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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

June 23, 2009

Lusso's Foie Gras Burger

June 23, 2009

Lusso's Foie Gras Burger

Lusso's Foie Gras Burger-4

Lusso Foie Gras Burger (P595). US Beef, Cambozola Bath and Prosecco Onions.

If you have not heard the buzz regarding Lusso's Foie Gras Burger, I suggest you head on over to Greenbelt 5 and see what people are raving about. :) The Foie Gras (pronounced as fwä grä) is hidden inside the burger itself. The beef is malinamnam! (There is really no translation of malinamnam in English because it is better than delicious -- maybe the closer word would be umami.)

Use your hands to eat the burger and pour some melted Cambozola cheese before you take a bite. You'll feel the juices of the burger oozing out until they run down onto your hands. At this point, all you can do is close your eyes and savor the fat liver flavor. If you are thinking of sharing this burger, I suggest you think twice. :)

Thanks to Gaita Fores for creating one of the Best Restaurants in Greenbelt 5.

Lusso's Foie Gras Burger-7


Even with the small space, Lusso is able to make an impression by paying attention to the details. Big chairs with low seats and high back support (called Slipper Chairs) invite you to eat al fresco. The old chandeliers of Manila Peninsula and an overhanging Malachite mirror are the centerpieces inside the restaurant. The service is similar to being attended to in a hotel restaurant.


Overall, it feels like the Old World elegance of Antonio's is recreated in this small space in Greenbelt 5. I think the only person who can challenge Tony Boy's restaurant supremacy is Margarita Fores.


Lusso's Foie Gras Burger-2


I love Lusso. But I'm still not a total fan of Gaita because her entire philosophy is to travel around the world, gather the best ideas, and recreate the experience here in Manila for Filipinos to enjoy. That's a noble cause and we are grateful for that.


However, what I would love to see is if she can create her own version of a restaurant that is unique to Manila, infusing all her knowledge of world cuisines and her Filipino family heritage in it. It could be a garden restaurant similar to Antonio's but pushed to the next level -- and it could be called Gaita's. :)


Overall, most of Gaita's restaurants feel like a reapplication versus something that is uniquely Filipino.


Lusso's Foie Gras Burger


Lusso comes from the word "luxe", but it means affordable luxury. The ideology behind the restaurant is to bring the best dishes like the Foie Gras Burger of New York or the Tuna Sandwich of Manila Peninsula to a relatively lower AB class setting in Greenbelt 5.


Aside from the Foie Gras burger, Gaita recommends the Roast Capretto (young goat) with pepper duet, hummus and green olive bread. She also suggests trying the soon-to-be-served Breakfast menu with croissants flown all the way from Paris paired with champagne... I can't wait to go back to Lusso. :)


Here is the soft-opening menu (on dilapidated paper -- uncharacteristic of Margarita's attention to detail): Lusso's Menu.

Greenbelt 5, Makati City, Philippines
(Beside Myron's Place)
Telephone: +632 756 LUXE (5893)

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