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Manna Korea Garden

Manna Korea Garden-2

I'm on the lookout for the best Korean restaurant in town. I was hoping to meet a Korean foodie who would be kind enough to share his/her tip on the best Korean places in town. But I have not found one, so please send me your Korean resto favorites in the comments section.

One of the most recommended Korean restaurants by both Filipinos and Koreans is Manna Korea Garden Restaurant in the P. Burgos area. We thought it was just OK (probably because we didn't know what to order in Manna). What's your favorite dish there?


Manna Korea Garden-6
Most of the tables have a grill in the middle for cooking the meat. During lunchtime, it gets full with Filipinos, Koreans and other foreigners. We decided to go for the Korean BBQ and the Beef Stew for the kids.


Manna Korea Garden Menu:


Manna Korea Garden-11
Spare Ribs Meat BBQ (P500).


The beef is grilled with onions or garlic and dipped in soy sauce. It is wrapped with lettuce and has denjang sauce -- a red sauce with the color and texture of chili but with a salty taste. The meat has good marbling. Overall, it was OK.


Manna Korea Garden-8
Korean Side Dishes: Toque, Raddish, Kimchi, Fish Cake, Cucumber, Sayote, Lettuce and Garlic.


Most of the BBQ comes with an unlimited serving of Korean side dishes. If there are two of you, you cannot order just the BBQ with side dishes. You are required to order one more dish.


Manna Korea Garden-13
Kaibizzim - Beef Rib Stew (P350). The beef, potato and carrots were "super soft" and a bit overcooked. We were looking for a tastier version.


Manna is popular with a lot of people -- what's your favorite dish in Manna Korea Garden?


Manna Korea Garden-1


Kim Yong Joon
#5650 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Telephone: +632 897-6799
Mobile Number: +63917 525-6150


Directions: From P. Burgos, drive all the way past Kalayaan Avenue. Turn right (first corner) on Gen. Luna and then right again on Don Pedro. You'll see the Manna Grocery first and then Manna Korea Garden.



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Thanks for posting the complete address of Manna, the only problem is I don't know the whole stretch of Burgos.=P But it is a start.

This is the first Korean restaurant I was able to eat at and I must say it was pretty good. It was my Japanese bosses who recommended it to us but judging from the flock of Koreans who ate there that night, I am quite sure it was okay. I have rules with restaurants like this, first it must be run by someone from the country the cuisine came from and second, their fellow countrymen flock the place. You will be sure it passess their taste buds and close to what they have in their own country.=)

I don't eat beef so I can't pass judgement on that but we ordered their grilled pork belly as well and it was so good! What I liked the most is their side dishes. We had pajeon (not sure if it is the right spelling) which are Korean pancakes made out of leeks and I highly recommend this. I tried a little bit of Bibimbap and it was not bad either. What I didn't like was their spicy and sour noodles.

Definitely will come back for more grilled pork belly, octupus maybe and some more pajeon! I definitely like Korean food now because of this restaurant. The combination of sweet, salty and spicy is heavenly.

A friend suggested to me to try the Korean restuarant at the corner of Adriatico Street in front of Cafe Adriatico in Malate. Her family has been going to that restuarant for years now and it has been there for quite sometime. At the stretch of J.Bocobo you can also find a couple of Korean restos you might want to try.

Hope it helps.=)

Across Manna is another Korean restaurant called MIN SOK. Friends and I had been frequenting this since 2006 to get our Korean food fix. They have the basics of Korean food: Kalbijim, Samgyupsal (grilled pork meat dipped in sesame oil and salty bean paste and wrapped in lettuce), Jjigae (soups mostly of spicy to very spicy variety) plus ten side refillable side dishes. They even serve the "unthinkable" of Korean food here, only which a true Korean foodie would know! xD

It's owned by a Korean couple and Korean families flock to this restaurant mostly on weekends and dinner time weeknights. It's open around 11am but drop by around 2-3pm to enjoy your food longer. Ajumma (auntie/married woman term for Korean) tend to hurry people who leisurely eat. Also, Derek Ramsey somewhat mentioned the place. =)

Thanks for sharing your experience! There are a lot of Korean restos in
Malate and I wanted to feature the best ones based on raves of people. I
think the entire Malate is now Korean Town I guess...

Any Korean Foodie readers out there who can give some recos?


The "unthinkable" Korean food is intriguing... I know where this is and we
will give it a try too :)


Once in a while I find myself craving for the spicy, garlicky flavors of Korean food. Just like most restaurants, some dishes are better than others. For beef stew, I think Korea Garden along Jupiter St. is the best. They also have this set meal for two that's great value for money at P1,000 (the last time I checked). For grilled spicy chicken, I go to Koreano Restaurant in one of the side streets off Kalayaan Ave., Makati.

By "unthinkable", do you mean dog?

Yes it is a sad truth that Malate has become a Korean Town now. Even the Old Swiss Inn restuarant there has been turned into a Korean videoke/restaurant.

But the Korean restaurant that my friend suggested has been there way back the street party days of Malate. Maybe for that you may do a review on the restaurant. I just don't now the name I only now the location.=P It is not hard to miss as it is the only restuarant at the corner or Adriatico and if I am not mistaken Marcelino street.=)

We prefer the other Korean restaurant along Don Pedro St. I'm sorry I just can't remember the name right now but it's right across Manna.
The food is cheaper and at least in my opinion, better tasting.

