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Jeepney Sunset Tours

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-14

The best time to watch the Manila Bay sunset is usually during the first week of March. In this period, the cool winds bid farewell to Manila as we welcome the start of summer. As the sun sets in Manila Bay, you'll notice that the sun is fully round and, often, it paints the sky with a reddish or orange hue.

After seeing the stunning Manila Bay sunset, you'll find yourself addicted to it and launch your own quest of "catching sunsets" in Manila. (I would like to credit Jena Genato for the "catching sunset" phrase.)

The best way to enjoy it is to either join the Jeepney Sunset Cocktail Cruise or the Prestige Night Cruises onboard the M/V Spirit of Manila. Recently, I attended Clang Garcia's unique Birthday Party via the Jeepney Sunset Cocktail Cruise tour.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-4

The Jeepney Tour is the brainchild of Clang Garcia of Colors Travel Guide. This is Manila's hop-on, hop-off version to boost local tourism. The pick-up points are usually in the hotels at 4.30pm in Makati.

The jeeps are customized with air conditioning and onboard karaoke. Each vehicle has a maximum capacity of 20 seats that are horizontally oriented, facing the front (like a bus with an aisle in the middle). 

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-3

You won't notice the traffic along Edsa and Mall of Asia because you will surely sing karaoke during the jeep ride. What a cool idea! If you can assemble 20 of your friends for this Jeepney tour, you can just imagine the karaoke riot that will happen onboard the jeep.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise

The seats are comfortable but with narrow leg room. Each row of seats can accommodate 4 people.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-5

You'll arrive at your destination just before the M/V Spirit of Manila departs at 5.30pm. You can choose to just go directly to Harbour Square and get a ticket with Prestige Cruises. But I think it is much cooler to sing karaoke on the jeep.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-8

Clang celebrated her birthday with cocktail food and drinks onboard a Manila Bay Cruise. It is an original idea that I intend to use when we celebrate someone's birthday or some other special occasion next time.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-13

Aidan was amazed by the yachts docked in Manila Yacht Club. He loved the Manila Bay Cruise and couldn't stop talking about it that day.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-18

Don't forget to take an awesome family shot with the sunset! (How I wish the girl in the background was sensitive enough to move out of the shot. Oh well...)

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-21

Also, remember to take an awesome shot of the Roxas Boulevard Skyline while wearing the captain's hat.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-39

The cruise usually lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It slowly glides alongside the Manila Baywalk and turns around near the Manila Ocean Park. On the way back to Harbour Square, you'll surely dance the night away to the tunes of Dancing Queen and Macarena.

The boat docks back at Harbour Square around 6.45pm.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-46

To end the night, you'll be treated to another round of karaoke onboard the Jeepney Tour. 

You'll be back at the hotel drop-off point around 7.30pm.

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-45
M/V Spirit of Manila
Manila Bay Dining Cruises
Regular Night Cruises
Ticket Outlet: Harbour CCP Complex (in front of Starbucks)
Telephone: +632 832 8967
Mobile: +63 927 555 5502

Mondays to Fridays
Boards Sails Docks
3.30pm 4.15pm 5.30pm
5.30pm 6.15pm 7.30pm
7.30pm 8.15pm 9.30pm
9.30pm 10.15pm 11.30pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
Boards Sails Docks
3.00pm 3.45pm 5.00pm
5.00pm 5.45pm 7.00pm
7.00pm 7.45pm 9.00pm
9.00pm 9.45pm 11.00pm
11.00pm   11.45pm    1.00am

Rate: P295 Cruise only; P495 with Dinner 
(If you decide not to take the Jeepney Tours)

Jeepney tours Sunset Cruise-48  
Jeepney Tours Manila
Hop-On Hop-Off Travel, Inc.
Tel. No. (02) 638-8374 / 638-8609 loc. 102
Mobile: (0905) 385-9723 / (0922) 844-0413

Itinerary: Sunset Cocktail Cruise

4:30 p.m.  Pick-up time from the hotel
5:00 p.m.  Arrival at the Harbour Square Port
5:15 p.m.  Boarding
5:30 p.m.  Sunset Cocktail Cruise 
6:45 p.m.  Return to Harbour Square Port
7:00 p.m.  Depart from Harbour Square Port
7:30 p.m.  Arrival at the Hotel

Package Cost:  P1,980 (inclusive of the M/V Spirit of Manila Cruise)

Live an Awesome Life,

anton signature
Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009.
prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)



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Looks like it's a lot of fun! The fees seem reasonable too. Hmm, might give it a try one of these days.

