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The Fruit Garden - Best Fruit Jams in Manila

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.6 out of 5.0
Ultimate Taste Test 3-20

I think this is the local and better version of the Bonne Maman Fruit Jams from France. Instead of apricots and other foreign fruits, The Fruit Garden uses locally available mangoes, strawberries and pineapples.

I actually tried The Fruit Jam and Bonne Maman side by side, and I prefer The Fruit Jam because it has a smoother, fruity flavor. There's this fresh homemade taste to their products, unlike other jams that have a heavy-on-preservatives taste.

I also like their unique variants and combinations. OAP highly recommends the Mango Ginger Fruit Jam! Sarap! The ginger was not too strong and it provided that anghang taste tempered with the sweetness of the mango.

For me, this is the Best Fruit Jam in Manila! We are already planning to make it our giveaway.

What Foodies Are Saying About The Fruit Garden Jams

"Very Natural & Tasty... hope it's available soon in grocery."
"This is nice. A very healthy alternative to everyday jams."
"The Strawberry Banana is the best!"
"Mango Variants were great"
"Unique Variants. Strawberry Mint - Mint not too obvious. Regular Mango - too sweet. Mango-Ginger was Yummy!"
"Very Good Concoctions. Love the Mango Ginger"
"Mango Papaya - Wonderful Consistency, good packaging and pricing."
"Very good & different. Wish more vendors were like them."

The Fruit Garden Story by Pierre Marmonier

Our Jam story started in the year 2003 when, in our Paris home, we experimented with specialty jam recipes.

Now, living again in the Philippines, we decided to apply our French recipes to the local fruits. Our jam is cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons, like how it used to be done in France years ago. Our jam does not use any preservative, only natural fruits and sugar.

To maximize the fruit flavor of our jam, we impose on ourselves a minimum of 60 grams of fruits for 100 grams of jam.

We have developed our jam collection and have fused each collection with different flavors and spices. Through our jam, your mind will travel and discover an endless territory of flavors.

Enjoy the Experience, Enjoy our Jam Collection!

The Fruit Garden 100% Natural Homemade Jam

Ultimate Taste Test 3-19

Mango collection                

Our Mango collection is the most comprehensive. It comes in 7 flavors :

Mango : The original taste of Mango

Mango Lavender : The mango has been infused with Tagaytay-grown lavender to give a “Provencal” flavor.

Mango Ginger : Ginger mixed with mango gives a unique and distinctive taste. (This is THE BEST FOR OAP! :) )

Mango Vanilla : Vanilla seeds add a perfect twist to the mango flavor

Mango White Chocolate : The white chocolate is a perfect sweet taste for the Mango jam. It has been balanced enough to give the right sugar content to the jam.

Mango Papaya : The fruits combination has been evenly balanced for this fruit duo

Mango Spices : Cloves, cinnamon, as well as a few spoons of Rhum have been gently added to the Mango Papaya jam to give it a Christmas taste.

Pineapple collection

Our Pineapple collection comes in 3 flavors :

Pineapple : The original taste of pineapple

Pineapple Mango : A right fruit combination for a perfectly balanced taste.

Pineapple Coco Rhum : Fresh coconut milk, as well as a hint of rhum, for a pinacolada-like jam flavor

Strawberry collection

Our Strawberry collection comes in 4 flavors :

Strawberry : The original taste of strawberry

Strawberry Mango : A well-balanced fruit combination for the best of both worlds

Strawberry Mint : Negros-grown organic mint has been infused and added to the strawberry jam to give a refreshing alternative

Strawberry Banana : Strawberry and banana make an amazing blend.


Our glass jar : A uniquely shaped bottle imported from Italy, with an exclusive silver cap
Jar of 350 grams - P300
Jar of 120 grams - P140
A gift box of 3 jars of 120 grams - P420

The Fruit Garden

Contact person : Pierre Marmonier
Mobile : +63920 945 3565
Email :

Live an Awesome Life,  

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love this! ordered a lot to give for xmas.

expensive lang... might as well make your own fruit jam, especially when that particular fruit is in season and we will be directly helping pa our farmers...

I love the strawberry-banana best! Super divine on butter cookies.

Also, the lady who sells them is a really lovely person. Super good vibes.

hi. where can we by these jams?

The Fruit Garden Valentine Discovery set (6 assorted jams of 30gr) is now available at :

Rustan Makati (new)
Rustan Rockwell (new)
Bacchus Rockwell (new)
Le Delice deli, country club, Merville park paranaque (new)

and at 
Market Deli, Leviste str, salcedo village

La cuisine francaise restaurant ,sedeno str, salcedo village
Donau Gourmet, Amorsolo str, Legazpi village
Pelican Fresh, Market Market

Visit us this week end at the following markets : Alabang country hall Saturday am, and Legazpi village parking lot Sunday am and taste our new flavors : Orange marmelade and Guava jam

Hi Jing, did you find us, do not hesitate to call me for more info on 920 945 35 65. On our website you will also find the latest list of outlets carrying our products

Anton, thanks for posting the details as well

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