I like Dona Dona on Makati Ave right before Kalayaan if heading towards Ayala. The best part about Dona Dona is they use charcoal instead of a gas for their table grills. I usually order they SamGyupSal.

jin go ge and san soung near makati ave is the best authentic korean resto , and korean garden in jupiter has the best bulgogi and kimbap

koreans has invaded the philippines.... i think you were talking about korean palace restaurant in malate, they also have a branch in kalayaan , makati and i'm sorry but the food is not that good

Korean food is one thing that I haven't tried, I'm adventurous when it comes to food but still, I'm clueless on what to order in a Korean resto.

I heard about Korean Palace. Thanks for the comment!

MIN SOK it is! xD

Hi Anton! By unthinkable I mean dog dishes. I was told they raised the dogs themselves coz only the richer koreans can afford it. The dog dishes are not on the menu of course. LOL. but I saw a group of ahjussi (uncle termn in Korean) eating it one very rainy weekend.It helps their body stay warm daw. Which is typical Korean need kasi may winter/snow sila.

Yedang, in Metrowalk! :)

Minato near CRC along Escriba St. tel: 6336960. FYI lang, I went on a couple of dinners with some koreans.. and a lot of them order soup and mix their rice with it, it seems like they eat this more often than the grilled meats. Try having the tofu soup w seafood (usually spicy) and mix it with your rice.. then eat the grilled meats as ulam. If you don't like spicy things.. i know they have some sort of beef soup and that's really good too.

we ate at this korean restaurant near kapitolyo in pasig, po suk jung. food was delicious! now im craving and want to go back there again!

Yah thats the thing right, its hard to order korean food if your not korean! haha. atleast for me, Im limited to what I know and what others recommend.

I do frequent DOng WOn Korean Resto along Jupiter St. Corner near Makati Ave. You can ask for a discount card, which you can use right away. 10% cash 5% card. If you are a group, you can ask for their private rooms at no extra cost(double check when you go there)

Hi Anton,

I used to frequent Yedang along Meralco Ave, just before Metrowalk and beside Muchos (our fave "hole in the wall" videoke joint) and I'd say it's nice there and serving is quite huge at least for me. Food in my opinion is quite good too. My predictable fave is the bibimbop rice paired with bulgogi (beef strips). Meat orders come with a plate of greens and a couple of mini plates of side dishes that's good for a second refill. Sometimes they offer free dessert of sliced pineapple/melon fruit. Note the operative word "sometimes" since oddly we don't always get it :p

Where is CRC and Escriba st?

Hi Anton,

I was glad to see that you featured Manna Garden. Honestly, I've (along with family & friends) been patronizing this place for almost two years now. They've got authentic Korean food, well I'd back up that claim because it is always frequented by Koreans also. We really like it here that we dine here almost weekly. They serve good food at prices that wont bust your budget, it's always great for a weekend dinner with friends and after the meal have fun with some Soju (Korean vodka) or their beer: Hite.

If you want to deviate from the "Pinoy preference" in Korean cuisine (beef stew, japchae, barbecue etc), may I suggest that you order their casserole dishes. They've got: spicy tripe soup, haemul tang (spicy seafood stew) and the spicy octopus and beef casserole is good too! Also if you are dining alone or with a companion, try ordering their spicy rib soup or the beef broth hangover soup and I'm sure you'll never go wrong. For 200 its a meal in itself, its accompanied with a serving of rice and the side dishes. You may also try their noodles, for 200-220 bucks they've got hot noodles that is almost good enough for 2 persons. Haven't tried their summer noodles (served cold) yet.

By the way, the owner's sister, Mrs. Yu is really friendly and would suggest certain dishes for you to try out. Hope I was of help. =)

hi Anton,

Looking at the pics in your entry, I should say you had Samgyupsal. It's one of my favorite Korean dishes because it's one meal in one. You can put rice, grilled pork strips (samgyupsal) some kimchi (fermented chinese cabbage or radish), garlic, onions, etc. into a leaf of chinese cabbage or lettuce and then you make a roll from it. You are supposed to put the whole thing in your mouth in one go(as you might have seen the other patrons there do). The sauce is probably gojujang sauce or pepper sauce; they may also have it with fish sauce but I have forgotten the name for it. Kimchi is a must in Korean meals, by the way.

Kimchijigae or kimchi soup (kimchi with pork or bacon strips and tofu) is also very good but it may be too hot and spicy for most Filipinos. Tuk bok ki (the spelling varies as Koreans rely on phonetics) which is made from small rice patties or rolls in sweet and spicy sauce is also a must-try.

I don't know if I can attach a picture (of Tuk bok ki) here so I will just email it to you to give you an idea.

Koreans don't like oily or fatty food, and they like veggies a lot. Korean food is actually very healthful so I hope you can acquire a taste for it.


Gyumon is Pan Pacific Hotel is good also though a little bit pricey, they have a branch in Mile Long too, but not sure if as good as the one in Pan Pacific.

KAYA in Glorieta is good too, their price is quite reasonable.

My korean friend brought us to a small korean restaurant in Malate and the food was really good. Sadly, I don't remember the name or any of what we had because we made him order and everything was sooo good.

