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Fashionably Vintage by Ron Soriano

Cubao eXpo: The Next Evolution Series

Hey Day by Ron Soriano

After Bong's Vintage Pop closed down, Ron Soriano's Hey Day is now the king of Vintage in Cubao Expo -- but more focused on Vintage Fashion. There, you'll find original vintage clothes, mostly sourced from Ron's travels outside the Philippines. They just moved recently from the quiet side to the 2nd floor store on the happening side of Cubao Expo (where Mogwai is located).

Hey Day by Ron Soriano-9

Vintage Glasses...

Hey Day by Ron Soriano-2Hey Day by Ron Soriano-11 

Vintage Shoes, Bags and Hats...

Hey Day by Ron Soriano-5

Vintage Guitars...

Hey Day by Ron Soriano-10

 Be sure to take a peek inside the cabinet where you can find limited vintage stuff...

Hey Day by Ron Soriano-7

Bong poses with his own vintage penguin shirt...

Hey Day by Ron Soriano-3

2nd Floor Shop, Cubao eXpo
(Beside Breathing Space)
Araneta Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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hi Anton, pardon my ignorance, is this Cubao Expo same area as the Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao? it's been ages since I last went there kasi :) thanks!

Yes, Marikina Shoe Expo is now renamed as Cubao Expo.

ASTIG talaga maga vintage!

How come Bong's Vintage Pop shop closed? That store was cool.

Bong migrated to Canada unfortunately... I heard he will open Vintage Pop
in Canada...

Wow new shop ba? Looks great. I might check this out for some great shopping sprees. :)

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