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Sonsi's House of Longganisa


Have you been to this restaurant that serves all the best longganisa specialties from all over the Philippines? If you're a longganisa lover, you can now enjoy the longganisa of Alaminos, Cabanatuan, Lucban, Vigan, Tuguegarao, Cebu, Pampanga and Bacolod all in one place.


Sonsi (named after the owner, John Sison) is a comfort food place specializing in bringing in the best longganisa from all over the country. You can also enjoy your favorite Filipino pulutan dishes like bangus, sisig and lechon. The restaurant is a bit small with a pulutan-bar ambiance and is located in a community mall.

Longganisa Platter (3 Different Kinds) - P285

You can order the Longganisa platter, where you can choose 3 flavors of longganisa. We requested to have it served whole versus being chopped into pieces already but the waiter insisted that this is how they are instructed to serve them. I think it is overpriced.

They can improve the concept by also serving the longganisa with its own vinegar available from the province it came from. Currently, they only serve the Ilocos vinegar with all the longganisa. Also, they should showcase the culture behind the food and tell stories about them. The restaurant concept is very good but can be improved a lot.

Board games are very helpful in keeping Aidan entertained while waiting for the longganisa.

Bacolod (Smoked Sweet) - P125

We ordered the longganisa that we are not familiar with. The Bacolod version tasted like sausage with its smoky taste and sweet flavor. The only thing is it is full of big chunks of fat.

Cabanatuan Longganisa (From Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija) - P120

I personally did not like the Cabanatuan version, which is a bit salty and needs to be matched with the right kind of vinegar.

Cebu (Sweet) - P125

I like the Cebu longganisa because of its sweetness, its higher meat-to-fat ratio and its crumbling texture when you bite it.

Sonsi, House of Authentic Native Longganisa
Located at Unit 4B Madison Square Complex, 
Pioneer, Mandaluyong City

Note: Parking could be a problem during peak hours. From Edsa, turn right into Pioneer and you should see Madison Square Complex on your right.

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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P.S. So for you, what's your favorite longganisa?



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My favorite is the Alaminos longganisa!!! It crumbles too and has the right saltiness and crispiness to it. Yay! No need to get it all the way from Alaminos.

Thanks Anton for the heads-up!


hi anton,

cabanatuan longaniza shouldn't actually be eaten with vinegar, as it is already salty. instead, it should be eaten with tomatoes and a lot of garlic rice :)

I love all longganiza na garlicky! Lucban, Vigan, Alaminos...

I remember eating longganiza from Cavite but I couldn't remember which exact place. Basta its super garlicky and yummy!

You can also mix the oil from the longganiza to your rice. adds more flavor.

We also have longganiza sandwiches at home. Longganiza, pandesal and mayonnaise! The sweetness of the mayo counters the salty garlicky smoky flavor of the longganiza

Have you tried making your own longganiza at home? Maybe worth trying :)

Where's the rice and egg?

If you order the platter, there is no rice and egg. You have to order the individual longganisa rice meals...

One of these days, Ill try to make my own longganisa :)

Thanks Andrea for this tip! These are the things they should be including in their menu or their waiters should be able to specify.

We also wanna try that. Share naman ur recipe kapag successful ka :) Lalo na kung garlicky longganisa!

Anton, if you could post it here, what are the different longganizas they have at Sonsi's? do they have the Alaminos Longganiza as mentioned by Andrea?

on a side note: was there a problem with the comments section before because i couldnt post before.

oops my mistake. i missed the menu section. thanks everything is posted and all information about Sonsi's menu is right there above. thanks again and sorry for the error.

no problem Mina! Ill check out why there is a problem with the comments section...

oooh so near my office! i'm going there in a bit :)

I beg to disagree anton! Cabanatuan longganisas are the best I've tasted so far. And I've tried most of the longganisas that you wrote about. I've even tried chinese longganisa that's bought from Shin Ton Yon. There are actually 2 kinds of Cabanatuan longganisa. The salty garlic-y longganisa and the sweet longganisa. The salty and garlic-y is the best. It's the kind when you eat it you'll still be craving for it the whole day. The sweet longganisa is also ok. Not that great. But it's still good. I suggest you try the salty garlic-y longganisa again. And this time ask them to cut it in half before cooking that way it has both "tostado" and meaty parts, tastes better that way. I eat it with Datu Puti vinegar with sili. and it's pure longganisa heaven.

I don't think there is one best longganisa for everyone, it all depends on what you really like :) For me, Tuguegarao is really good. I heard this from a friend and tried it and I liked it compared to others. It's not sweet and not too salty.