Seoul Barbecue in Libis is also a must try for Korean food lovers.

in my neck of the woods, there's a huge korean population so i've come to rely a lot on korean places for my daily meals (and it's cheaper and healthier than most filipino places!). i find their barbeque and bibimbop (rice casserole) to be quite satisfying. the beef in the picture though looks odd to me as it looks like it hasn't been marinated...

oohhh lala lol..besides the swiss 'leberli' in herb sauce favorite namin yung bbque's ng mga koreans i love those kalbi{e-bbque's}those meat-shrimp strips ready to be grilled and yes those healthy steam vegetables..pero yung saksakan ng sarap ay yung ginisa na soft 'sotanghon' at yung tofu soup nila na may cut na konti ng dahon ng sibuyas ang sarap talaga nun..we lived in another state outside those best korean restos so plane ride was necessary just to visit-eat para hindi ako malungkot dahil addicted ako sa korean beef bbq's tufo soup at yung sotanghon nila.. naku lagot ako na naman ako nagutum tuloy ako lol!

i wonder if the legendary world famous american journey rock band/arnel pineda{journey's lead singer}from the philippines who had just a great concert in oslo norway at in sweden rock fest 2009 i saw in youtube under stonan:journey rock band in sweden rock fest 2009 watched in sweden by 35,000.00 crowd just in sweden alone 'wondering' if they went-try in old towns in europe 'eating' in chinese filipino indian o korean foodie restaurants..asian in norway & sweden had a great time had a blasts in journey'pineda european rock concert just a few nights ago

I share in Mrs. Lavendula's rave!!! :D Thank God that Oranbo Dr. is relatively near Libis.

(apologies for the poor memory and unfamiliarity with Korean dish names on this eons-ago-old post)

Near UAP, this is also my fave Korean restaurant. Recommended by Koreans themselves!

Our favorite Korean restaurant was "Ara", which was the next building from the new branch of Happy Cream Puff. Have you gone there before? Their kalbi was amazing! Too bad it was forced to close down by the BIR.

Korea Garden on Jupiter near reposo st.

Hello Anton, my boyfriend is a korean and i really love korean food! We usually eat in Ortigas area(near Astoria, at the back of University of Asia and the Pacific) where there are a lot of traditional korean restos to choose from. Each restaurant has their own korean food specialty and I must say most of them are great. One of our favorite is in Happy 6 Days, it's our daily lunch spot. We used to eat in P. Burgos in Makati before where there are also a lot of traditional korean restos to choose from. Korean Restos serve unlimited soup, side dishes, and even rice for free. Korean dish is not complete without soup and their spicy sauce which is the Gojujang. Some of their favorite drinks are Soju, Rice Juice and Rice Wine. Aside from the grilled pork and beef here are some of the korean food that i like:
~ Galbi Tang (like a Bulalo) ~ Bulgogi ~ Kimbap ~Bibimbap ~ Dwendang Jigae ~ Pa Jon (korean pizza) ~Jjampong ~ Vegetable Dumplings ~ Jajangmyon (black noodle) ~ Bokumbap(this is the best!) ~ Dukbokgi ~ Kimchi Bokumbap ~ Jeyuk Bokum(Spicy pork with vegetables) ~ Duk Bokki ~ Patbingsu (korean halo-halo) ~ Sundae(Korean Sausage w/ noodles inside) ~ Ojingo Bokum (spicy squid) ~ Mandu-guk (Dumpling Soup) ~ Gyeran-tang (Egg Soup)~ Gamjatang (Potato Soup) ~ Al Tang (Fish Egg Soup) ~ Ddeok-guk (Rice Cake Soup) ~ Budae-jjiggae (Army Soup with interesting story why it's called as such) ~ Tteokbokki (Stir Fried Rice Cake, usually pulutan) ~ Dumpling Rameun (Ramen) ~ Porridge, etc. etc.. TwoTwo restaurant also in Ortigas (along Pearl Drive, night restaurant) has a great korean spicy fried chicken.

And i have to add that korean resto also serve good Omu Rice (rice omelette) and katsudon. You should also try their candies, crackers and ice cream which can be bought from korean groceries. It's really yummy! ^^

Also try Song Do, in El Pueblo.. they also have good sushi..

hi! isn't Kaya a Korean restaurant? I love Kaya :) Want to try that new place in Greenbelt 2 too, just beside Cyma , I guess.

I love the Grilled Mackerel and Bulgogi in Kaya :) Oooh, and the rice! Yumm.

Try Song Do in El Pueblo Ortigas. Their grilled meats are US Angus beef, and for only 350 (if I remember correctly). Servers are very attentive, and are willing to help you navigate your way through the menu. Lots of Koreans dine there, so I guess it's a good sign? hehe.

hmmm... there's this korean restaurant in SM Baguio... love their bibimbap! and i don't know the name of the other stuff my cousin ordered... there was a kalbi gim(sp?), i think... and a noodle dish that is not chapchae... i love the place! it inspired me to make my own kimchi when i got back to manila.

cheap beef stew... nothing beats Kimchi... mall food courts.

and that korean restaurant along the food court in powerplant... it has been a while, but i recall having a very good time there. even my picky relatives enjoyed the food. the servings were a bit small though.

been meaning to check out Silla.. a korean restaurant that recently moved to morato/timog circle. it used to be across ice berg along timog... it has been there for as long as i can remember - even before ice berg moved to it's current location across, until they were forced to move due to renovation.

