mouth, ummmm! mabilis sya lumambot kaya dapat kainin kagad.

Ordered the avocado sansrival for christmas! everyone loved it. Highly recommended.

Try her panacotta dessert! Super sarap din and yummy!!!!

You can contact her 0922-816-2468 or visit her Facebook page:

She has a new shop located at Unit A1, Katrina Bldg. Boni Ave. Mandaluyong City. Changed her company name to Dolcelli Food Specialties.

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