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Heimish Chic

Cubao eXpo: The Next Evolution Series

Cubao Expo-5

Heima is one of the indie stores that recently opened in Cubao eXpo. It provides homey, classy, contemporary designs described as "heimish". The store name is said to be Icelandic for "at home". It showcases weird and bold color combinations that work, and different shapes and patterns that provide a warm ambiance. Perhaps the most coveted items in Heima are the call-out shelves on the second floor (the My Apartment showroom).

Cubao Expo-6

The chair designs in Heima are very popular. You can commission them to design your home with their signature heimish touch.

Cubao Expo-7

Bong Rojales of Lomomanila is the Marketing Director for Heima and the proud partner of Rossy Yabut, who owns the store. If Lomo is your thing, you can check out the showcase of Lomo Cameras -- and you can even have a chat with Bong to help you choose the right camera for you.

Cubao Expo-8

The entire store has the addicting scent of olives, which my wife loved. So, for just P200, we now have our "fragrance fix" at home with the Heima Scents Room Spray.

Cubao Expo-9

Dy, the store manager, will make you feel at home in Heima.

Cubao Expo

The second floor (branded as "My Apartment") is the heimish version of a Bachelor Pad. The USB turn tables are really cool -- you can play vinyl records and record them for your digital music library. You can buy a lot of vintage records in Cubao eXpo.

Cubao Expo-2

A portion of the second floor (known as the "Kolektib Shared Space") can also be used as a conference room for Innovation Sessions by Mark Ruiz and Photography Sessions by known photographers. It can be converted into a photography studio and even a dark room for processing prints.


This is where we held the first ever Photoblogging Class in Cubao eXpo. Bong Rojales welcomed the participants to Heima before we started the session.


Rossy, owner of Heima, with the eco-friendly Sun Jar. The jar has a solar panel that can be charged during the daytime. It lights up at night, automatically using the energy collected from the sun. In Europe, this is one of the coolest environment-friendly gifts you can give to an eco-conscious person.


You can also buy handpainted umbrellas, customized pillows and Pluey boots!


"'Keep Calm and Carry On' was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, but never used.... (It) was intended as a "last-case scenario" to be used only should the Nazis succeed in invading Great Britain, in order to stiffen resolve." [source: Wikipedia]

Heima uses the design, which is already in the public domain. In some cases, they've tweaked it a bit to say "Keep Calm and Cory On".

Cubao Expo-10 

Heima Lifestyle and Home Designs
G/F Shop 33, Cubao Expo, 
Quezon City, Philippines 1106
+63 917 561 HEIM (4346)

email : 

see --> Map going to Heima Store

Live an Awesome Life,  

anton signature 

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009.
prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

P.S. Join us for the next Photoblogging Workshop in Heima, Cubao eXpo!


Our Awesome Planet's Photoblogging Workshop by Anton Diaz
September 12, 2009, Saturday
Time: 11am to 6pm
Location: Heima Store, Cubao eXpo
Fee: P3,000 (limited to a maximum of 15 participants only)
* Includes Lunch @ Bellini's
* Includes a walking tour of Cubao eXpo
* Includes photography permit in Cubao eXpo
* Photoblogging Lecture



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these kind of news-things makes me-some browsers truly happy some of this store items are really cute{clean lines}i love the green wet boots those white wooden chairs those lovely colorful mini drawers-shelves how about some a wooden but curvy CD'S shelves-cases-standers
also pastel colored wooden shoe shelves or more wall letter T LETTER H LETTER M-N LETTER O wall shelves wooden umbrella cases w/plastic lining inside also some tall standing coats o hats standars toddlers tall dining chairs grandma-grandpa's rocking chairs too at saka some mini wooden fixed bed library kitchen ladders at cute round-square foot stools as soon as i see them in some photos here in cubao expo i will order by phone o i'll send some people to buy when i see what i want later thanks if you'll produced what i want-need as christmas presents for my old elementary schoolmates which is just accross your store street lol i am just so happy seeing some decent neat looking stuffs to have to give away

how about going-visiting{sort of interior designing}to some of my 'unfortunate'{who's husbands we can all forget didnt-doesnt know how to love children o their wives huh!} old decades old elementary schoolmates i will still need to find them hopefully my letters will be answered as to where exactly they are now since it was many decades old long lost schoolmates lol but it cannot be later than this chrismas 2009 for at least 3 homes for example: 15,000,00 ppesos for each homes for 'minimalism' styles of living room dining room bedroom if they agreed then will i will be happy to move to their kitchen & restroom which would have a higher budget coz you'll need to buy them refrigerators & gas range or microwaves for me to complete whatever interior works to be completed but just to let you know when i will call expect that I MEANT all taxes labors service charges are all included in those amount mentioned here coz i do not like pressures thru SURPRISES..or it maybe ONE home sometime in a few weeks from now i just need to call & sent someone in your store to see a plan-design for that first amount of 15,000,00 if the home owner agreed then just tell them to removed all their non valuables so it will be easier for you to put them the way your design stated in that all inclusive amount when the pictures show it is cute then my runner o katiwala will give you extra cash money for the kithen-rr if it turns out really so cute then we'll proceed to HOME NOS 2 & 3 but i will call you FIRST just to let you know who's my runner who carries the paymments i will have no say as to what the home owner agrees with you the only thing i do is if unsatisfied i stop on that one home but if theyre happy we keep moving to the next projects thanks so until then

BTW the 15,000,00 ppesos for lr-br-dr is only AN EXAMPLE not the future for real amount it is more if you'll need to provide beds & sofa covers curtains but when i give an amount for example only 15,000,00{not the real amount}i meant all services taxes labors delivery are inclusiv so you either need to used extreme minimalism style to cut back or any cute improvisations but when i locked to an agreed price range for each homes that's it just to avoid any stress thanks lol

Hi Mr. Anton - SM Cubao has recently been renovated. Aside from the Department STore, we also house a Supermarket and the newest Cyberzone that is wifi enabled area already. You might want to also consider doing a live photoblogging sessions here in the Cyberzone since it is Free WiFi already. We can make arrangements for you! Salamat!

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