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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

June 16, 2009

Amici + Red Ribbon = Cara Mia Gelateria

June 16, 2009

Amici + Red Ribbon = Cara Mia Gelateria

Caramia Gelateria-5

The original owners of Red Ribbon (before it was sold to Jollibee) are now the owners of Amici. It was just a matter of time before Amici's Gelato technology was merged with Red Ribbon's cake heritage. Caramia's Gelato Cakes are the offspring of that marriage. This is the latest dessert place to hang out in Greenhills (if you can get a parking space in front of Caramia).

Caramia Gelateria-2

They serve Amici's signature gelato at P45-P55 per scoop, but I recommend that you try the Gelato Cakes and the Affogato. Check out the menu for the different flavor options:

Caramia Menu

Gelati and Cakes | Gelato Cakes, Affogato, Pastries, Gelato Shakes, Coffee and Tea

Caramia Gelateria-4

What is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?

Gelato is the Italian version of Ice Cream. It is made with more milk and has less fat content than cream. It has 10% air content versus Ice cream's 50%. It is stored in a relatively warmer temperature (-14 C) to keep it soft but still firm. Ice Cream is usually stored at -23 C to keep it solidly frozen. Gelato is more fresh because it is made in small batches.

Caramia Gelateria-13

Nocciola Blend (P100). Nocciola (hazelnut) gelato with mini chocolate chips and cherry on top. Served on a bed of soaked ladyfingers, with a shot of espresso coffee on the side.

Affogato is a new addition to my dessert vocabulary. Espresso is usually used as a topping instead of the usual chocolate or caramel sauce. We ordered the Hazelnut gelato, which is the best gelato flavor in Amici (for me). The espresso's bitterness and the gelato's sweetness mix perfectly, with tasty hints of hazelnuts and chocolate. The ladyfingers act as a soaked sponge to give a unique texture to it.

Caramia Gelateria-10 

Mango Sans Rival (P80). Crunchy meringue wafer alternately layered with Mango and Sans Rival gelato with sliced mangoes and chocolate curls on top.

Nice. The gelato seemed to taste a lot sweeter than expected. This is another alternative to Conti's Mango Bravo. The Ice Cream-based cakes of Conti's are frozen when served. The Gelato cakes are much softer and melt easily.

Caramia Gelateria-15 

Caramia Gelateria

101 Missouri Square, Missouri Center

Connecticut Streets, Greenhills, San Juan.    

(where Red Ribbon used to be)
Website: www.CaraMia.ph

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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