Hi Anton,

I'd recommend Korean Garden along Jupiter Street. For me, they have the best Korean BBQ because its quite juicy unlike other restos which tend to be dry.

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The secret's out!!! hehehe

I'm surprised that you featured this Anton :-) My favorite Korean resto ever! Been to Korean Garden and other restos but still prefers Manna.

i've eaten here once and i love their spare ribs meat bbq.

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Hi Anton,

I joined your group in Subic for the Hot Air Balloon Fest 2 years ago. I hope you still remember me.

I'm working for a Korean company and has been eating Korean food for the past 5 years. My boss even asked me to recommend korean dishes which I think will be liked by Filipinos. So, you might wanna try the Korean restos we frequent to:

1. Korea Garden (along Jupiter St. Makati) is known for its Kalbi chim and other soup dishes. It's one of the oldest Korean restos established in the country, so most of the Korean diplomats and Filipino govt officials know about this place.

2. Kaya Restaurant is famous for bibimbap or "mixed rice' (plain rice topped with sauteed vegetables, egg, sliced meat usually beef and chili pepper paste in a stone pot). If you're into raw food, you might want to try Yuk hoe (yuk-hwe) which is raw beef. It's really fresh and best taken with Soju (Korean alcoholic beverage). Kaya Restaurant is also along Jupiter St. in Makati.

3. San Sung is along Makati Avenue. I personally love the seafood pajeon (pancake-like with squid and veggies) here. I also like samgyeopsal (sam-gyup-sal) which consists of grilled pork belly meat. Prior to consumption, the large slices of meat are cut into smaller pieces with scissors. A dipping sauce consisting of sesame oil, ground black pepper and salt often accompany samgyeopsal. A common way to consume the meat is to place a slice inside a lettuce or other green leaf with some cooked rice and ssamjang, a paste made out of chili paste (gochujang) and soybean paste (doenjang). It is also common to serve samgyeopsal with large green chilies and slices of garlic, as well as a spring onion salad.

4. Another resto in Makati called Bi-won serves Naengmyeon (neng-myun) which is a cold noodle dish. Buckwheat noodles are garnished with sliced pork or beef, egg, sliced pear and cucumbers in an iced broth which makes it really refereshing.

As you know, there are a lot of Korean restos in Makati area and they usually have house specialties that's why you should tell what dish you prefer to have. But if you're a first-timer, I'd highly recommend Korea Garden or Kaya to sample some of the usual korean dishes.

I will send the complete adds of these restos thru ur email next week. Btw, I might go to Korea in July so I might share with you my food trip there :)

~ Yan

we love koren food as well... Min sok for affordable food, Dong Won for the spicy octopus and Jap chae, we havent posted our korean finds yet

here is my choce in quezon city

i've tried one of the korean restos along malate cirlce. i think it's korea house. they have great food there... love it!

this is a weird comment.

I really like YEDANG near Metrowalk - sorry can't remember what we ordered but everything was really good, especially the lettuce wrap with beef and an array of dips...and seems authentic, since half of the patrons we saw there are Koreans.

By the way, I've been 'silently' following your site and so I am sharing an 'award' for you at my blog, pls. click here to view ( just as way to say thanks for having a great blogsite, gain new blogger-friends, and pay it forward. Hope you can give me some tips and feedback on my new blogsite.

Send my regards also to Rache, we're old classmates :)

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to even get attached to anything illegal so i could not travel the philippines bczo it is a sign that there will be more harrassments bcoz fake printing dollars is a serious crime maybe not in the philippines where maybe filipinos are allowed to make fake printing pesos a good habits activities but not for americans the media the justice system will ruin-humiliate-destroy you-your families no matter how decent we maybe so i am surprised YOU LEFT A COMMENT THAT MY COMMENT IS WEIRD i hope people will learned from my experiences that weird strange things do happens but it is not the end of the world life is beautiful so no matter how difficult we must moved on just keep learning so you win in any bad circumstances meaning so youre prepared not shocked before it happens also i am doing them a favor coz they got the wrong person to entangled in harrassments lol!

cont: btw..that local town western union in the philippines was the ONLY place where i get my husbands trasfered cash u.s. dollars from america no other places no other resources i can possibly get cash dollars Not involving any of my husband's electronic cash transfers by western union my husband or i do not-will not need to send me cash dollars every month besides my debit-credit cards if i have cash dollars with me when he left me alone for 6 months in philippines he stayed only 10 days in the philippines plus the harrassments happened only on the last 2 months i was there not in those first 4 months of all electronic cash transfers i had a total of 20,000,00 u.s. dollars total 6- months allowance for myself that excluding the western union cash transfers and oohhh i did not buy any properties & did not travel anywhere outside manila did not leave any more than 20 kilometers circumference of manila just back & forth from place where I stayed & the spa world i was pre-cautious it's worth it coz i had a peace of mind lol!

Hi Yan,super thanks for the detailed recos including the korean names of the dishes and how to pronounced them. Please do send the address so that I will try out all your reco.

