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Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ces

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.8 out of 5.0

Ultimate Taste Test 3-63

I met Ces Lopez through Jennifer Uy, who introduced her as the lady who creates the best chocolate chip cookie in town. I did not believe her at first, because I thought to myself that anybody can create a chocolate chip cookie at home. But the foodies have spoken in UTT 3.0, with a 3.8 rating similar to her rating in UTT 2.0 for her Supreme Brazo Bars. That rating is very significant because it is tough to please the foodies in an Ultimate Taste Test event, and they consistently rave about this sweet treat. :)

Her desserts are REALLY good -- you've got to try the Supreme Brazo Bars and her Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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What Foodies Say About Ces Lopez' Classic Choco Chip Cookie

"I like the preparation and the taste, I highly recommend to friends, good as a gift to food lovers."
"Choco Overload in Choco Chip. Nice Milk Drink."
"Too Sweet for My Taste."
"The Chocolate Chip is Really Good"
"Choco Chip Cookie was Good & Chewy but the Balsamic Vinegar Combination did not work for me."
"Love it because it is freshly baked."
"Love the texture, the sweetness & play on flavors with the balsamic reduction."
"Choco Chip was Chewy Moist. I Like it."
"Choco Chip Cookies dipped in Balsamic is Outrageous! I LOVE IT!"
"I Still love the Brazo de Mercedez from UTT 2.0, The Cookies were Average!"
"Cookies [were] good but can be made at home."

The Story of Supreme Brazo by Ces Lopez

Last February 2009, pastry afficionado Ces Lopez helped out her son (then about to graduate from Ateneo de Manila High School) and his class raise money for charity by making baked treats, which they can sell. Ces thought, what could be irresistible that could sell cheap, by the piece? Then it hit her: Brazo de Mercedes, as it has always been her favorite dessert, but cut in bars instead of rolled up! She started sending her son three dozens to bring to school, only to find they’re wiped out before noon breaks. Looks like the idea was a hit with everybody in the school, too!

The fundraiser was a success, as expected, and even days after, orders were coming in steadily. It was then that Ces started to refine the brilliant idea, polishing it at the edges. What started as a hobby and a fund-raising project has now come full-circle, evolving into a modern baking concept that’s now a promising business opportunity.

In the last Ultimate Taste Test 2.0, she featured Supreme Brazo Bars and in UTT3.0, she decided to just feature her Classic Choco Chip Cookies.


All cookies are whole wheat, whether big or small.

For the Christmas package, it comes with nice ribbons, trinkets and gift tags:

Box of 3, small, classic choco chip, whole wheat- P105.00
Box of 6, small, classic choco chip, whole wheat- P210.00
Box of 12, small, classic choco chip, whole wheat- P420.00
(small is 2.5in in diameter. 35 grams.)

Box of 3, big, classic choco chip, whole wheat- P180.00 
Box of 6, big, classic choco chip, whole wheat- P360.00
Box of 12, big, classic choco chip, whole wheat- P720.00


Ces Lopez especially created this healthy, scrumptious cookie for a reason – it’s actually made and dedicated for a Catholic Seminarian and his father.   He also happened to help the Tulong Dunong Fundraiser where Supreme Brazo Bars started.  Both are suffering from malignant melanoma, the most advanced form of skin cancer, and since the treatment was rather expensive, he decided to leave the seminary for a while in order to help raise the needed funds so both he and his dad can get treated.

Loaded with Vitamin D and fiber rich, as it contains USFDA and QAI certified 100% organic flour, oats and whole grains, Vitamin D enriched diet is essential in prevention and health improvement of patients with malignant melanoma, and other types of cancers as well.

This sweet treat is not just for satiating the sweet tooth but also what everyone needs to keep their skin and whole body healthy. 

Part of the proceeds from every sale of the cookie will be given to Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii in Tanay, Rizal and for the treatment of our seminarian friend and his father. 

Mini's (40.00 per piece)

Box of 3, P120.00
Box of 6, P240.00
Box of 12, P480.00

Also available in big sizes(60 grams), P70.00 per piece

Part of the proceeds of all cookie variants will go to the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii in Tanay, Rizal, and for the treatment of the Catholic Seminarian and his father.

Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez
Brazos - Coffee - Shortcakes
Business Address: 62-B 9th Street, Rolling Hills Village, New Manila, Quezon City
Store Location: Ces Lopez Cafe @ Food Choices at the Town,
2nd floor Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

Telephone:  +632 722-5638 or 359-3001
Mobile: +63915-3528372

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Anton Diaz
Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 
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P.S. For the Christmas package, there's a minimum of 6 boxes of 3 for delivery. You can also place your orders at East Japanese Restaurant or Cafe Molinari in Rustans Makati, 2nd floor, department store. No minimum order if you order and pick up there.



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Ms Ces was so accomodating in the UTT 3.0 event.. she made it a point to shake my hand in spite of the big crowd... I like her Supreme Brazo bar none but this one comes a close second to her outrageously good tasting desserts.. she even got me brazo bars by special order because I wrote an honest review for her... which I like very much! and I engulfed it within the day... I will order again for the Christmas givaways! =)

Hello there, Thank you so much. I really appreciate. Belated Happy Birthday. I'm glad you had fun. More power.

Ces Lopez

These were my favorite at the Taste Test. As soon as I walked into the room, I was greeted by the awesome smell of cookies being baked onsite. The chocolate chips were luxurious. Loved the milk that came with the cookies.

Oooohhh..the brazo bars...very nice way of presenting. Will try the cookies also.

Dear Kiri and Sandy,

Thank you so much. It's nice to know people like you love the stuff that I do. I love my customers so much I only offer them the best. The way I would give the best baked treats to my kids and friends. Merry Christmas to you both.


Oh yeah. I remember this chocolate chip cookie and it's gooooooood!!! Sarap pa because it was freshly baked! Yummy!

Dear Nedelyn,

Glad you liked it!


we tasted the brazos over at ATC yesterday....hmmmm heavenly hehehe

one thing though ,sana me available na one whole loaf at a lower price :D

Dear Allan,

We've been getting requests for that and yes, we can surely make the price a bit lower for the whole loaf brazo. I can't help but give in to my loyal customers.


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