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Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez Cafe

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2.0 RATING: 3.8 out of 5.0

Ultimate Taste Test Event-85

"Brazo was the best! Love the Walnuts on it!"

Supreme Brazo was the consistently raved about dessert in Ultimate Taste Test 2.0. Think of it as a Brazo sandwich with the meringue as the buns (shaped like a bar) and the different flavors as the palaman (spread inside the sandwich). The best flavors are the Walnut Wander and the Copaco-Mango. If you love Aurely's Special Brazo in Pampanga, this is 2x better because of the double layer of meringue and the 13 flavors to choose from. (Papayag ba ang mga Kapampangan?) Our foodie hearts now belong to Supreme Brazo...

Also during the taste event, they served a Freshly Squeezed Baby Lemonade that foodies raved about. It was a perfect complement to the different sweet desserts. Most people used it to clean their palate.

Ultimate Taste Test Event-31

Supreme Brazo Bars Story
by Ces Lopez Cafe

Last February 2009, pastry afficionado Ces Lopez helped out her son (then about to graduate from Ateneo de Manila High School) and his class raise money for charity by making baked treats, which they can sell. Ces thought, what could be irresistible that could sell cheap, by the piece? Then it hit her: Brazo de Mercedes, as it has always been her favorite dessert, but cut in bars instead of rolled up! She started sending her son three dozens to bring to school, only to find they’re wiped out before noon breaks. Looks like the idea was a hit with everybody in the school, too!

The fundraiser was a success, as expected, and even days after, orders were coming in steadily. It was then that Ces started to refine the brilliant idea, polishing it at the edges. What started as a hobby and a fund-raising project has now come full-circle, evolving into a modern baking concept that’s now a promising business opportunity.

Ultimate Taste Test Event-93

No doubt, Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez will be the dessert talk of the town this Christmas... Their first store cafe is located in the 2nd floor Food Choices in Alabang Town Center. It's a bit far from Manila (especially because of the Sky Way traffic) but they deliver. :) This is perfect to bring to potluck events or to give to friends/clients.

Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez
Brazos - Coffee - Shortcakes
Business Address: 62-B 9th Street, Rolling Hills Village, New Manila, Quezon City
Store Location: Ces Lopez Cafe @ Food Choices at the Town,
2nd floor Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

Telephone:  +632 722-5638 or 359-3001
Mobile: +63917-8271518

Deliveries available anywhere around Metro Manila, primarily Quezon City, Alabang or Makati area.

Brazo Bars (Per Piece - Box of 3's - Half Dozen - One Dozen)
Classic  (P35 - P105 - P210 - P420)
Copaco-Mango (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540) - OAP Recommends.
Strawberry Sunrise (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Toasted Coconut Kiss (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Aloha Banana (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Tropical Cashew Crunch (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Macapuno Summer Breeze (P50 - P150 - P300 - P600)
Walnut Wander (P55 - P165 - P330 - P660) - OAP Recommends.
Almond Shindig (P55 - P165 - P330 - P660)
Pistachio Festival (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)
Pecan Beach Party (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)
Heavenly Hazelnut (P65 - P195 - P390 - P780)
Hula Macadamia! (P70 - P210 - P420 - P840)

Shortcake Bars
Strawberry Shortcake (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)
Mango Shortcake (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)

Other Baked Products
Roti Bars (P40)
Ces' Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie (P60)
Valrhona Molten Chocolate Cake (P80)

Japanese Cheesecake Bars
Lemon (P60)
Praline (P60)
Orange (P60)
Pistachio (P70)

Live an Awesome Life,  

anton signature 

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

P.S. Warning: The Supreme Brazo Bars are not healthy because they are too sweet. I do hope they come up with a healthier variation.



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for me, this was the best! :)

Tried this one - it was good but not the best dessert out there. I liked the one with mango. I have to agree the smaller serving is a genius idea.

I assume that Ces Lopez is a "she" and not a "he".

Wow, I'm glad pretty much everyone liked our product! Thanks so much, Anton, for this review. Hope to see you at our store anytime soon!


Hi, it's me again, Communications Manager of Supreme Brazo Bars. Hope it's okay if I post this here - Supreme Brazo Bars' commissary was not spared by the Ondoy flood.

Thanks so much.
Joan Lopez-Flores

strawberry cake with real strawberries good. chocolate chip cookies out of this world. walnut and mango brazo good. japanese cheesecake good. lemonade thirst quenchingly good.

just called them. Supreme is operational again!

You're right, Tim, we're operational again. We bounced back sooner than we expected. We were able to revive at least one oven and one chiller. So, life goes on! Everyone can continue to enjoy our awesome brazos, out-of-this-world cookies and shortcakes!

Thanks much for the concern and continued patronage!

Ces Lopez

too bad...their branch in ATC is already closed

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