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Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo

Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-2

Any true foodie will enjoy this secret place in Makati. In the foodie circle, it is referred to as the Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo.

It is full every lunch time with the who's who crowd in Makati. It is empty during dinner time but it is the favorite hangout of Saguijo-goers at night. It is a high-class turo turo with home-cooking that exceeds the best of the top 10 list featured in QTV's "Pinaka" show last Sunday.

Maybe that is why Ariel and Peng, the couple who run the place, got a bit paranoid when I took a lot of photos. Ariel is the manager of the restaurant while Peng is the cook behind the awesome dishes there. They want to keep this place a secret and are very protective of their concept. They shy away from magazine or TV show features because they run this place by themselves and they don't want the quality of the restaurant to suffer if it becomes too popular.

So I can only give you some clues about this place and let you discover it for yourself...

Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-3

Here's Ariel, sharing with us stories of how this place evolved from being a simple pandesalan to a Japanese resto and, finally, to a high-class turo turo.

Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-12

All of the dishes are cooked on the day itself and presented buffet-style (with the dishes wrapped in plastic). Regulars already know what to order but if you are new, you have to point out the dishes that you like.

Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-7

They serve mostly Filipino/Spanish dishes. You can order anything turo-turo style, and you can ask about the availability of other dishes that are not on display.

Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-22

The owners want people to talk and hang out in the restaurant, so they resisted putting wi-fi there. They love to mingle with their customers in this Filipino-style, bistro-like setting. You'll see the couple's various matchbox collections around the place, too.


Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-16
Kilayin (P250). The kilayin is to die for...literally. :)


"Kilayin is made up of pig’s organs: heart, liver, lung, and pork, cooked in vinegar, water, garlic, pepper, and chili. The stew is set aside when tender and drained from the remaining sauce. And then garlic, onion, and chopped lung are sauteed until brown. Then the drained stew is added to the pan until everything is golden brown. The remaining sauce is poured and then simmered until thick."


Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-20
Arroz Cubana (P220). Typical breakfast fare but still yummy anytime of the day.


Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-17
Calamares (P250). This was a disappointment. Don't bother ordering this Chinese-style dish.

Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-23
Sole Stuff (P350).


Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-18
Skinless Sausage (P220). The best sweet longganisa we have ever tasted. This has my vote for the best longganisa in Makati!


Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-26

Ariel is very friendly and entertains most of the guests. He shared with us that the resto was inspired by Mama Mary.


Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-27

The best time to go is at dinnertime (around 7pm), when the place is empty. It gets full as the night goes by and it starts to attract the Saguijo crowd.


Restaurant with No Name in Front of Saguijo-1

Can you guess the name of this restaurant?


No. 7615 Guijo St., San Antonio Village, Makati City
(Directly in front of Saguijo)
Contact Person: Ariel S. Eguid
Telephone: +632 703-5348
Mobile: +63920 620-4873, +63917 887-5564
Opens 11.30am for lunch until midnight. Closed on Sundays.



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for a turo-turo... the price certainly is not something to point at... lol

for those prices, i think i'd rather eat at someplace where the food had not been sitting out all day. looks like an HACCP nightmare waiting to happen. i admire the look of the place though! and i am totally in love with the brick counter.

...ooops, the sauce breaks (see sole dish).

when i worked as a server, i would go bonkers if the food runner fails to notice broken sauce, and ends up serving it to the customers, as it's a big no no in the food industry.

my husband used to frequent saguijo in the past, perhaps ill ask him to take me there sometime. thanks for sharing sir. :)

You're welcome! Let me know your review after eating here... thanks!


hey anton, can you explain what is sole stuff prized at P350? it looks delicious! thanks! i am fan of your famous blog!

It's called Bread Box. :-) I know, a misnomer. Maybe that's why there's no sign. I seem to remember there used to be a sign a long time ago, but I could be wrong. I agree with the comment above that for food that isn't freshly cooked, it's expensive. But it's tasty (I like that stuffed sole with shrimp), and they have a somewhat captive market since there aren't too many choices in the immediate area. We often hang out there when Saguijo's full or if we just want to sit outside. Sorry I couldn't join you guys last week. Hope to see you soon, though.

love their baby back ribs, agree its a bit pricey but the quality isn't like your daily turo turo.

the sign of breadbox is still there, check the 2nd pic from the bottom

haha, di kasi makita yung sign... Will try the Baby Back next time...


There is serious stuffing inside and the entire outer core is sole fish. It
is good.


without the ads, the site is faster.

it's called Breadbox =P


i totally agree!!! gonzo's ... best food in makati!!! and very affordable too... i love the place!

OK, I will check Gonzo's Grill out one of these days...

i pass this "restaurant with no name" a lot - and been meaning to try it not for anything but by how it looks from the outside. thanks for the review, now we're confident about the food as well

looks interesting! we should visit this place one of these days!

i missed "ang pinaka" last sunday. =( my friend said cookbook kitchen and mon and tina's are included. would you know the other restaus which made it on the list?

Here is the list:

Cookbook Kitchen,
Mom & Tina's
Angel's Kitchen
Carlo's Chicken Bacolod
Dezato Cafe
Top Meals
Little Store on the Hill

why should more customers affect the quality? at some point, wouldn't they train more cooks to prepare food their way(which is normal). so this idea of not promoting is disingenuous.

I have been eating here since last year, its near my office and we are here atleast once a week. We call it Ariel's actually.

If Ariel's son is there, Adrian, you can ask him to play the piano ... he is very good and he will even give you a intro on the songs.

