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O'sonho Portuguese Fusion

Osonho Portuguese Fusion-10

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion is the only Portuguese Restaurant in Manila. Some say that there is a reason why it is the only one. There is a theory that a Portuguese restaurant can't survive in Manila. We will have to see if Osonho's Peri-Peri Chicken will stand the test of time. Check it out and let me know what you think...

Osonho Portuguese Fusion-12

O'sonho's Menu:
Tira Gosto, Sopa, Salada, Massa | Prato Principal (main course) | Wine and Bar List | Suco (Drinks)

I've been looking for a Portuguese restaurant ever since my favorite Portuguese restaurant in Boracay closed down. Banza Portuguese Restaurant in Station 3 was one of my top 5 restos in Boracay. I've been craving for a Portuguese paella ever since.

O'sonho stands for "Dreams" in Portuguese. (I forgot to ask the owners why.) They are on soft opening, so their menu is limited at the moment. Hopefully, they would offer the Portuguese paella when they expand their menu.




Osonho Portuguese Fusion

Portuguese Gambas (P240 +SC). Another savory O'sonho fusion recipe. Prawns bathed in a medley of garlic, olive oil, Portuguese herbs and spices. Served on a hot plate.

We liked this spicy twist to gambas, served with pieces of pita bread on the side. The serving size is small, though, and eating one shrimp would cost P44.




Osonho Portuguese Fusion-6

Picado (P300 +SC). The Portuguese version of the "salpicao". Tenderloin beef cubes bathed in garlic, herbs and spices.

It looks oily but it is not. O'sonho uses the purest olive oil and they don't use any MSG at all.  What is left is the pure taste of garlic, herbs and different exotic spices. The only thing is their "salpicao" version has a sour twist (maybe because of wine). It is an acquired taste, and some people do love this dish.



Osonho Portuguese Fusion-7

Beer-Battered Fish Fingers (P160 +SC). Market-fresh fish gives this "melt in your mouth" experience. Served with O'sonho's signature Perinaise.

It was ordinary, but Aidan ate most of it.


Osonho Portuguese Fusion-9

Chorizo Sisig (P220 +SC). O'sonho's take on this Filipino classic.

The sisig is served on a small, circular hot sizzling plate. Adding chorizo was a nice touch. It made the Filipino sisig into a Portuguese fusion dish.

Osonho Portuguese Fusion-11

Peri Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice (P280 +SC). Tender, juicy butterfly-cut chicken thighs, marinated in O'sonho's own peri peri sauce.

We loved O'sonho's Peri Peri Chicken -- all of us were raving about it. The chicken is marinated in O'sonho's signature peri-peri sauce, which is also served on the side. I like the herb-y taste and spicy kick of the chicken. The serving size is just right. You've got to try this! Most of us even commented that this is better than the Peri Peri Chicken in Promenade, Greenhills.


Osonho Portuguese Fusion-13

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion
#20 Jupiter Street, Makati City
Nik Barancik, Owner
Telephone: +632 896-3289




 Live an Awesome Life in God's Love,

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What makes Portuguese standout ba? I only know that it's a bit on the sweet side, is it?

Sisig?! Salpicao?! Fried fish fingers with Mayo?! Gambas?! They added chorizo (which may not be Portuguese chourico) then its now called Portuguese Fusion? BTW, fish fingers like that looks like it came from frozen white fish meat you get from Cold Storage or S&R at around P200 per pack. So this is a fusion of what exactly? Portuguese and Dencio's? Please lang.

Can't restaurateurs come up with something that doesn't feel like they're dumbing diners down?

ohhh just when I don't work in makati anymore :( looks interesting! thanks anton!!

I feel you, acid. You're right... It does seem like the owners (or at least the consultants) were trying too hard to make the food more familiar to pinoys. But really, Portuguese food- like any food- just has to be consistently good and, at the same time, highlighting what makes this particular cuisine special and unique. Hopefully they have more authentic stuff on their menu...

I agree with Acid and Chinkee - why can't they have authentic and be authentic?? Chorizo sisig in a Portugese Restaurant??

where is the pork and clams, the bacalao croquettes? etc...

the problem w/ restaurants here is that the owners' primary goal is still to make money, with elevating the current restaurant scene a far second. that's why we will always have more of these mediocre restaurants. this also holds true for those high-end/gourmet restaurants, where 90% of the time you will see caesar salad, foie gras, sea bass and now wagyu on the menu. it's like everyone is reading the same idiot's guide to opening your restaurant (and recouping your investment in a year!). sad.

Isn't there a portuguese restaurant in White Plains?

Also, try going to the market at temple Drive, there's a couple selling portuguese food.


i wish they'd watch No Reservations - Azores for a bit of inspiration. It's on Season 5 (same as NR - Philippines) but is available on youtube in 5 parts.

I'm a fan of fusion you get the best of two or three cuisines to come up with something better and different. After all, that's how the great cuisines and dishes develop. Out of curiosity, my office mates and i went to Osonho last Friday to try the food. We were all very pleasantly surprised. We ordered a curried lamb dish (forgot the name but sounds like masala), peri peri chicken pasta, the sea bass, the skewered seafood and vegetable dish and the tenderloin steak. The food and service were superb and the prices were very reasonable. The interiors were also really nice...chic and sassy. Although they say they serve fusion cuisine-most of the dishes were indeed portuguese (having lived in Portugal for a few years). Will definitely come back with more friends and family. Hats off to O sonho :)

tried the chorizo sisig and thought it was nothing great. the peri peri chicken was good, skin very tasty, but i'm not sure if worth going back to. i also like peri peri in greenhills, can't decide which one i like more.

service was good though.

My family and I tried O'sonho and all we can say is "wow"! We ordered the sea bass, ribeye, per peri chicken, lamb and bacalau...everything was so yummy. We thought it would be really expensive and even had to look at the menu again to check on the prices once the dishes came out. They were quite large! I especially liked the interiors...very cozy and different from the other noisy and messy restos around.
The only downside is we had to wait for a table. maybe the management can have seats outside for those waiting. But over all, it was definitely worth the wait!

we had dinner at osonho a week ago, and found the place really nice, the perperi chicken was so good, the lamb dish was excelent but the best dish in the menu was the bacalau, not watery, not salty, just right... the way bacalau should be. enjoyed it so much. went there with friends again this week...

Thanks so much Butchay for the comment :)

Anton, where is it in Jupiter? any landmarks?

It is on the rightmost side of Jupiter past whistlestop pa. I think this was
the former Gerry's place...

The food was good, nothing great to write home about, but the WAIT for the food was horrible. I waited ONE HOUR for my lamb! Suffice to say, I never went back. Or rather, I have no plans to go back, especially if I have a seriously growling, empty stomach.

Yeah I also doubt the long term sustainability of this place because
of the things that you mentioned...

O'sonho's peri peri chicken is just fine with me. But it's taste is far different from that of Nando's peri peri chicken. Nando's for me i think is more authentic. Amongst all the food we ordered, I only have 2 favorites: the chorizo sisig and the gambas. I super love Portuguese food and i think O'sonho's didn't meet my expectations.

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