Anton, it's so funny you used the picture of Rache and Josh with my friend, Sunshine De Leon who is one of Clang's dearest friends in Manila. You actually met Sunshine very briefly at the Gawad Kalinga event at the NBC Tent last year. But you guys didn't have a chance to chat. She is now a freelance journalist for magazines, newspaper and even radio here and abroad. Sunshine is my slice of New York in Manila!

Ah yeah I remember... she's funny and straight to the point. She's also my
classmate now in Barbara's Writing Class...

hmm... can i clarify something? less than Php500 for cruise and dinner... but Php1980 if including the jeepney pick-up? or is that P295+P495 for the cruise and dinner? Or is the cocktail package different?

I would love to try this!

it's 1,980 because there are 4 of them:Anton, Rachel, Aidan and Josh =)

And I think 495 is for the whole package(cocktails, cruise and dinner) while 295 is cruise and cocktails?

ah.. ic. lol thanks for the clarification. so, it's a package for four? the site also says Php1980, but didn't state the number of people.

The 1 hour and 15 minute dinner cruise is P495.00 only but the 30 minute jeepney ride is P742.50 each way?

You can look at it that way or you can look at it as an entire unique

Why is the jeepney ride more expensive than the dinner cruise? Am I missing something here?

Probably because in the jeepney ride you have the ultimate entertainment of watching the other passengers' ear bleed with your karaoke signing... ha ha ha

I mean P1,980 is $40. New York's grayline tours offers a hop on/hop off bus tour that is valid for 48 hours and you can use in all the 4 loops that they offer for just $44 (including a harbor cruise in summer and autumn or a holiday lights tour during winter).

Locally, Sun cruises' Corregidor tour with buffet lunch and guided island tour seems to offer more value at P1,999. Or your Ultimate Pampanga tour- I know that tour costs almost twice as much but it's definitely so much more than twice the experience.

you can photoshop that girl in your family shot so as to remove her. hahaha.

Wow, I would love to take a tour to relax from work. The rates are affordable. Would definitely take one someday.

Thanks for the New York Rates comparison... It is very helpful to give perspective to the rates.

howdy from my SFO stopover en route to my Tyler, TX home!
my last day in the islands would not have been as colorful if not for the company of dear CLANG GARCIA who literally picked me up from South Drive's IGGY'S INN, following my first BAGUIO street dancing Panagbenga Festival and the fascinating BENCAB Museum inaugural of the prior cordillera sunset.
after a smooth ride down Kenon Road, CLANG took me home to my Makati family host CHRISTINE DAYRIT who just arrived from a majestic cruise of the Maldives.
speaking of special cruise, Clang's birthday Karaoke Jeepney and Manila Bay Sunset Cruise was a party combo for the books! phenomenal guests like Anton and the Diaz family and a host of FUN and smart friends along with fine wine and delightful hors d’ oeuvres made for an enchanted evening of hearty celebration for countless blessings! ANTON, awesome photos, please email na lang any others you can share. Maraming salamat for your gracious kindness! Stay in touch, Y'ALL!

I know everyone goes there for the sunset experience but how would you rate the food?

When I attended it was a Birthday Party Sunset Cocktail menu which most
people say is very good. I'm not sure what the ordinary menu would taste

Lately everything around here is blatant press releases and ex-deals.Gone are days where it's about family getaways.Who in the right mind would try this one only when you are an ignorant foreign tourist.TOURIST TRAP at it's finest!

we wanna do cruise on my boyfriends bday on the 14th of this still there?

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