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Edge Coaster-rific!

Edge Coaster-32

Edge Coaster is the first coaster in the world where you can literally look down at the edge of the building you're on. In this case, it's the Crown Regency -- the tallest building in Cebu.

We visited Moal Boal over the weekend, and a side trip to the Edge Coaster was one of the highlights of our trip. :) Check out the Photo Essay of our Edge Coaster experience...

Edge Coaster-2

Go to the 19th Floor of the Crown Regency Hotel, near the Fuente Osmena Circle.

It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 12 midnight from Monday to Thursday, and 2 a.m. Friday to Sunday. I prefer seeing Cebu in the morning, but it is more romantic to go in the evening.

Edge Coaster

You have to pay P380 as an entrance fee (only) and you have to pay P500 for the Edge Coaster and/or Skywalk Extreme. In total, it will cost you P880 just to try the Edge Coaster. It is super expensive and "tubong lugaw". The ride-all-you-can in Enchanted Kingdom is less than P500 only.

Of course if you are a guest in Crown Regency Hotel or a member of Club Ultima, it would be cheaper.

Edge Coaster-40

The Entrance Fee gives you access to the 38th floor (where the Edge Coaster is located) and the 37th floor (where the Sky Walk is located).

We decided to try the Sky Walk next time because the Sky Walk guide was not professional enough to report on time.

Edge Coaster-17

There are 3 Edge coasters. You cannot bring anything that can be potentially dropped when the coaster is tilted. Mobile phones, cameras and sunglasses are prohibited in the Edge Coaster.

BTW, you can wear your Havaianas flip flops on this ride.

Edge Coaster-30

The coaster rail is literally on the edge of the Crown Regency Hotel Building on the 38th floor.

Edge Coaster-18

Here is the view at 10:30 a.m.

Edge Coaster-24

The Edge Coaster automatically tilts at 55 degrees but your point of view is 90 degrees perpendicular to the edge of the building.

Edge Coaster-23

Each of the seats has a joystick that can bring the coaster back to its normal position. This guy decided to do just that and enjoy the tilt-free view of Cebu.

Edge Coaster-7

Here is a photo of the Sky Bar as the Edge Coaster approaches.

Edge Coaster-9

Admittedly, it was a bit scary. We were holding on to the handles just to ensure we wouldn't fall down. My shin was pushing against the bar support and it was aching the entire time. I later found out that you can put your legs closer to the chair.

Edge Coaster-28

It's definitely cooler to just throw your hands up in the air for the photo op.

Edge Coaster-33

One side of the edge coaster ride is flat and straight. If you look down, you will see the top view of the roof of the smaller buildings. It is better to just look out into the horizon and appreciate the beauty of Cebu.

Edge Coaster-35

Here is a closer view of how tilted the coaster is on the edge of the building. Yikes!

Edge Coaster-39

Initially, my wife and friend May were hesitant to ride it but Maong was able to convince them -- and they both loved it!

Edge Coaster-22

The view of the Fuente Osmena Circle from the Edge Coaster is Awesome!

Edge Coaster-16

It was thoughtful of them to create an Edge Coaster survivor certificate. An "I Survived the Edge Coaster" T-shirt would have been better, though, since you can wear it to advertise the ride vs. a certificate (which would just gather dust in our cabinet).

In total, the Edge Coaster ride was just less than 5 minutes. You get a discount if you decide to ride again.

Edge Coaster-21

With a P10 coin, you can see some of Cebu's notable buildings and establishments up-close. It would have been more awesome if they had a 360-degree panoramic photo of Cebu where the key structures are highlighted.

Edge Coaster-43

The entrance fee includes a P150 Sky Meal. You can choose from tuna/chicken/ham grilled sandwiches, hotdog, siopao, siomai, donut, or tuna/chicken/pineapple turnover with iced tea.

Edge Coaster-44

To ride the Edge Coaster, you need to be at least 52 inches tall.

Edge Coaster-41  

We would probably try the Sky Walk next time just for the photo opportunity. We are excited about their Insanity Orbit project on the 40th floor. In this ride, you are seated individually, facing inward. It then spins on an orbit, making you feel as if you'll be hurled out into the sky. Sounds good, right?

Crown Regency Hotel & Towers
Tower 1, Fuente Towers, Osmena Boulevard
Telephone Numbers: +6332-418-7777 or 418-8888

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 



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That was really an awesome experience. Though I would not try it since I'm totally afraid of heights (lol) and yes, the price is quite expensive nga.

