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Kaya ng Filipino Lumipad... a DAYO Review

Buboy meets Anna
11-year old Bubuy meets Anna the Mananangirl for the first time

We were blown away by the first public premiere of Dayo the Movie last Friday. I almost shed a tear when the movie finished because Filipinos have finally created the first All-Digital Animated Movie that we all can be proud of.

Dayo is the story of an 11-year old boy named Bubuy who tries to save his grandparents who were forcibly taken to Elementalia. Elementalia is a mystical place, where unearthly plants and creatures reside -- particularly characters from Philippine mythology. The word dayo is a Filipino term referring to a foreigner in a foreign land. Bubuy is considered a dayo in the land of Elementalia.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should watch Dayo The Movie on December 25 (no spoilers!):

Anna Mananangirl
Anna, the Mananangirl

1. The Dayo Storyline is solid

One of the things I didn't like about previous Filipino animated movies was that their storyline was corny. Dayo was able to bring to life our animist world with the Nuno sa Punso, Manananggal, Kapre, Tikbalang, Sirena and Syokoy. The Alikupong concept was brilliant. I wanted to shout, "Finally, Filipinos have made our first digitally animated movie! Yes!!!"

I just loved the characters of Narsi the Tikbalang (voiced by Michael V.) and Anna the Mananangirl (voiced by Katrina Legaspi).

Nuno Sa Punso
Anna opens the punso door to Elementalia

2. Dayo is very Filipino

This is the type of Filipino movie that celebrates our Filipino heritage and proclaims it around the world. You'll be amused by showcases of typical Filipino traits and laugh at hirits immortalized in the movie. Though the movie glorifies the aswangs in Filipino folklore, it still alludes to a higher being, which is the King of Heaven, Earth and Elementalia.

Kaya mong lumipad
Bubuy flying over Metro Manila

3. A World-Class Theme Song sung by a World-Class Filipina

The Dayo Theme Song "Lipad" was sung by Lea Salonga, with music by Jessie Lasaten, and lyrics by Temi Abad, Jr.. It was recorded with the FILharmoniKA Orchestra, conducted by Gerard Salonga. I got the chills each time I heard Lea singing the song during the movie. I kept saying to myself, "Lipad... Lipad... Kaya ng Filipinong Lumipad...."

Lipad (lyrics)
Sung by Lea Salonga

Ipikit mo ang iyong mata, huminga ng malalim
At saka ka dumilat at pagmasdan ang tanawin
Damhin mo ang hangin sa iyong mukha
Habang nakalutang ka sa ibabaw ng mundo

Lipad, lipad, kaya mong lumipad
Lipad, lipad, ano man ang iyong hangad
Maniwala sa iyong galing, abot mo ang bituin
Lipad, lipad, kaya mong lumipad

Basta’t kaya mong isipin, kaya mong gawin
Kalimutan ang kaba, tayo’y sama sama
Maaabot mo din ang pangarap mo
Pagkat sa puso mo, kayang-kaya mo

Lipad, lipad, kaya mong lumipad
Lipad, lipad, ano man ang iyong hangad
Maniwala sa iyong galing, abot mo ang bituin
Lipad, lipad, kaya mong lumipad
Pagkat sa puso mo ay kayang-kaya mo

Lipad, lipad, kaya mong lumipad
Lipad, lipad, ano man ang iyong hangad
Maniwala sa iyong galing, abot mo ang bituin
Lipad, lipad, kaya mong lumipad

Maniwala sa iyong galing, abot mo ang bituin
Lipad, lipad…
Kaya mong lumipad….

Buboy Winner
Bubuy winning the foot race

4. Watch out for the animated jeepney and animated advertisements

The animated jeepney and Mall of Asia were awesome. The products of the sponsors were cleverly inserted in the movie. It was really cute and something to keep an eye out for. :) Although you don't see advertisers' products in Disney movies, it was understandable why they were inserted in the movie. Thank you to all the sponsors!

Dayo the Movie
Dayo The Movie

5. Standing Ovation-Worthy Animation

To the 400+ animators of Dayo from Manila and Naga, I salute all of you for creating breakthrough animation that can make each of us proclaim, "I am proud to be a Filipino!"

Thanks to the makers and all the people behind this movie for making us proud of Dayo!

Watch out for it and please post your reviews in the comments section. :)

Live an Awesome Life in God's Grace,

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Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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I can't wait to see this! I want to take my little siblings to this movie. I am amazed at the quality of imagery, music and voice talent that the cast brought to this movie. I am proud of Filipino craftsmanship, talent and innovation! Congrats to the Dayo team and Cutting Edge Productions! This deserves the MMFF awards, prizes and a smash - hit status at the box office! Thanks for posting this - I'll spread the word!

Can't wait to see it! :)

Hi There,

Thanks so much for coming to the premiere and liked what you saw. It is a start of something big, a trailblaze for all Filipino animators

Great post! Get the chance to win tickets to DAYO, the Philippines’ first all-digital full-length animated feature film!

its a late post but u guys did a great job here in dayo... I am craving for part 2

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