I also agree that Sonsi is a bit overpriced. The serving is too small if you order the individual rice meal. Although, this is where I tried the Tuguegarao longganisa and i'd have to say it's really good.

I usually go there after running in Ultra, and the meal servings are just right (not too guilty. haha). The Cabanatuan longganisa is my favorite. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find that it has a little of that bitter liver taste, which I like. Other items worth trying on Sonsi's menu are the Salisbury Steak (smothered in gravy with chunks of mushroom) and the Fried Chicken (which I think is at par with Max's). Oh, and the Sago't Gulaman is good too!

I usually go there after running in Ultra, and the meal servings are just right (not too guilty. haha). The Cabanatuan longganisa is my favorite. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find that it has a little of that bitter liver taste, which I like. Other items worth trying on Sonsi's menu are the Salisbury Steak (smothered in gravy with chunks of mushroom) and the Fried Chicken (which I think is at par with Max's). Oh, and the Sago't Gulaman is good too!

yes.. i grew up eating cabanatuan longaniza.. been craving for it lately.. it's really great with tomatoes and rice..

wow, talaga? sige Ill follow your advice next time on cutting it in half and using datu puti with sili...

i liked the alaminos longganisa best. i wonder though about their other dishes since i usually eat longganisa when we eat there. i have also blogged a little about the place. =)

I ate there a few times before and tried varieties of their longganisas and so far i liked tuguegarao. But my comment is that they are a bit overpriced considering the longganisa they serve is so bitin. I think it's just 2 small pieces and they served it chopped so that it will look like a huge serving. I am not a big eater but their serving is really small and they are selling it for P125/meal.

I will surely try this out. My office is quite near. Uhmmmm.... can't wait. :-)

Hi everyone! Thank you for your suggestions. Everything is noted. We promise to improve service, quality and portioning of our products. Please bear with us since we are only 8 months old and it is our first branch. Your comments are very welcome.

Please text or call me @ 09178014187/ 09228766744 for your comments and suggestions.` Thank you.

I am biased by saying Alaminos for me please....Arorosep ensalada on the side.

They missed out on 4 very good (but not too well-known) longganisa varieties:

1. Baguio (specifically the Baguio Country Club style sold at the Baguio Public Market = a little sweet, a little garlicky);

2. Imus, Cavite (this one is really good; garlicky and "malinamnam");

3. Castillejos, Zambales (the "Malacañan" blend which is the longganisa supplied to the Palace during the time of President Ramon Magsaysay); and

4. Calumpit, Bulacan (I dare say the BEST LONGGANISA in the Philippines Bar None = and I don't even have a drop of Bulakeño blood)

Thanks for sharing Philip! I'll check these other four longganiza...

Hi Philip! I have tasted the Calumpit and the Baguio Tuvera and alabanza. I agree that the Calumpit is really good. Iam still in the process of sourcing that out. With the Baguio, I already have it but their supply is not consistent. Thanks you for your suggestions. It is my dream to make the line up as authentic and complete as possible. Our new products are Smoked Bacolod longganisa.

I'm from Cabanatuan, and grew up eating this too. Love it! I sometimes use garlic, most of the times tomatoes with patis and rice :)

viewer name john sison: hi hopefully my families can try your family's food products..i believe in the saying that 'pleasant' 'dedicated' producers-makers{of anything}makes the best of the better all bcoz of 'willingness' to explore all others to better to improved their own products..the attitude the good intentions by itself is a good sign if not appetizing lol

I love tuegegarao longganisa. I'm definitely trying this one out! Am excited already! ;D

Sana naman po nag-ingat kayo sa sinabi nyo about sa Longganisa ng Cabanatuan. Nasakatan po ako dun. Kasi po yung na nga pinagmamalaki namin at pinakikilala. Wag naman po sana ganun ang feedback. Pwede po paki edit yung i did not like... salamat po.

Hi Ameer, 
What exactly about Longganisa ng Cabanatuan comment that you did not like?


Hi Anton.

I was able to try a new product. It's called Felisa longganisa. From the vacuum packaging, it looks so world-class and is described as, "Deliciously traditional and wholesome, this premium all-pork longganisa is real meaty and made in the traditional home-cooked way by combining all the ingredients with the perfect blend of spices for that truly distinct Filipino flavor." At the back, it says "ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO MSG, NO EXTENDERS, NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES." Contact MRP++ at 09064568878 for orders. I love how it was so meaty and it just brought back happy childhood memories. Hope you can try it.


Hi anton do you know where i can buy cebu longanisa here in manila? Thank you.

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