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Red Mango Birthday

Red Mango Birthday-8 Red Mango Birthday-10

Red Mango Green Tea Frozen Yogurt (6 oz) (P120) with Kiwi and Strawberry Toppings (P30) 

Happy 4th Birthday, Aidan!

OAP is as old as Aidan. :) If some people like to create scrapbooks or a family photo album, we created the OAP Blog to document Aidan and Joshua's childhood adventures. 

Aidan was born on January 19, 2005. Time really goes by so fast, and my thanks go out to the OAP readers who have watched Aidan grow throughout these years.

To make his birthday special, we visited a number of places, including Manila's latest destination for frozen yogurt: Red Mango.

Aidan's Birthday

We organized Aidan's 4th birthday celebration in school with his classmates. We celebrated his 1st birthday @ Je Suis Gourmand with the family, his 2nd birthday @ Balducci with the family, and 3rd birthday @ SM Discovery Center with family and friends. For his 3rd birthday, I was not able to do a detailed post on SM Discovery Center (I'm hoping to still complete it soon...).

My awesome wife prepared everything (food, drinks, gifts, cake and loot bags) for our children's party. Ninang Pam gave these cute little cupcakes with animal head designs. The icing was too sweet, but the cupcakes were a hit with the kids.

Red Mango Birthday-2
After school, we went to Trinoma to welcome the opening of Red Mango in Manila. Before eating, Aidan and Joshua had a kiddie karaoke session in Toys"R"Us, singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

Red Mango Birthday-5
Welcome to Red Mango! Finally, one of the big players in the Frozen Yogurt Wars is now in Manila! (see: Red Mango Story in Forbes Asia)

You've never actually tried real frozen yogurt until you've tasted Red Mango or Pinkberry, which started this Frozen Yogurt craze in the US. I was determined to see for myself the day Red Mango opened in Manila.

I blogged about my first Red Mango experience in the US last Feb 2008, and now we finally have the first Red Mango outlet in Trinoma. We are just waiting for Starbucks to open Pinkberry here in Manila. It's about time. :)

Red Mango Birthday-7
One thing that's unique about Red Mango is that it offers green tea frozen yogurt. It goes well with kiwi, strawberry and mochi. The toppings include fresh fruits, cereals, chocolate chips and mochi. 

The Small Size (4 oz.) already sells for P80, Medium (6 oz.) at P115, Large (8 oz.) at P150 for the original flavor. For green tea, you need to add P5. You can order the frozen yogurt as a twist with the green tea and yogurt twirled together. One topping costs P20, two for P30, and three for P40.

Red Mango Birthday-12
Red Mango frozen yogurts are smooth and creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness and tanginess. It is superior compared to most of the frozen yogurts here in Manila, but it is also a bit on the high-end price.

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Red Mango Birthday-13 Red Mango Birthday-15

Blueberries n' Cream Waffles (P85) with Yogurt on the side (P40)

My wife Rache was raving about their waffles. They are light, crunchy, healthy, and best of all, yummy. Better eat them while they're hot. Next time, we will request them to put the cream cheese and blueberry on the side.

In South Korea, the frozen yogurt craze is now fading and Ice Cream Waffles are now in full swing. I can understand why these waffles are such a hit. :)

Red Mango Birthday-16

Thanks to  Sherika Tan-Man-Tiong for getting the mother franchise from Korea and bringing it to Manila. :)  The first Red Mango is located on the third floor of Trinoma Mall in front of Toys"R"Us and Fitness First. They are soon opening another branch in Megamall A (beside Breadtalk) and another one in Eastwood Mall. (Please open in Makati...)

So will Rustan Coffee Corp., franchise owner of Starbucks, finally open PinkBerry in Manila?

Let's wait and see. :)

Live an Awesome Life in God's Love,  

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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The waffles with froyo on the side looks very tempting...

So who's winning the fro-yo war? :) Ang dami na talaga nila! My fond memory of Pinkberry is finding it in Korea Town (Street) in NYC and getting the biggest one for myself! :) I can't remember the taste coz I ate it like a hungry man(woman). Hehehe.

mmmmmm looks really good. will definitely go out of my way to Trinoma just to try this. thanks.

also i forget to greet Aidan. hehehe, Happy Birthday Aidan and Happy Anniversary to OAP. just keep on Blogging!!!

