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Amici + Red Ribbon = Cara Mia Gelateria

Caramia Gelateria-5

The original owners of Red Ribbon (before it was sold to Jollibee) are now the owners of Amici. It was just a matter of time before Amici's Gelato technology was merged with Red Ribbon's cake heritage. Caramia's Gelato Cakes are the offspring of that marriage. This is the latest dessert place to hang out in Greenhills (if you can get a parking space in front of Caramia).

Caramia Gelateria-2

They serve Amici's signature gelato at P45-P55 per scoop, but I recommend that you try the Gelato Cakes and the Affogato. Check out the menu for the different flavor options:

Caramia Menu

Gelati and Cakes | Gelato Cakes, Affogato, Pastries, Gelato Shakes, Coffee and Tea

Caramia Gelateria-4

What is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?

Gelato is the Italian version of Ice Cream. It is made with more milk and has less fat content than cream. It has 10% air content versus Ice cream's 50%. It is stored in a relatively warmer temperature (-14 C) to keep it soft but still firm. Ice Cream is usually stored at -23 C to keep it solidly frozen. Gelato is more fresh because it is made in small batches.

Caramia Gelateria-13

Nocciola Blend (P100). Nocciola (hazelnut) gelato with mini chocolate chips and cherry on top. Served on a bed of soaked ladyfingers, with a shot of espresso coffee on the side.

Affogato is a new addition to my dessert vocabulary. Espresso is usually used as a topping instead of the usual chocolate or caramel sauce. We ordered the Hazelnut gelato, which is the best gelato flavor in Amici (for me). The espresso's bitterness and the gelato's sweetness mix perfectly, with tasty hints of hazelnuts and chocolate. The ladyfingers act as a soaked sponge to give a unique texture to it.

Caramia Gelateria-10 

Mango Sans Rival (P80). Crunchy meringue wafer alternately layered with Mango and Sans Rival gelato with sliced mangoes and chocolate curls on top.

Nice. The gelato seemed to taste a lot sweeter than expected. This is another alternative to Conti's Mango Bravo. The Ice Cream-based cakes of Conti's are frozen when served. The Gelato cakes are much softer and melt easily.

Caramia Gelateria-15 

Caramia Gelateria

101 Missouri Square, Missouri Center

Connecticut Streets, Greenhills, San Juan.    

(where Red Ribbon used to be)

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 


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Anton, I am anxiously waiting for your answer to the questions discussed on you webminar 1. I am already a part of your mailing list. Do you think I need to sign up again?


oh. yummy!

Amici's gelato are too sweet for my taste. I like their Quattro al Formaggi Pizza though.

Just to clarify:

"It has 10% air content versus Ice Cream's 50%." ---> implies that ALL ice cream is 50% air. I'm going to assume that that's an assumption and not something that the owners of Caramia are trying to pass off as fact.

The truth is, while many local ice cream brands here ARE made with 50% air (and because of that, cannot even be legally labeled as "ice cream" if shipped to countries like the United States) to say that that is the defining characteristic of Ice Cream (especially in comparison to gelato) would be erroneous.

The simple truth is, the air content of ice cream depends on the manufacturer, and it can be as little or as much as they so desire (and a little air IS necessary to make good ice cream or gelato, which is essentially frozen foam). Many ice cream manufacturers, both foreign and local, can and do make ice cream with the same air content as gelato.

Ice Cream can also be made in small batches. That too, is a trait not exclusive to gelato.

For the record, I enjoy and appreciate gelato since it has characteristics different from ice cream (a softer texture, an emphasis on intense flavors). But as an ice cream afficionado and manufacturer, I just felt the need to set the record straight for my favorite dessert.

Thanks for covering these great dessert spots Anton, and more power to you.

I agree with Ian - air content is not an issue with ice cream or gelato unless you are talking of P 10 commercial cheap lollipops (ask selecta)

Gelato uses Milk where Ice Cream uses....said, right there in its label "Cream"
it is a always a matter of milk fat content - the more the better :)

just trying to get the facts straight.....
thanks and more power to you.

