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Healthy Desserts @ MOA

Xu Liu Xian-6

Syoti Joshua says "Wowowow!" every time he sees food he likes...

Xu Liu Xian Healthy Desserts of Hong Kong opened its first stall in Mall of Asia. It is worth trying, especially if you are looking for something healthy -- but it won't satisfy your yummy craving. After all, we do still want our chocolate dessert once in a while. :)

Xu Liu Xian-5

Sea Coconut Combo (P120).

Coconut Ice Cream with Mango Ice Cream topped with Nata de Coco. It is served with a Medley of Fresh Fruits (one slice of Mango and Papaya; 2 slices of Kiwi; and 2 balls of Watermelon and Melon).

The ice cream is more of a sherbet with less cream and more of the icy particles. The coconut ice cream has the texture of packed wet chalk.

Xu Liu Xian-10
Mango & Coconut Milk with Sago (P75).

It was OK, except for the coconut milk they used -- it tasted a bit bland.

Xu Liu Xian
Xu Liu Xian Healthy Desserts 
2nd Floor, Entertainment Mall, South Wing
(Near SM Discovery Center)

Dezaato Pan-3
O Choko Otaku (P45) and Choco-Matcha Pan (P39).

If you are still not satisfied with your healthy dessert, check out Dezaato Pan's Choko Otaku, which is Chocolate bread with Chocolate inside and topped with Oreo. The bread itself is airy and light. The kids loved this, especially the Oreo. :)

On the other hand, we did not like the Choco-Matcha Pan, which is green tea bread (found at the back of the photo above).

Dezaato Pan-2
Dezaato Pan's 3rd store in Mall of Asia
Ground Floor, South Wing, Entertainment Mall
From Healthy Desserts, just take the escalator down 
and walk towards the Music Hall.

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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Anton, the idea of a healthy dessert simply does not appeal to me. I eat dessert to indulge, so eating something that is not absolutely decadent is just a waste of my calories. I had an ice cream & everything sweet addiction before which has been moderated by allowing myself one big dessert every week and 2 pieces of chocolate every day. Having said that, some people need just a sweet taste in their mouth to take away the savory food taste. I guess for that the idea of a healthy dessert could work. This is the same woman who cannot eat meat without the fat & skin. If it's not sinful, it can't be good!

I don't know if its the saem one from HK, becasue the last chinese character is different. The HK one means mountain it is translated as saint. If its a franchise, I think it would be exactly the same.

Hi Anton.

I'm not sure if this is the franchise from Hongkong. Did you ask? It might be a copy cat.

The last Chinese character is not the same and the logo is not the same. I don't think the difference in spelling is due to dialectical nuances.

Meg =)

Yes I asked that and they said it was a franchise... Not sure how to validate? Not unless the mother company in Hong Kong can validate it.


the items and menu are different too. so i dont think it is the franchise from HongKong. And yup, the name is different too.

antonnn!! i literally gasp when I saw this post. i love love love HLS in hong kong!!!!!

heading to MOA SOON!!!!!

The one in Hong Kong is named Hui Lao Shan, but the logo and the branding of this one looks so much like the one in Hong Kong - so if this is the real deal they must open a branch in Greenhills!!! :)

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