I stumbled into Manna Garden last week. Food-wise, it was okay. But the service? BLAH! The (female) waitresses were NOT courteous. The male waiters were nicer. But all in all, not a very pleasant dining experience.

My favorite Korean resto is still Korea Garden along Jupiter. They have the best beef stew!!! Beef ribs bbq is great too. I don't think their appetizers are unlimited tho (as compared to the Korean restos along P Burgos), but I'm not too sure about that. Service is wonderful, and they still employ the same old waiters from their original location. They also serve the best and sweetest pineapples for dessert. I have NEVER tasted sour pineapples when I eat there- they're always sooo sweet! I always wonder where they source their pineapples from.

Also a great place for Korean dumplings is this place near Astoria Plaza... It's walking distance going into the street, maybe less than 5 minutes walk, and you'll find this small store/mall with a couple of Korean marts and groceries and small Korean restos. They're tiny restos, almost turo-turo in feel, some with karaoke, all filled with Koreans. Most of the stores only have Korean names tho. One store inside (the one without karaoke) has really yummy dumplings and very authentic dishes. They're so authentic that the menu they'll give you is in Korean. We had to request for English menus :)

Korea Garden on Jupiter Street, Makati wins hands down. They used to be a small resto on P.Burgos until they transferred to Jupiter. We go there so often we don't even look at the menu anymore. My family loves to order their kalbi chim, dak bulgogi, udyok, octopus and bbq shrimp. Even their chap chae is tasty. :)

Anton! Musta?! Long time!! :)

Try Ye Dang!! :)

PAnget and I LOVE that place!! Hehehe..

Let us know when you'd like to try - sama kami!! :)

Regards to Rache and the kids!!


manna garden is my family's favorite korean restaurant :) been eating here since forever. I love the fact that this restaurant is "tago" hehe. and the owner is friendly too :)

Hi Anton,

I'm kinda familiar with Korean dishes since I'm working in a Korean company for 7 years. My brother-in-law is also Korean. I lived with them and I usually eat Korean food everyday. Me and my Korean friends often drink and eat in restaurant.I can recommend Yedang in Pasig, Songdo in El Pueblo, Pasig. You can also try the other Korean restaurants around Burgos, the not so famous like Manna because they serve better, the price is cheaper and you can see and chat with a lot of Koreans there especially duringf dinner time. Kaya is not an authentic Korean restaurant, my Korean friends called it as a "fast food" resto. I can recommend :

1. Kimchi chigue- Kimchi stew is a very popular soup made with kimchi and kochujang. It is normally served in a stone pot and still boiling when served on the table. It contains kimchi as well as other ingredients such as green onion, onion, tofu, and beef as well as some seafood. The specific ingredients, aside from kimchi, vary widely. Typically kimchi chigae is eaten with a bowl of rice.

2. Samgyupsal- is another popular Korean meat dish. It consists of thick pork strips, served in the same fashion as galbi but there is no marinating involved. Sometimes it is cooked on a grill with kimchi, mushrooms, garlic, onions and consumed together. This dish is usually served with a side of lettuce, spinach, or other leafy vegetable(s), which is used to wrap a slice of cooked samgyupsal. A dab of ssamjang (usually made of kochujang or dwenjang), kimchi, or other side dishes are also added and then eaten as a whole. Really good to eat with Soju (Korean wine)

3. Kimbap- is considered one of the most popular and nutritious Korean meal. It consists of rice and strips of vegetables, egg, and meat, rolled in laver (dried seaweed) and sliced. This is a popular snack or lunch with its ingredients being very variable. Popular ones include bulgogi, spinach, pickled radish, and eggs.

Gimbop, at first glance, often resembles Japanese maki or a sushi roll. However, there are a few differences between the Japanese sushi roll and the Korean-style gimbop. The main difference is that Japanese sushi rolls are rather minimal in ingredients. Sushi rolls usually consists of just tuna or salmon within the roll whereas gimbop contains a variety of ingredients (vegetables and meat). Also, while the Japanese use raw fish (sashimi) in their sushi rolls, Korean gimbop do not contain any raw fish. Lastly, Japanese sushi are often dipped in wasabi while gimbop usually has sesame oil.

4. Japchae-is a stir-fried dish that combines sweet vermicelli noodles made from the starch of a white sweet potato, thinly slices of beef, and various vegetables. It is usually prepared with carrots, green onion, spinach, shiitake mushrooms and green peppers. Beef may be added as an option but may be left out to be served as a vegetarian dish. The noodles are gray when raw and turn almost translucent when cooked (thus given its popular nickname, glass noodles). When cooked correctly, they retain a chewy texture.

5. Bulgogi- is one of Korea's most popular beef dishes. It is made from thinly sliced sirloin or another prime cut of beef. The meat is marinated with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, garlic, onions, ginger, wine and sugar. It is marinated for two to four hours to enhance the flavor and its tenderization. Bulgogi is traditionally grilled, but broiling or pan-cooking is common as well. Whole cloves of garlic, sliced onions, and chopped green peppers are often grilled or cooked at the same time. It is often served to non-Koreans as a first taste of Korean cuisine.