Hi Anton. I am glad you guys got to enjoy Red Mango at Trinoma. Finally, a branch in the Philippines! Yehey!

On another note I am likewise ecstatic because my brother actually designed the Trinoma branch. Hopefully the interiors offer a nice complement to the product.

Please watch out for the Eastwood Branch which he is also working on. That one is going to be BIG!

Regards and keep on blogging!

hay.... finally a good fro-yo place near my place... i wont have to travel to silver city for my fro-yo cravings


wow, i want to try the green tea yogurt and the banana almond waffle!

i hope they'll open in the south (alabang or paranaque).

Hi Anton,

Thank you for dropping by our store last night. We're very glad to hear that you enjoyed our Frozen Yogurt and Waffles with Yogurt Cream Cheese:)

Didn't realize it was Aidan's birthday yesterday, please greet him a Happy 4th Birthday for us from the entire Red Mango family:)

Hopefully we will be able to open in Makati later this year. We're just looking for the best locations so that more people can enjoy Red Mango:)

Thanks again and we hope to see you again soon!

When is it going to open in Megamall? Looking forward to it...trinoma is just too far for me. hehehe...

Sherika, High Street in Boni is the best location. Especially with the summer coming up. But then again, I am from Taguig.

happy birthday to Aidan!

talaga naman! katabi pa ang toys r us! hahaha! we will be trying red mango soon!

Happy 4th birthday, Aidan! God bless you and your family always!

Happy Birthday Aidan! It's really wonderful how I've seen you grow even just here online :) Many More Wonderful Blessings to Come ! God Bless!

Happy Birthday! That looks delicious. Cant wait to try that.

Happy 4th Birthday, Aidan! I hope you had a fun day.

Anton, Aidan has the same birthday has Felipe's mom and a good friend of mine. It's a special day, indeed! :-)

oh my gee its ME putting s'berry in Aidan's orig fro-yo.
hope to see you all over again in our store.also wed like to greet Aidan a belated happy bday.



Happy Birthday Aidan! and happy birthday to OAP (conjoined twins! heehee)

Pricewise, California Berry's yogurt is about the same as Red Mango. I paid P115 for a medium cup with three toppings. Will have to go to Trinoma soon, two new places (Sebastian's and Red Mango) to check out!

hey hey! happy 4th aniversary and happy birthday to aidan! so cute! love the pics! may god bless him all the happiness he deserves. lots of happiness and luck! be a good boy! :-)

i cant wait to try this! ;-) thanks for this post! ur the best! god bless! :-)

i cant wait to try this anton! ;-) thanks for bringing it here sherika! omg! im mouthwatering now! :-)

the green tea frozen yogurt is not unique to red mango trinoma; lulubelle in powerplant offered it first =)

happy birthday cutie aidan!! *hugs* -- your achi fran ;) hehe

im sooo excited! FINALLY Red Mango is here! yahooo! im waiting for their stores in Eastwood and Megamall to open!

Happy Birthday, Aidan! Talaga namang may mic pa rin kahit on your 4th birthday! Hahaha! Okay yan. Hope you continue to enjoy eating and singing!

Sir Anton, hope you can extend my greetings to one of my favorite kids, Aidan Ü

so far among all the frozen yogurts i've tried in manila i like yogurt froz best. it's tangy, creamy and has good value for money. plus it's been consistent. for regular yogurt i like the one they serve in Sofitel's spiral's breakfast buffet - not a local brand though so i'm still trying to get the brand.

so cute that even at a young age, aidan and shoti josh knows how to enjoy yogurt!! :) i love red mango! although the best parin cold spoon :)

Just tried Red Mango Yogurt in Trinoma Mall for the 1st time today. I had a a split order of regular yogurt and green tea yogurt, topped with blue berries. It was totally delicious. The green tea yogurt was really special and the blue berries were of excellent quality also. I will for sure go back and try some of their other items-thanks for the good tip and I really get a lot out of your blog and appreciate your work.

Hi Anton!

Red Mango is finally in Greenbelt 3, Cinema level! :)

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