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9. Zoobic Safari

10 Best Places to Bring Your Toddler Series
Zoobic Safari

A direct encounter with a tiger is definitely something your toddler will never forget. Get to experience this in Zoobic, the first and only Tiger Safari in the Philippines, located in the heart of the forest in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

You and your child will truly enjoy the safari, seeing live tigers in their natural habitat. You will ride in a very secure and protected jeepney and will even get the chance to feed the tigers through a small window. It is advisable to assure your kid that the tiger safari ride is safe and that you will be there with him every inch of the way.

Aside from the main attraction, the park keeps adding fun activities like feeding the crocodiles, hopping through the monitor lizard enclosure, and riding on camels, horses, carabaos and alpacas. Kids also get to feed the camels and meet the Asiatic Black Bear and other animals in the Zoobic Park Petting Zoo. Don’t miss the close pecking encounter with the ostriches in the Savannah. As part of the tour, Aetas will also entertain you with a music and dance presentation.

When you're visiting Zoobic, make sure you are in your most comfortable attire. Bring water, towel and extra shirts because you will be in an outdoor setting most of the time. Food is available at Buho Grill, which is inside the zoo. It is preferable to finish the tour as quickly as possible, rather than stopping to eat in the middle of it all. You can opt to eat after at MeatPlus in Subic Freeport Zone.

Aside from the entrance fee, you would have to pay extra to ride the train (P50/pax/trip), the Zooper cab (P75/pax) or the Pitney jeep (P50/ pax). If you plan to feed the tigers during the safari ride, the live chicken will cost P200 each. On average, budget P550/person for the Zoobic trip.

Zoobic Safari
Address: Group I, Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines

Telephone Numbers: (+632) 899-9824 (+63 47) 252-2272
Mobile Number: (+63 929) 707-222
Entrance Fee: (Friday–Sunday and Holidays) Php 395/person, Php 316 (Senior Citizen), Php 295 (4 ft & below), Complimentary (3 ft & below); (Monday-Thursday) Php 295/person, Php 236 (Senior Citizen), Php 195 (4 ft & below), Complimentary (3 ft & below).
Safari Hours: Daily and Holiday 8am-4pm

10 Best Places to Bring Your Toddler Series

1. SM Science Discovery Center
2. Manila Ocean Park
3. Enchanted Kingdom
4. Leisure Farms Adventures
5. Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum
6. Playa Calatagan
7. Ark of Avilon
8. Snow World in Star City
9. Zoobic Safari
10. Museo Pambata

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wow this is cool! i wanna come here to zoobic!

We hope you will post more reviews of places where you can bring your toddler. We have a 2 year old and we're running out of places to go. :-) So far, in the last six months, we've brought her to (1) Avilon Zoo (as well as the Ark Avilon Zoo near Tiendesitas), (2) Ocean Adventure (in Subic), (3) Zoobic Safari, (4) Camp John Hay Butterfly Sanctuary (when we were in Baguio for a vacation), (5) Dinos Alive (in MOA and she cried a lot but if you have a son, it would be okay.), and (5) Fun Ranch near Tiendesitas. We've never tried Museo Pambata. We'll definitely go there.

hi anton! we're bringing our kids on feb 21 in subic to see zoobic. its my daughter's bday. can you give us a recommendation where we can eat for lunch/late lunch?
thanks so much!

eat sa meat plus inside subic :)

LIVE CHICKEN??? That's enough to make me not go!

Hi Anton, you may want to try Xtremely Xpresso or Coco Lime Restaurant inside the freeport. Or if you want to go outside the freeport and try exploring Olongapo City, please visit the following:
1) Wimpy's
2) Kong's Restaurant
3) Sam's Pizza
4) The Coffee Shop, Barrio Barretto

enjoy :)

Wow, so many recommendations! That is what I'm looking for. So what is good
at Xtremely Expresso or Coco Lime?

Can you share what are the must trys in Wimpy's, Kong's and Sam's Pizza?

Hi Anton, can you give us directions on how to get there?

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