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10 Best Deals from Enjoy Philippines!

Enjoy Philippines-4

The discount card and coupons are back! 

Enjoy The Best of the Philippines was launched last June 18. It is the first Global Franchise for Enjoy, which started in Shanghai. It offers a discount card and one-time-offer coupons at the best dining and lifestyle places around the country.

The deals range from Free Dessert, Buy One Take One offers, and up to 50-65% discounts on Hotel Published Rates. Freebies and discounts are available in Manila, Cebu and Boracay.

Enjoy Philippines

The Enjoy Philippines discount card and coupon book are available for P1,495 from Our Awesome Planet. :)
  • For every book purchased from OAP, we will donate P100 to Kythe's Kids with Cancer,
  • Also, we will have your Enjoy Card personalized with your name before we send you the kit. :) 
  • Email Rache at or call +63917 5318949.
Before you go and spend anything for Father's Day, check out the Best Deals from Enjoy Philippines below. (You can also visit the Biggest Bargain Blog for the complete list.)

1. Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino (Complimentary bottle of wine or complimentary (One) 8 Course Degustation)
Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino

2. Embassy Superclub and Manor (Complimentary Entrance and Buy One Get One on Bottle Service)
Embassy SuperclubManor Super Club

3. Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cake (Buy One Get One Free)

4. Italianni's (Buy One Get One Free Main Course)

5. Chelsea Market and Cafe (Buy Two Get One Free Main Course)

Chelsea Market and Cafe

6. Hyatt Hotel's Li Li and Market Cafe Buffet Deals!
Li Li market cafe

7. Fully Booked (P1,000 Worth of Free Books for every P5,000 spent)
Fully Booked

8. Microtel Hotels (50% Off Coupon!)

9. Bellevue Manila and Cafe d'Asie (50% Off!)
The Bellevue Manila
Cafe d'Asie

10. Finally, Ultimate Philippines Tours - 5% Discount on any tour (one time use) (suggest you use it if you are planning to join our Ultimate Batanes tour :)
Ultimate Philippine Tours  

Enjoy Philippines-2
Don't forget -- the Enjoy Philippines discount card and coupon book are available at Our Awesome Planet for only P1,495. :)
  • For every book purchased from OAP, we will donate P100 to Kythe's Kids with Cancer.
  • Also, we will have your Enjoy Card personalized with your name before we send you the kit. :)
  • Email Rache at or call +63917 5318949.

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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Thank you for the write-up Anton. Some caveats: not every branch of a chain may be participating in the promotion. For example:

1. Haagen Dazs SM Mega Mall and SM Mall of Asia are not part of the Enjoy Program (they're directly owned by Haagen Dazs USA)

2. Abe Trinoma is participating but not Abe Serendra

3. Cafe Havana Malate is part of the Enjoy program but not Cafe Havana Greenbelt 3

4. Cyma Eastwood Mall, Shangri-La, Greenbelt 2, and Cebu are participating, but not Cyma Boracay.

To avoid disappointment, please refer to your member's guidebook, visit the website, or call the member's hotline (02) 7509258

how cool!
i want!

Hi Anton, how much is one book?

P1,495. It is available in Fully book only and partner establishments. If you buy it from OAP, we will donate P100 to Kyte and ensure that your card will have your personalize name on it :)

sarap nung salad noh? :)
can't wait to get my card :)
when nga pala :P

nice...this is cool. keep it up.

I want this card, now now now. :)

I used to sell Explore, and most people I spoke with, wanted to know kung masarap ba yung mga resto. Your lineup is much more impressive, a.

i want this enjoy card:)

Wow, we are in your Top 10...thank you. Reading your entry makes me want to but the kit too. Good thing we're a partner establishment. :)

Already bought a card from Rache, will get it tomorrow. I can't wait.

Hi Anton! We'd like to share our experience with Madison Grill, one of the participants in the Enjoy Philippines:

We used the Buy One Take One voucher in ordering our pizzas. First, they were out of stock with the salmon pizza. Second, they said that the "Take One" pizza will just be the garlic herb cheese something pizza ONLY. However, that was not stated in the voucher nor in any notice of Enjoy Philippines. What we know is that we would be paying for the higher value pizza. The head waiter told us that they were too late to inform Enjoy Philippines about this change that's why they had to implement it verbally instead. But my husband insisted that it is not our problem. They should do that instead in the next run of the vouchers for next year. So, the head waiter had to consult the lady whom we think is the owner (quite snobbish), of course they had to accommodate our demand.

As a whole, we didn't have a pleasant dinner experience with them as they had to come back & forth at our table with different concerns on the Enjoy voucher & out of stocks.

We would not go back to this place anymore.

P.S. My husband thinks that the mushroom soup was watered down as well (lasaw!).

are the vouchers really until jun 30, 2010 only? it seems a little late for me to buy a kit since i only have 6 more months to use the coupons. i guess ill just wait after june 30.

Yes until June 30 lang. But they released new vouchers and merchant
this December. Check it out!


i love love love my new Enjoy Philippines card! medyo late na but better late than never!

Hello :)

I would like to ask if we have to register our card online bago ito gamitin? because this card was given only by the company I am currently working.

Thank You! :)

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