We love the food and the family. The price versus the quality and quanity ... you can not get that anywhere IMO. Its not cheap for a typical office day lunch ... but it is worth it. I love the place and you have to try it atleast one.

@andrea - Peng like to cook the food herself, ofcourse with the help of staff - but i guess she doesnt want to cook like big kalderos of food where she might not control everything. And if you train cooks ... it'll never be the same for me.

Hi Leslie,

Ok, Ariel pala ang pangalan nito for the regular customers. Thanks for
expert perspective!


Hi Anton, Oh our family calls it Ariel's lang. The other regulars there might have different names for it. lol :0

Breadbox!!! :D hehehhee :P I <3 it there!!!

Thanks for sharing! I'd like to try out this secret place sometime. Food looks delicious enough. Despite others who might frown upon their minimal advertising, I respect the fact they value the quality of their service and consistency for their regular customers. Certainly makes newcomers wonder what the fuss is about. :)

my friends and i call it breadbox, from the sign out front. :D i haven't been there in a while, i should pass by soon.

Good to try is their twice-cooked adobo with mango-tomato-onion sauce. It's simmered 'til tender then fried. Yum! Also try their kare-kare & ampalaya with sole fish.

Their stuffed sole fish has shrimp & shitake mushrooms inside. i don't really care if the presentation is not perfect.

I think the price is just right considering the quality and the generous serving. And hey, you don't get aircon, ambiance and respite from the city noise in a regular turu-turo, right? ;p

My friends and I are regulars here. I guess because it feels like going home... :)

oops, i meant mango-tomato-onion salad.

Went there twice this week.
Excellent food and excellent ambience.
The family who owns the place is extremely accommodating.
Fantastic piano playing by the couple's son, Adrian.
Food can take a bit long, but the heart that goes into preparing the food is worth every second.
A must-try for food enthusiasts!

Thanks Al for the comment! Yeah this is a great foodie find :)

Saw on the news now that the Family of the Bread Box restaurant has been massacred.... Very sad news...

An unfortunate incident happened. May the family of Ariel Eguid Rest in peace

Have you guys read?

Such sad sad news. :(

Hi Sir Anton,

I just thought you might want to know... Mr. Ariel Eguid and his family were found dead in their apartment on Monday, the 21st. :'( All 3 of them, stabbed to death! Even their 16-year-old boy!!! I don't know how anyone can be capable of doing such things.

Anyone who has met them or has eaten or hung out at Breadbox at one point in their lives are invited to leave flowers or candles at Breadbox. Or atleast include the Eguid family in your prayers tonight. Let's all pray for justice.

R.I.P Ariel and Family - they were brutally killed in their apartment. Too bad. I wanted to try their dishes and see their beautiful resto.

Thanks Irene, for this... very sad news and we will pray for them...

This is sad news...The Eguids were found dead in their apartment in Makati yesterday morning. :(,_son_stabbed_dead_in_Makati_apartment

there's too much
senseless violence
happening to good people.

rest in peace,
my prayers are with you.

the whole family got massacred yesterday, as read in the news. RIP+

Saw this article this morning..


good to see Ariel Eguid so alive in this photos. Ariel, his wife Ping and their son, Adrian, were killed by still unknown killers in their condo early Sunday morning. Ariel was one of our accountants, we've known Ping and Adrian, their son, through the years. what a tragic end to this family.

The brutal massacre of the Eguid family (owners of this resto) is completely senseless. May they rest in peace and let us all pray for justice...

sad news anton ... they were all massacred ...

enough of these senseless killings! ... please pray for them ...

RIP Eguid Family. We will forever be in our hearts.

You will forever be in our hearts. May you rest in peace!

Even If I say the place is one of the best I've ever been when it comes to serenity and relaxation, superb when it comes to food and extra warm when it comes to service and atmosphere, sad to say I can't prove it to you anymore! people may question the way of the breadbox (how their food is prepared, how they don't train others to cook for them and how they don't want to advertise) but it was the best way as far as the regulars of breadbox is concern! Peng is so meticulious in here kitchen work and she won't serve your meal right out form the counter! After you giving your order of choice she will prepare your plate with extra love before serving it to you and will be served warm and delicious! The place is so homey and once you experince dining here you'll feel you're part of it or partly the place is yours that's why it is one of the best place ever! Ask the regulars themslves! Other dining place has undoubtly produce good tasty food but usually it would feel so commercialize when you dine there! Some young regulars even eat here with thier feet up on their seats or crossed legs! You'll feel very cozy and at home yet in an elite manner! but then... sad to say, a beautiful place which feels like a lil heaven in makati has tragically closed its doors forever in the mourning for their beloved owners and chef and pianist son! I hope they will be given justice!

Hate to break this, but the owners of the place passed away recently, it just recently closed down. But i hear the place is gonna be occupied by a another resto. Il keep you guys posted.

i live near the area, will try this restaurant one of these days...thanks for sharing anton!

Hi Sasha,

The restaurant is now closed because the family was murdered :(

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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thanks sad to learn about what happened to the family.

on a lighter note, silly me.... i did not see the other posts to this thread, that there were more posts after the 1st page....and i did not even notice the dates! :)

Ive been to this place, only had tea i didnt know it was a resto! the staff is so friendly and the place is cozy, better place than those commercialized coffee shops! lol

the owner of this place got killed by his servers

I was good friends with them. Its two bad the two guys who did this are still out there. i cant believe its almost been two years. i miss them.

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