This dish is usually served with a side of lettuce, spinach, or other leafy vegetable, which is used to wrap a slice of cooked meat, often times along with a dab of ssamjang, kimchi, or other side dishes, and then eaten as a whole

6. Galbi- Galbi is a Korean meat dish made from beef short ribs. The ribs are marinated in a sauce made from fruit juice (generally Asian pear juice), rice wine, soy sauce, garlic, sesame seed oil and sugar. Most recipes contain these basic ingredients, although many variations exist, including variations from clear marinades to spicier marinades. This dish is usually served with a side of lettuce, spinach, or other leafy vegetable, which is used to wrap a slice of cooked meat, often times along with a dab of ssamjang, kimchi, or other side dishes, and then eaten as a whole.

7. Pajeon-is a traditional Korean-style pancake which is a very popular appetizer or snack. It is made with flour batter, eggs, and green onions/scallions, served with a mixture of soy sauce & vinegar for dipping. In translation, “jeon” (pronounced “jun”) is the actual battered ingredients and “pa” means scallions in Korean. The basic type of this dish consists of just scallions along with flour and eggs but endless variation of this dish can exists by simply adding other ingredients such as seafood, kimchi, or vegetables. To cook, the batter is poured into an oiled pan and fried to a golden crisp on a frying pan. Just like a pancake and one of the key to this dish is the egg which contributed to the crispness in texture. The most popular pajeon dish is the seafood Hae-Mul pajeon, which usually consists of little bits of oysters, fresh baby clams, shrimps and even squids. It’s nothing compared to pancakes most frequently found on North American breakfast tables as a regular pan of pajeon is big enough to feed three hungry mouths.

8.Jokbal is a very popular pork dish to many Koreans worldwide. In translation, it means pig’s trotters or legs (boneless) which have been seasoned and steamed. It may sound strange and unappealing to foreigners, but anyone who has once tried jokbal will get into the charm of this delicate dish. The pork is spiced with black taffy, soybean sauce and ginger which give its irresistible taste of the meat, soft fat and chewy skin. The secret of its popularity is the broth in which the jokbal is cooked as it is seasoned and simmered for about 2 to 3 hours. The steam rises from the pot until the mouth-watering meat is cooked to perfection. The secret of the delicious meaty flavor lies in the rich broth, and to this day, every restaurant’s broth recipe is considered top secret. Almost all restaurants will serve the same condiments and side dishes to go along with jokbal. Various side dishes include lettuce, radish “water” kimchi, kimchi, shredded radish, and buchu (Korean leek). And usual condiments include ssamjang (mixture of pepper and fermented bean paste) and salted shrimps for dipping. For consumption, jokbal can be wrapped in lettuce leaves along with some of the side dish or condiment to fully enjoy this meal.

9. Bibimbop- literally means "mixed rice" or "mixed meal" in Korean. It's a popular meal consisting of a bowl of steamed white rice topped with vegetables, beef, a whole egg, and kochujang (Korean chili pepper paste). Kochujang is usually served separately to control its spiciness of this rice dish. A variation of this dish, dolsot bibimbop ("dolsot" meaning "stone pot") is served in a heated stone bowl, in which a raw egg is cooked against the sides of the bowl. Before the rice is placed in the bowl, the bottom of the bowl is coated with sesame oil; consequently, the portion of the rice touching the bowl becomes golden brown and crispy. Vegetables commonly used in bibimbap include julienne cucumber, zucchini, carrot, white radish, mushrooms, bellflower root, and laver, as well as spinach, soybean sprouts, and bracken fern stems. Tofu, either plain or sauteed, may also be included in the dish. Within both types of bibimbops, all ingredients are typically stirred together thoroughly before eating.

10. Dwenjang Chigae is a stew made from Korean dwenjang. This soup is often served alongside rice as a meal during lunch or dinner but it can also be served with a main course like galbi or other meat dishes. Usually, it contains a variety of vegetables and several shellfish including small mussels, clams, shrimp and/or large anchovies.

I hope I can help you! Hopefully next time you'll find a better Korean resto to satisfy your cravings for Korean food.

I am a big fan of your blog Anton!! And it really helps me whenever I crave for different kind of food experiences.

I think it is my time to give you something back.
Oh~ By the way I am a KOREAN~ 

My recommend for a Korean Restaurant is “MASAN GARDEN” located in Polaris st. Makati City. You can access Polaris st. from Jupiter st.. very close to Makati ave. 896-5094 for more info. 

Recommended food… Well.. I can really see the commonality when it comes to the foreigner’s choice of Korean food. So let me recommend other menu than those. (Oh~ It doesn’t mean MASAN doesn’t offer those your favorite menu or the taste isn’t right. I just want you to try the variety of Korean food.) Further, this restaurant is popular among the large Korean corporate such as Samsung, LG, Hanjin, Kepco, Korean Embassy and etc. due to the authenticity of the food. The chef is LICENSED KOREAN COOK for the fact~

You might say some of my recommended menus don’t seem authentic Korean food, but I am telling you they are. Some of cuisines are influenced by Japanese food culture vice-versa, just like some of the Filipino cuisine is influenced by Spanish cuisine.

1. SUNG GAE MI YUK GOOK (Uni Seaweed Soup)
If you don’t like ‘Uni’ you can try ‘So Go Gi Mi Yuk Gook(Beef Seaweed Soup)’ as well.

