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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

June 16, 2009

Corner Tree Cafe (Vegetarian Food)

June 16, 2009

Corner Tree Cafe (Vegetarian Food)

Corner Tree House-21

Corner Tree Cafe is probably the best vegetarian restaurant in Makati. It serves full-on vegetarian food -- it's like eating at The Farm in San Benito. It also reminds me of Latasia Fusion because it serves a Filipino Vegetarian Dish of the Month like Kare-Kareng Gulay. It is as innovative as Greens (in T. Morato area) in being able to serve vegetarian food that even meat lovers would appreciate.


Congratulations to Chiqui for setting up a homey vegetarian restaurant in Jupiter that Makati yuppies would love. It gives a new vibe to the place where Palatofino used to be located. (Just a warning, though -- it shares a common restroom with the other tenants in the building. You have to climb a spiral staircase to get there, only to enter the dirtiest restroom you've ever seen along Jupiter.)


Corner Tree House-25


Most of the dishes range from P200-P300, with the Spaghettini as the most expensive dish at P320. Most of the servings are meant for one except for those few items that are good for sharing. Wine, alcoholic beverages and smoothies are also served. The menu is quite unique and interesting enough for any foodie who loves to try new stuff.


The place could probably fit 25 people only, so it's a must to call in advance for reservations during lunch or dinner. Corner Tree Cafe also delivers food (with a 5% service charge) around Makati.


Corner Tree House-2
Mango Lassi (P110 +10% sc). A satisfying and refreshing healthy drink filled with calcium.


We loved it and the kids enjoyed it. This is our favorite healthy drink of all time -- but we can't wait to go back and try the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie!


Corner Tree House-14 Corner Tree House-15
Corner Tree Starter Plate (P180 +sc). An interesting combination of Dukka and White Bean Hummus, good for sharing. Dukka is a distinctly Egyptian snack, which is a blend of spices & nuts. Earthy and fragrant. Served with extra virgin olive oil & warm chunks of whole wheat bread. White Hummus is a white bean dip, which is served with vegetable sticks on the rocks.


Although the Dukka looked like an ordinary dry dip of small nuts, it was yummy! Tip: Dip the whole wheat chunks in EVOO and dunk it in the dukka. Make sure the bread is sufficiently covered. Eat and enjoy the different textures and flavors playing around in your mouth.


It is better to order the Corner Tree starter plate than ordering the Dukka and White Hummus separately.  You get P40 savings that way. :)

Corner Tree House-11
Spinach Feta Croquettes (P160 +sc). An all-time favorite: 3 tasty croquettes made with fresh spinach, feta cheese & organic rice. Served with a mini yogurt sauce and their very own harissa (optional) for chili lovers.

A popular healthy appetizer. This is something that is speedy to order since it is deep fried and just reheated before serving. The harissa chili sauce was milder than expected.

Corner Tree House-8
Spinach & Pechay Chowder (Cup - P95 +sc, Bowl - P150 +sc). A comforting pureed soup of leafy greens and potatoes.

We loved the combination of spinach and pechay. The chowder actually didn't taste too "leafy". It had a sweet taste contrasted by the lemon. The kids liked this too, especially syoti Joshua.

Corner Tree House-16
Baked Tofu Walnut Burger (P240 +sc). A big healthy burger in a whole wheat bun, served with sweet potato fries & homemade mayo or an organic green salad.
- Add P35 for a slice of gruyere cheese, P25 for crispy onion.
- Or have it as a dinner plate with vegetarian gravy, crispy onions, organic red rice and organic greens (P220)

My personal favorite. The burger was able to emulate the texture of meat but still tasted like tofu. The crispy onions were a bit burnt, small and not crispy at all. Maybe using bigger slices of onion and grilling them just about right to release the sweetness would be worth the P25. You can order it with a whole wheat bun or organic red rice.

(My wife was raving about all the dishes in Corner Tree except the burger.)

Corner Tree House-18
Spaghettini with Broccoli, Pine Nuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon (P320 +sc). A unique combination of ingredients that work together for a tasty pasta dish. (Vegans can omit the parmesan cheese.)

The most expensive dish on the menu but also one of the vegetarian pastas we absolutely loved.

It looks simple, though. It is something that I can probably do at home by buying all the simple ingredients and tossing them all together with parmesan cheese. I guess the generous serving of pine nuts makes this dish a bit expensive.

Corner Tree House-27
Cream Cheese and Chocolate Brownies (P95 +sc). This really fudgy dessert is served cold.

The brownie was a bit tough but it had the right mix of cream cheese and chocolate. The simple combination amazes me. Next time, we will try the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Toblerone...

Who said that vegetarians have boring dishes and desserts?

Corner Tree House-1

150 Jupiter Street Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila

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