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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

June 25, 2009

What did the Pilot Class say About the Maven Secrets Program?

June 25, 2009

What did the Pilot Class say About the Maven Secrets Program?

I got a lot of questions about the Maven Program specifically about what the program is about. Here is a short video on what the Maven Secrets Pilot Class say about the program. I revealed for the first time the final survey results from the first 90-day Maven Secret class held last February 2009. These are the brutally honest feedback from the pilot class.  (Just click on the play button in the video above.)

Frequently Asked Question About the Maven Secrets Program

Q. What's the success rate of your program (in term so blog hits + adsense payoff) assuming I apply all my learn?
A. Assuming that you already know how to blog and you already have a blog for a few months already, the concepts of the program are very effective. It could directly translate to increase blog hits, adsense payoff and loyal followers (most importantly). Just ask Jay Castillo of ForeclosurePhilippines.com

Q. How are your seminars/trainings different from Jomar Hilario who'se becoming really popular nowadays? 
A. Jomar is one of the good guys :) You can see the outline of the seminars and compare.  The key difference is his program is focused more on Earning Money Online vs. Maven Secrets which is focused on the Maven Mindset, Maven Marketing and Personal Consultation. 

Q. How does a non-techie guy like me to do it as well?
A. Learning the technical aspects of blogging and internet marketing is easy as long as you have a mentor or someone you can ran into when you hit a wall. In the success formula that I teach, you need 3 things --- creating content, marketing the content, and creating a concept around the content.

Q: Are there daytime classes on top of the tues and thurs 6-9pm sessions?  Please clarify.
A. Most of the trainings will be delivered online but the face-to-face training is only on Tuesday and Thursday 6-9pm session. 

Q. What is covered during the entire 90-days program? 
A. The program is based on 9 Maven Secret Modules to be discussed every Tuesday night. Every Thursday, there will be a successful Maven speaker sharing his experience with the group and the AIM community. 

Maven Secrets Program Curriculum

Secret # 1: The Internet Maven Mindset – What distinguishes the Mavens from the wannabes

Secret # 2: Internet Maven Success Triangle: Content is King + Marketing is Queen + Advocacy is the Ace

Secret #3 (NEW): Your Path to Becoming a Maven – Finding Your Strengths and Knowing Who You are

Secret # 4: Masters of Pinoy Word of Mouth Marketing

Secret # 5: Dominating the Search Engines and Social Media the Maven Way

Secret # 6: The Different Internet Business Models | Turn Your Words and Photos into CASH 

Secret # 7 (NEW): Maven Weapons of Mass Influence

Secret # 8: The Secret of the Internet Marketing Game – The CORE Influence of Building 1-to-1 Relationship

Secret # 9: The Maven Marketing Strategy – Your Maven Persona

Let me know if you have additional questions to add to this list.

Live an Awesome Life,  

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