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The Most Romantic Wedding I've Ever Witnessed

I just came back from El Nido, Palawan, where I was George Tapan's assistant for the El Nido Photography Festival in Miniloc Resort. On Saturday night, we visited Lagen island and decided to swim in the pool of the Lagen Resort while waiting for sunset. We were having some peanuts and beer with George and the lovely Dr. Vanessa at the bar, when we saw a couple dressed in wedding attire, walking along the swimming pool. We learned that they were on their way to their private wedding on the sandbar behind Lagen Island. It was just the two of them -- no photographers, no camera, no witnesses -- just the bride and groom. George made some calls and asked permission from the couple to shoot their wedding, and he became their official photographer. :)

It was the most romantic wedding I've ever witnessed, and I would like to share the experience with you...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-3
Meet Ikee Castillo and Daniel Matteo...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-5
The wedding setting: the Sandbar at the back of Lagen Island before sunset...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-7
The red carpet was rolled out, with the El Nido acoustic group providing the wedding music...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-9
The walk down the aisle was so romantic...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-12
It was a private civil wedding --- very relaxed, very solemn...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-31
The way that they looked at each other made a person wish that their special someone was around too...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-30
Love was definitely in the air...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-37
The exchange of I Do's...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-44
The wedding ring ceremony with the islands of Bacuit Bay and the Sandbar as witnesses...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-45
One ring to bind the couple together...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-48
One ring as a symbol of their love for each other forever...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-54
Congratulations to the newlyweds! You may kiss the bride...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-56
The wedding kiss...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-67
This is how a wedding kiss should be...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-63
The most romantic kiss I've ever witnessed...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-103
The signing of the contract...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-85
and now they are one...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-90
The entire wedding was art-directed by George Tapan...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-94
The Happy Bride...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-96
I like George Tapan's style of wedding photography -- very natural, very solemn, with no "kenkoy" shots...

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-101
The perfect couple, the perfect wedding on an island, and the perfect wedding photographer!

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-108
I want our 10th wedding anniversary in 2013 to be like this... (kakainggit...)

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-116
A toast to the newlyweds! Congratulations, Daniel and Ikee Matteo!

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-80 
Finally, alone on the island...

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Anton Diaz
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P.S. I took all the photos in this blog post. You have to see the awesome shots of George Tapan!

The Most Romantic Wedding I Ever Witnessed...-119



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that's so sweet and simple. it would really be a wedding worth the memory.
thanks for sharing anton :)

OMG! I want this too!

off topic, but an outdoor wedding is probably something i won't be able to do because i'm catholic. i can still dream though. :-) the place looks beautiful, anton, and the bride & groom look like they're sharing an inside joke or a secret.

I understand, thats why Ill do it on our 10th wedding anniversary.... a ceremonial wedding lang... I actually had a beach wedding idea when Bo Sanchez celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in Boracay...

Beautiful couple, ceremony and photos!

definitely romantic! every couple should have one of these at least once in their lifetime.

aww unbelievable ang galing galing! thanks for sharing this anton. congrats to the lovely couple :)

where can we see the photos taken by GT for this exclusive wedding?

Anton, very nice. Baka magkaroon tuloy ako ng love bug dahil sa mga litrato mo! :)

wooowww.... and we're actually contemplating a secret wedding... hehehe very very nice... parang sa movie lang... :D hope you can share GT's site po... dying to see his shots too... :D

Aww, this is so beautiful!

Wow! Romantic nga, eh love ko pa naman ang beach...Riza... mahal... lika..lemme talk to you hehehehehe.

Cool ! I am jealous!

I'm awestruck. Now THAT's the kind of wedding I want to have (again). Your pictures are exceptional, Anton. You excel at taking pictures of people.

gosh i thought dey wer mowwwwwwdeeeeeeeeeelzzzzzz! lavet!!!

natatakot ako baka ma-blow ng hangin yung plunging neckline niya.

nakakainggit at nakaka in-love! thanks for sharing anton!

romantic is an understatement =)


That kiss was awesome.... hmmm... makes me wonder LOL

Those photos leave my legs wobbly! The bride looks like a a beautiful mermaid just out of the sea. You really caught the moment with those fantastic photos.

WOW! all the while i THOUGHT the photos were of Geroge's. Terrific pictures anton.

Well, George would give the photos directly to the couple.  Im sure it could be part of GTs exhibits in the future. George does not have an Internet presence at the moment and he doesnt upload his pictures online...

hi anton! too bad i wasn't able to join the workshop and meet you personally. george rang me monday eve to rave about the wedding set-up at the sandbar. i'm sure all the photos he took look great - as always (and i thought the photos you posted here are his! i love how you captured their emotions - very GT =) )

by the way, can i share this page in El Nido Resorts' FB page ? hmm... maybe i can put the hyperlink in my page too? =)

let me know!


Anton, oh my god. You put me to tears seeing these. As we were scared we would never have a picture of that moment in our lives. Thank you, thank you so much. We will be showing these pictures to our friends on the post-wedding party this Saturday here in Cebu. We wish you could join us.
Dan and I have been so lucky to have you guys there :-)

Hi Apple,Yes, please free to link it to El Nidos FB Page.... Hope to meet you one of these days and maybe have a project together in the future, haha....See you AppleAnton

Lovely wedding. Fantastic photos.

i can see her nipple in one of the pictures. maybe you should take that out :)


The couple is a very close friend of mine and I am an event planner so I know a lot of photographers but definitely the photos taken depicted true sincerity, beauty and awesomeness. Dan and Ikee were very blessed to have a very good photographer and I would say vice versa coz the photographer had such a beautiful couple to take.

More power to all! :)

Yes, I would have to agree that we were lucky to have each other in
the right place and at the right time :)

I love their walkway.... how romantic... will put this in my bookmark

Awesome indeed!!! Thanks Anton for posting these pictures. Congratulations to Ikee and Dan... God loves both of you... me too, Tita
Congratulations also to the photographer... I appreciate your style!

What good is a romantic wedding if you end up breaking up just like this couple? Sad, sad.

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