2. BOK SASHIMI, BOK JI RI (Balloon fish sashimi, balloon fish clear soup)
This may be one of the unusual dish like someone described on this page as Balloon fish is known to be poisonous. But the restaurant has been serving this menu for 4years already and no one has ever reported as poisoned. This menu is also popular among the Japanese customers as well. If you are really into trying out this menu, reservations are highly recommended, considering the limited live balloon fish.

3. LAPU LAPU SASHIMI SET ( Lapu Lapu Sashimi + various side dishes (specialized for the set) + spicy fish soup –available in not spicy at all version  ask for clear soup)

4. BAEK KIMCHI GOOK SOO ( White Kimchi Cold Noodle Soup)
If you are not daring enough to try this, you can first try their Baek Kimchi (white kimchi) that is being served as the free side dishes. (some call these as appetizers, but we usually eat them with rice and other dishes all together. So I must call them as side dishes.) This Kimchi is color white and NOT SPICY AT ALL unlike the well-known kind of Kimchi you know~

5. HWAE DUP BAP ( Sashimi topping rice )
Think of it as different version of Bibimbab. You will be mixing the rice with sashimi, lettuce, onions, chives, other Korean veggies, sesame oil and spice sauce.

Hope I have given you inch binch of ideas. Good luck with your next Korean food experience.

i wonder when philip & amy duet in starking korea show last may if they had typical korean meals while doing the STAR KING SHOW which btw looks extremely successful for these exceptional extra talented cutest youngest philippines entertainer at the age of 7 & 9 years old just turned 7 from 6 years old not long was great watching them in star king show in korea the best concert show daw ng 2 youngest filipino philip & amy after the the best korean concert in korea it made me laugh to that comment but philip & amy did gave the wonderful appreciative talented korean audiences & guest worth their best time ever just watch the star king show in korea by amy & philip makes thousands of people around the world very happy indeed!

Korea Garden along Jupiter St. is a really good used to be in P. Burgos, then they closed for a while before transferring to their current location.

Another good place serving authentic Korean food is Woori jib in Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City.

Ara Korean Restaurant in Makati Golf Club,(Malugay street near Zuellig). The "Galbijjim" (Rib Stew) there is really good. I think the potaoes and carrots are supposed to be really soft as they are cooked for a long time, (mine came out also like that when I tried to cook them though the meat is tender) but then again I haven't tried Manna Korea Garden.
Another one is Koryo Samgyetang along Adriatico (nr Bedrock i think). Known for their SAMGYETANG, A soup with whole young chicken and ginseng. Very refreshing dish.
(here's wikipedia link with pic:
Maru Restaurant along Polaris street Makati nr corner Orion. Though the food there is mostly fusion of Korean snack dishes. Korean snack dishes are also heavy though not traditionally eaten for meals. (eq-
Kaya Restaurant (the one in Jupiter Makati) is popular for Koreans and Filipinos alike. Kaya Express/Kaya Restaurants in the malls have very different taste, almost Filipino style.

Hi Lhars,Thanks for the detailed input on this. I wrote down all your inputs and Ill do a feature of the best korean dishes in the country. Ill prioritize the dishes that you mentioned here :)Anton

hi anton!i'm a loyal customer of manna, next time you visit try to order their bibimbap(fried rice), chapchae(sotanghon), seafood pancakes,pork bbq, and rice cakes in chili paste sauce.the pork bbq comes w/ lettuce, try to eat it w/ bibimbap, chapcahe and other side dish. it's like making your own lumpia except that you wrap it with lettuce.
you can also try Korean restaurant along ermita(near robinson's place manila), it's my no.1 choice for korean restaurant before i discovered manna.

Raja Korean Restaurant in Tagaytay is where my family and I would go whenever we have a craving for Korean food. My favorite would have to be a soup dish which uses thick crystal noodles with mushrooms, leeks a bit of beef, cucumbers and a whole lot more....makes me hungry all the time....

they also serve free korean appetizers..Korean Pancakes (oh...yum!), sesame chayote, kimchi...etc...

one of my fave restos in manila...=) anton! you should've ordered sangyopsal!!!

We were cruising along Libis one night a couple of years ago, scouting for a good place to eat, and chanced upon SEOUL BARBEQUE, a Korean restaurant near Gerrys Grill (on the other side of Libis from the Citibank bldg). We've been hooked since then. The place is almost always filled with Korean diners, so I guess it means their food is close to authentic. It is owned by a Korean couple. Service is friendly, food is not as expensive as Korea Garden, and the best thing about it is you can order unlimited appetizers for free. Appetizer palang, busog na kami lagi... =) Really worth a try when you happen to be in QC area.

Oh, and almost all the main dishes we've tried in Seoul BBQ were good... but funny thing is, what keeps us going back time and again are really the appetizers and their PLAIN RICE!!!! It's very fragrant and not too sticky like those of other Korean restos'....the perfect accompaniment to their Korean beef stew or spicy squid dish! (sorry, i forgot their Korean names. hehehe)

Try Minato Korean Restaurant in Ortigas Center. It is located in Escriba Drive, at the back of UAP.

OK, Thanks for the vote for Minato! We will check it out...

hi anton. been following your blog for years now.
i love korean food and i think the 2 korean restos along libis are the best-- soul barbeque (soup dishes) and jang-gun (for bar-b-q). do give them a try.