Cool! If things work out well, I may be in Cebu in the last week of April...and, you just gave me an idea hehehehe.

after the high of the edge coaster and looking forward to the sky walk, i was pretty bummed out when it wasn't available because the guide was late (or probably absent) and he had the keys to the walk. didn't their supervisor have extra set of keys? to make matters worse, the staff informed us that if we leave and come back later, we'd have to pay entrance again. and then, when we asked for refund, they won't give it saying they have a no refund policy (isn't that against the law?) when we asked to talk to the the one in charge, they said the supervisor and/or wasn't there. only to show up after we were starting to loose our temper. and after more argument from us and more indecisiveness from them, we got our refund since by the time we were finish arguing, the guide still hasn't shown up- and that was more than the half hour wait they assured us.
they (both staff and management) should really get their acts together. i mean, shouldn't the people selling the tickets be aware that the sky walk wasn't available yet because the guide was unprofessional and wasn't there and he had the keys with him. and that they should NOT sell tickets for that especially if they have a NO REFUND policy? - we were the first ones there, but there were already a number of people who bought tickets after us. And shouldn't the supervisor be willing to face irate customers instead of telling the staff to say he wasn't there?

Cebu is generally a laid back place. It has its pluses and minuses. Effective complaining can get things done. In time they'll get the message and service should be better.

The view at this place is great around sunset. You can just go up without taking the ride and just enjoy the view. I think you can go in at around 4:30-5:00 and stay until the sun sets...

Question: Are those pictures included in the package? waaah so expensive!

Well there is a photographer who takes a photo and tries to upsell you with
the photograph.

wow! it looks scary!

BTW, you can wear your Havaianas flip flops in the Edge Coaster.

Havaianas lng po pwede? Naku!

Fyi, locals doesn't patronize much this ride. Mostly are those coming Metro Manila who wanted to brag about this cheap thrill when they got home.

I thought it can have its moment. Imagine- sunset. Holding hands. Fear. Thrill. A Whisper. A kiss. Any local who won't patronize this is missing something.

gaaaawwdd!!! looks scary!

hi anton, i was there last January during chinese new year period. They had did the dragon dance in the sky walk! i dont know if they posted that on their elevators. but it's nice!

cool! will try this the next time i'm in cebu!

Thanks Lai for this comment! I could imagine how nice it was... good idea :)

everything in that place is expensive!

but we tried the coaster ride for only P250 because an employee of the facility gave us discounted rates. (we were sort of adopted by the employee to get that rate.)

Not my kind of thrill. Thanks! I'll just stay inside, sit on a stool and drink an ice cold bottle of San Miguel beer LOL.

Boyfie and I tried it last month. They had a promo P600 for entrance + one skyride + buffet dinner at their resto. such a nice deal!

Hi Anton, Loved your post as always! Makes me miss being back in the Philippines. Can't believe they have these kinds of rides now at home. The last time I remembered riding a coaster there is the space Shuttle at the EK. Just wanted to correct you though...As much as we want the first coaster on top of the building to be in the Philippines, I think the Stratosphere in Vegas beat us to it.

EIGHT-HUNDRED AND EIGHTY PESOS FOR A ROLLER COASTER RIDE!? That's steep, even with the P150 consumable. I mean honestly, those had better be some pretty good sandwiches at P150 a pop.

nah... they're just ordinary sandwiches they grill.

Must be fun. My husband would love this!

cool, you visited Cebu pala.

I'm from Cebu pero haven't tried the Edge Coaster. Medyo mahal kasi, di kaya ng budget.

Actually there is one in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A roller coaster on top of the building in Las Vegas and one of the employee who perform for the riders is a 65 yr old Filipina.

There are multiple rides on that building. Please check Travel Channel
for details.

Nice photos! I did encounter them during the Travel Tour Expo and thought it was in Manila. Good thing you mentioned about the joystick, if I will ride, I will enjoy the tilt-free view to avoid heart attack haha :)

awww!!i was planning to celebrate my birthday this coming aug6 on that skywalk and edge coaster adventure kaso parang ang gastos naman yata?!? heheh kasi i think of acquiring a promo in an airplane which only costs almost two thousand only back and forth na un. pls po may i know how much will be the budget if you want to try both the skywalk and edge coaster?? i really want to make my 20th birthday memorable because im saying goodbye to my teeny years and welcoming my soon to be "adult" life with a bang. heheh if pwede po, paki email nalang skin here's my eadd po: thank you po and god bless

P500 yung both skywalk and edge coaster. But there is a P380 entrance fee
for the Sky Adventure Place

glad to hear you guys went to moalboal! what did you do there? hope you enjoyed.

Yes, I've yet to post our moal boal adventures....

wwwwooowwwww....I would like to try that...Your photos convince me to ride that Edge Coaster..aehheh..Maybe by this year I will on that.. thanks for the info that you give..aheheh

For all promo rates of Sky Experience Adventure

Visit this link ==>

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