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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

June 11, 2009

Manna Korea Garden

June 11, 2009

Manna Korea Garden

Manna Korea Garden-2

I'm on the lookout for the best Korean restaurant in town. I was hoping to meet a Korean foodie who would be kind enough to share his/her tip on the best Korean places in town. But I have not found one, so please send me your Korean resto favorites in the comments section.

One of the most recommended Korean restaurants by both Filipinos and Koreans is Manna Korea Garden Restaurant in the P. Burgos area. We thought it was just OK (probably because we didn't know what to order in Manna). What's your favorite dish there?

Manna Korea Garden-6
Most of the tables have a grill in the middle for cooking the meat. During lunchtime, it gets full with Filipinos, Koreans and other foreigners. We decided to go for the Korean BBQ and the Beef Stew for the kids.


Manna Korea Garden Menu:


Manna Korea Garden-11
Spare Ribs Meat BBQ (P500).


The beef is grilled with onions or garlic and dipped in soy sauce. It is wrapped with lettuce and has denjang sauce -- a red sauce with the color and texture of chili but with a salty taste. The meat has good marbling. Overall, it was OK.


Manna Korea Garden-8
Korean Side Dishes: Toque, Raddish, Kimchi, Fish Cake, Cucumber, Sayote, Lettuce and Garlic.


Most of the BBQ comes with an unlimited serving of Korean side dishes. If there are two of you, you cannot order just the BBQ with side dishes. You are required to order one more dish.


Manna Korea Garden-13
Kaibizzim - Beef Rib Stew (P350). The beef, potato and carrots were "super soft" and a bit overcooked. We were looking for a tastier version.


Manna is popular with a lot of people -- what's your favorite dish in Manna Korea Garden?


Manna Korea Garden-1


Kim Yong Joon
#5650 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Telephone: +632 897-6799
Mobile Number: +63917 525-6150


Directions: From P. Burgos, drive all the way past Kalayaan Avenue. Turn right (first corner) on Gen. Luna and then right again on Don Pedro. You'll see the Manna Grocery first and then Manna Korea Garden.

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