OK thank for this feedback and tip!

hi anton. this is my first time posting a comment here but i do love reading your blog. :) i dont know if you've ever heard of sogamiga, but that for me is the best korean restaurant here that i've tried so far. its in Alabang, where BMW, swiss inn, golds gym's at. its in that area. my friend brought us there one time and after that, we just kept on coming back every weekend. the place is always packed of koreans even on weekdays. you should try their beef brisket, flower of sirloin, liempo.. (all are thin slices of meat, grilled. SO GOOD!) our friends like their wagyu.. but i still like the thin slices of beef. you dip it in their sesame oil with salt, and always ask for their sweet soysauce. :) i havent tried a lot of their soups, but i like the spicy beef soup so much. its not too spicy. just right. :) i highly recommend this restaurant. enjoy! :)

Thanks for this tip! very unique, and we will try this out!


i must suggest you try KOREAN GARDEN in jupiter thats the oldest and best korean food in town...(if you dont want KAYA resto):) u must trust me i have korean bf and friends :)) hehe

i love your site anton~~!

I used to work for a Korean air carrier and our bosses would usually take us to Korean restos in Makati. We would frequent Korea Garden in Jupiter, esp. for our xmas parties or biwon at EDSA, Pasay for lunch (great location cos it's near the airport) or Korean Palace in Malate (cos it's owned by my boss' friend)..I love samygeopsal at Korean Palace...goes well with Soju...I also like the pajeon at Kaya and kalbichim a lot!!!

I recommend Korean Garden Restaurant at Jupiter Street. They have a long history of excellent service and taste. Order their Beef Galbi (spare ribs) and Nakjibokum (spicy stir-fried octopus with vegetables and noodles) with mul mandu (steamed dumplings) on the side. They are a little bit more expensive than other Korean restaurants but I can guarantee that you will have a genuine taste of Korean food at its best.

hi anton .. i love the kalbichim(beef stew) in korea garden along jupiter ...

Minato maybe the most authentic Korean Rest. Situated in Ortigas near Shaw Blvd. Forgot the name of the street. But this is the street where the Astoria Hotel is located.

ARA in Makati (near the Zuellig loop) and UMMA at the Fort Strip are convenient places to go to for Korean food. I suggest dining in one of ARA's floored rooms.

For the traditional and not-so-upscale but authentic kind, I highly recommend Chambyuru along Escriva Drive in Mandaluyong (near Astoria Plaza). Inexpensive (unlike ARA) but very tasty plus they have a floored dining area too. I suggest ordering samgyupsal, tteokbokki, kimchi jiggae.

If you are ever in Alabang and want to eat authentic Korean food, Head to Casa Susana, its right beside the Alabang Town Center. SEOUL-SEOUL KOREAN RESTAURANT:)

a lot of good korean restaurant at clark! me and my sister love korean food! also in subic there is a good korean restaurant near the cinema square. the interior is kinda plain but its the best in subic :)

My absolute favorite is Korea Garden in Jupiter. Their beef stew (P350) and Octopus in red sauce are incomparable. Worth mentioning too is their spicy chicken bbq.


oh oh oh, try Songdo in El Pueblo. I ate there before and it was really really really good. I got to know about this because the family of my Korean student owns it. Nice place, nice ambiance, and nice food. Perfect. ;-)

you should try Pajeon! (Onion leek & Seafood Pancake) :)

Hi Anton, if you're looking for a korean resto in Malate, I would recommend Korean Village. It's popular amongst the chinese. =)

I can point you out to all the hole in the wall korean restaurants in Malate and in Makati ^^ And, may I say, that Korean food is not just about bulgogi, bibimbab and Korean BBQ. There's much more to discover...the combination of different flavors and the history that comes with each dish ^^

Korean restaurants have different classifications. Most of it are what you call "Hansik Restaurants" (한식) that serve Korean foods that you can normally find in average Korean homes. There are some restaurants that only specialize in serving meats that are usually grilled. They are known as "Gogi Gui Restaurants" (고기구이). There are also restaurants that only serve Chinese-Korean dishes. These are called "Jungguk Jib" (중국집). Another is their "Hui Jib" (휫집). This is where they get their fix of raw fish(sashimi) and seafood. They also have what's called a "Soju Bar", which is a drinking place where people get their alcohol and bar munchies. There are so many restaurant classifications for Korean food. Unfortunately, I have not much of it here in Manila.

People get intimidated with Korean restaurants because most Filipinos cannot read the signages. But, if you are brave enough to just try the restaurants, I'm sure you won't get disappointed ^^

Feel free to contact me should you be interested for me to accompany you and your fellow food bloggers on a Korean food trip around the metro ^0^.

hi jeogirl,

may i ask where is Happy 6 Days?


hi tere

what korean restos could you suggest?
do you also know some korean cuisines that are not spicy?


This comment might be late but I just couldn't help but share my favorite Masan Garden in Polaris St., Makati City.

Please visit my blogsite..

Thanks, Mr. Anton!

Try Woo Ri Jib in Kalayaan, QC. It's really good!

Korean food super love it, there is noodle house in poblacion named Kumando am not so sure if i spell it correctly, i tried their noodles after our drinking session it’s sooooooooo great!!! :)

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