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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


34 posts from October 2009

October 30, 2009

Nuffnang Blog Awards...

Last Friday, I attended the first ever Nuffnang Blog Awards in Singapore. It aims to recognize the best bloggers across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia who are part of the Nuffnang Blog Network. I tagged along to check out the Singapore blogging scene and to meet awesome people during the trip.

Nuffnang Blog Awards-18

Here's a photo blog of my short Singapore trip. Thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation!

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Please Vote for Michael & Jenny

Michael Paul and Jenny Caspe-Cocuaco only need 328+ votes to become one of the finalists in the worldwide competition called Ultimate Thailand Explorers, which promotes Koh Samui. They are the only Filipinos in the 25 semi-finalists shortlisted from 192 teams. They need our votes! Let's give them the power of the Pinoy voting block. :)

Please vote for them here: Michael Paul & Jennifer of Zamboanga for Koh Samui

(You need to register first, then click the confirmation email to log in and vote in the website. As an encouragement, the Thai government will give 2 lucky voters $2,500 in prizes! You might just win for being generous with your vote.)

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October 27, 2009

Romulo Cafe - "Cafe Juanita" by Day, "Establishment" by Night.

Finally, Romulo Cafe is THE Filipino restaurant to rave about in the T.Morato / Quezon City area.  The Carlos P. Romulo heritage restaurant concept is unique and refreshing. It is set in a rented house off the T. Morato area where you have to find your way by either passing through Scout Tuason or Scout Dr. Lazcano streets. This restaurant is a brainchild of one of Carlos P. Romulo's grand daughter -- Sandie Squillantini.

It serves Filipino food like Tito Greg's Kare Kare that could rival Cafe Juanita. There are a lot of name dropping in the menu to acknowledge the source of the recipes and most of the Filipino dishes are familiar but served with a pleasant twist. The food is Filipino taken to the next level -- it is not fusion which is a bit baduy concept already in the Foodie circles. It is homey during the day time, but it transforms to "The Establishment" at night where you have to dress-up, drink cocktails first before eating dinner.

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:

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October 26, 2009

Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes...

(Contest Duration: 12.00am October 26, Monday to 11.59pm November 15, Sunday)

Seasons of Love is my uber-favorite RENT Song! This actually inspired me to quit my day job because I wanted to have a life of meaning by touching Filipinos with our food and travel discoveries in the Philippines.

Do you measure life in terms of the number of pay days and salary increases every year?
Do you measure life in terms of years, months, days, hours or minutes? OR
Do you measure life in terms of the number of people you love and touch?

It really is a beautiful song. In honor of this favorite tune of mine, I'd like to invite you to join a contest.

To enter, you just have to answer this: "What's your favorite Rent Song and Why?" in the comments section of this blog post. 

The best answer will win Two (2) Balcony Tickets worth P1,600 for the February 6, 2010, 8pm show!

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Are you the #1 Fan of Hi-5 in Manila?

Our Awesome Planet Exclusive Blog Contest!
Contest Duration: 12.00am October 26, Monday to 11.59pm November 15, Sunday
(Note: This is not part of the OVI DiscOVIry Contest. I'm just using the OVI Share for this contest.)

Are you the #1 Fan of Hi-5 in Manila?

Show me why you are the #1 Hi-5 fan in Manila by uploading a Hi-5 Fan photo. Be creative! The most creative and interesting fan photo gets 2 VIP Tickets* worth P4,800 for the Wednesday show on November 25, 6pm.

Related Post: Let's Support Fely in the Hi-5 Surprise Concert in Manila!

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