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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

July 03, 2009

How authentic is Indian by Nature?

July 03, 2009

How authentic is Indian by Nature?

Indian by Nature-16

I won't claim to be an Indian expert so I'm asking foodies out there who are an expert on Indian food to share with us if Indian by Nature (IBN) is really hard core Indian food? IBN is the latest Indian place in the second floor of Jupiter Place.

I was not really blown away with the food, and maybe that is a good sign. Some people argue that the Indian restaurants in Manila serve Filipino version of Indian cuisine. (Except probably for Spices in Manila Peninsula). So maybe, we are just not familiar with what "full-on" Indian food really taste like -- specially, for people like me who have not been to India. The Filipino waiters were also not very helpful and knowledgeable about the food served in IBN.


Indian by Nature-2
You can see a lot of Indians patronizing the place which is always a good sign. It has a modern interiors with a bar and an enclosed smoking lounge area. Indian music videos play in the flat screen TVs to set you up with the right mood.  The dining area does not smell like Indian food which is a good sign of well planned ventilation.

Check out the complete Indian by Nature Menu:
Samosa, Kathi Roll, Papadum | Soups, Tandoori & Tikka | Kebabs, Fry's, Veg Main Course | Veg Main Course, Dals, Non-Veg Chicken | Chicken, Mutton Main Course | Biryani, Breads, Raita | Fish, Prawn, Egg Curry, Rice, Pulao | Drinks, Desserts, Thali

Indian by Nature-14
Sweet Paratha (P69). This one is for the kids or kids at heart who like their bread with sweet honey-like sauce.

Indian by Nature-19
Corn Paalak (P169). Spinach gravy cooked with corn and Indian spices and herbs

We are used to ordering Palak Paneer which is a spinach gravy with cottage cheese so we decided to order a different one with a twist of corn taste. It was good but you need to love corn to appreciate this.

Indian by Nature-15
Chicken Tikka (P179). Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in famous Indian Tandoori flavor.

The chicken meat crumbled when you bite it and the spices were not too strong. I enjoyed the vegetable side dishes more and the chutney.

Indian by Nature-17
Mutton Kasa (P230). Mutton cooked with slice onion, thick gravy in Indian Spices.

It was good but not to yummy to our Filipino taste buds. But I'm not sure if this is really how it should taste like.

Indian by Nature-20
Mutton Biryani (P225). A well-known culinary delight of Indian Sub Continental made of premium rice called Basmati rice, fried with clarified butter to give a nutty flavor with spices, meat and vegetables.

You can't go wrong with Basmati rice, we love to order them everytime we are in an Indian restaurant. Usually we order it with chicken or mutton.

Indian by Nature-21
I honestly forgot what this fish dish is whether it was the tikka or the masala. It was forgettable because the fish taste old already so stay away from ordering any fish in the menu.

Indian by Nature-22
Carrot Halwa (P135). Must try dessert made of grated carrots cooked with sugar and dry fruits in IBN Style.

We decided to be adventurous with the dessert instead of ordering the usual sweet indian balls called Gulab Jamun. We tried to convince ourselves that Carrot Halwa is healthy because we are eating shredded carrots except that it is sweet. It was good the first time you try it but after a few spoonfuls, it gets boring.

I decided to post this to solicit other opinions about this new Indian by Nature place along Jupiter.

Indian by Nature-4

Indian by Nature Jupiter Place
2nd Level Jupiter Place Jupiter St.
Makati, Metro Manila 
Phone Number: (+63 2) 484-9629



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