Nice input Ian. What ice cream/gelato do you manufacture?

I'm not sure I want to say it here, it would be tacky to self-promote during a post of another shop. That's why I'm writing as an eater and not as a representative. :)

I passed by that corner when they were just starting to fix it up and thought....just another ice cream joint.

Not after reading this! Have to go there soon....perfect for dessert people, the merge of gelato and cakes.

Ian, I just want to say I absolutely love your ice cream! I'm probably a "late bloomer" in discovering it but I tried the chocolate/peanut butter cookie dough flavor and it was heaven! Better than my favorite Ben & Jerry's (Everything but the...) and much more affordable! I think it's the best ice cream I've ever tasted. Kudos to you and I'm hearing that there's a possibility of a full-blown cafe/ice cream shop (from Lori's post). I can't wait!

Thank you very much Anamer :) we appreciate each and every customer we have, I assure you :)

i love love love sebastians!! :)

i love it.. we'll go there this week... tnx for the info!

Thank you very much, Sheena! ;)

I love you Ian for making the nicest sweet stuff that's ever glided on my tongue.

I wish there were Sebastian's ice cream cakes! (or are there??)

i heard that the newest best filipino o philipines best youngest acrobats-acrobatics who had a great best entertaining show last seen may in STAR KING t.v. show in korea{via youtube check under o fr: nenefaith86}was performing like a sold out desserts you see on the photos meaning YUMMY! lol i was so entertained i thought i was watching some youngest members of the the world famous CIRQUE DE SOLEIL circus-acrobatic members showing off but without those millions of dollars worth of stage scenes-decors but the performance was worth like a million dollars shows so exciting so absorbing so captivating soooo entertaining that i forgot i was cooking lol! lol i applaud the philippines the filipinos for making the world happier healthier livelier energetic awesome producing such talented such great toddler-children like of extra ordinary young but brilliant talent na si jal joshua of australia's got talent o di kaya dun kila amy & philip 's duet in korea's t.v. STAR KING show{also via youtube} a great memorable one i was laughing in tears at almost fell off my chair the koreans amy phillip are so funnny that i though of eating cheese cakes had needs to eat this kind of cheese cake like this one in the photos luckily i had some in my freezer lol!

Thank you very much, Kris! :D

Not yet, but we do have something else planned that (to my knowledge) hasn't been done with ice cream before, Allan ;) Stay tuned...

i so love sebastian ice cream :) everytime we go to Poduim i always go to Sebastian's Ice cream and buy 2 scoops!!!so yummyyy...

Thanks for the clarification Ian :) I should meet you one of these days and get an orientation on Ice Cream... hehe, maybe I can invite you to share your learnings via a webinar session?anton

it doesnt matter if it is gelato ice cream sorbet scramble ice cream halo halo o ice cakes if the flavor is made of cheese cakes o coconut fruits or anything half with chocolate means IT IS GOOD lol!

I love Sebastian's too! I love Mango Sans Rival and Butter Pecan but blueberry cheesecake is my favorite! I can't wait for your ice cream shop/cafe to open in MOA Kudos to you!

I absolutely love their strawberry supreme for having A LOT of real fruit in it, adds some tart balance to the sweetness, and yet tastes all-natural. I'm so happy the gelateria is near my brother-in-law's house...

I dunno about the webinar, but I'll be happy to answer any questions you have to the best of my abilities :)

Not to go all spelling nazi on you, but isn't it Cara Mia instead of "Caramia?"

Just asking. :-)

i think in this case, the restaurant combined the words, Cara mia, into one. It's written out as one word in this photo:

i do love the new Vegetarian Pizza from Amici. i miss the old spinach cannelloni.

It should be Cara Mia :)

their ice cream choices are awesome..have u tried their pasta with AMICI?? love white vongole!

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