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Dulcelin Gourmet Specialties

Ultimate Taste Test Event-31

US Angus Beef Shortribs with Red Wine and Port Sauce (P1,300 per kg). Slow-cooked for 2 days, this dish has incredibly tender beef that is sure to please. It was indeed super tender and yummy.

Dulcelin is best known for its Mango Torte, which is in head-to-head competition with Tony Cuervo's Mango Torte in Makati. But in the recent Ultimate Taste Test Event, they got an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 for their gourmet dishes. Basically, all the people were raving about the Beef Short Ribs, the Wagyu Tri-Tip or the Pork Belly or the Red Rice with Seared Tuna.

This comment from one of the foodies sums up the Dulcelin Gourmet experience:

"From the salad, to the ribs, wagyu and pork -- blew me away!!"

Thanks to Ricky Morelos for the awesome food experience. :)

Ultimate Taste Test Event-29
American Kobe Tri-tip (P1,500 per kg). Tender and bursting with beef flavor. Served with Japanese Steak sauce or Gravy.

I got introduced to the often-ignored and less expensive beef cut, which is the tri-tip. It is a small triangular muscle from the bottom sirloin beef cut. This is one of the most flavorful beef cuts. 

US Wagyu is known to be soft but not flavorful, but the tri-tip solves that problem. :)

Ultimate Taste Test Event-30
Hickory Smoked Pork Belly with Barbecue Sauce 2kg (P1,500).

The Pork Belly was equally good! Dulcelin Gourmet sure knows how to cook its meat aside from baking good desserts. :)

Red Rice Salad (P1,600/ 10-12 persons). A Korean-style paella with seared tuna slices, shrimp and shredded lettuce.

This one is a bit spicy. A small plate of the red rice with the seared tuna is already a complete meal. The dishes are perfect for potluck parties or if you have a celebration at home. :)

Strawberry Cake (P1,000-, P550- 6in). Unbelievably delicious personal favorite of many -- bountiful strawberries cover this chiffon cake.

My wife's personal favorite is the Strawberry cake. It is a very soft chiffon cake with strawberries and a layer of peanut brittle in the middle. It is not too sweet and you don't get tired of the sweetness of the icing. We will order this next time when we celebrate someone's birthday.

Dulcelin Gourmet is the overall winner of the First Ultimate Taste Test Event. Unfortunately, they don't cater. You have to order and pick the food up from their Quezon City base. They should open a home garden restaurant in Quezon City -- I guarantee that it would be a hit. :)

Dulcelin Gourmet Specialties
Address: 36 Times Street, West Triangle, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 374-2165 to 67
Mobile: +63917-5352592

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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I was oblivious about this place. It's now my mission to taste some of their cakes, especially their Mango Torte, "the best mango cake in Manila". I had only known about Conti's Mango Bravo, which was okay for me. And their meat dishes look amazing!

i am still fighting with myself over who has the better mango torte

i gotta try their dishes! looks amazing.

the uniqueness of the combination of the red rice salad was enough to give dulcelin an "awesome " rating...but it was an added 10 points to have the mixture taste so incredibly outstanding...YUMMY!!!

there was no need to deliberate as to which meat dish was the most "awesome" in the taste test event...hands down it was the beef ribs and wagyu...YUMMY YUMMY!!!

then to still have the tastiest dessert in the event - strawberry cake - was simply too much...

i am so sure there were lots of us who were blown away with dulcelin : )

There used to be a stall in Tiendesitas which sell Dulcelin tortes. I hope it's still there for those who find QC a bit far. Anyway, the tortes should really be worth the trip.

something new to try. hooray that we live in qc!

Hi This is Ricky from Dulcelin. I'd like to thank Anton for coming up with this event. It was a pleasure meeting those who were there and I'm glad you liked the food.

I heard about Ricky Morelos and his savory goodies from one of his friends and ardent fans, Paey Reyes, at lunch a few weeks ago. Paey told me this was one of Manila's best kept secrets. Anton, thank you for letting the cat out of the bag. Hope Ricky can supply all his new customers' demands now as a result of this blog. Hahaha!

I hope they deliver soon. Or can we just order and pick up the strawberry cake in their stall in Glorietta? I love their mango torte and it's always a family gathering favorite.

They're our neighbors in QC! You have to try their liver pate next. Super good!

Wow! The food is mouth-watering. I am a fan of their Mango Torte and will make sure I order one of these soon! I'm curious, no other interesting food stuff from the Taste Test Event?

There is!  Im blogging about it in the next few days :) I was not able to write them before I left for CDO last weekend...

I think it is possible to pick up from their Glorietta stall...


the red rice salad is simply awesome!!!

Hello! I just came across ur blog ahaha and I just want to share that I am also a fan of dulcelin's chap chae. hehe i ought to taste the mango torte.

where is there stall in Glorietta?

Hi Am,

The Glorietta outlet of Dulcelin is located in FoodChoices, the foodcourt of the mall. It is on the leftmost side of the area when facing the windows.


Hi Ricky! kindly email me a list of your savory food items with prices pls. I am interested to order. Sana you will also cater, I am sure you will give other caterer's a run for their money. Goodluck! =)

Hi Steph. You can go to for the pricelist. Thanks.

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