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Urameshi Ya - One of the Best Yakiniku Places in Manila

rache Uramesi ya | Uramesi ya (Continued...) by Mrs Awesome Planet

Uramesi ya
As we parked our car near the Pasong Tamo entrance of Little Tokyo, I can't help but think of backing out and going to another place instead of Little Tokyo. This little Japanese town besides Makati Cinema Square transports you to a restaurant strip in Japan. Every time I enter the little red arc that welcomes you to Little Tokyo, I felt uneasy because I can't read Japanese and I don't know how to confidently choose among the different Japanese watering holes and restaurants.

Armed with a tip from a Japanese friend that the best Yakiniku place is hidden in Little Tokyo, we decided to proceed with meeting Chris (one of my best buddies in P&G) and his wife Sharon in Urameshi Ya inside Little Tokyo. Yakiniku is a Japanese term which refers to grilled meat dishes. Usually it is enjoyed with friends over long conversations and a few bottles of beer. This was the right place for our "reunion" meeting with Chris after his short expat stint in China.

Uramesi ya
Urameshi Ya is located in a little corner in the heart of Little Tokyo. A lot of Japanese frequent this place which is usually a good sign but since you are in Little Tokyo you can find mostly Japanese nationals in most of the restaurants. Since we already know where we are going, we can confidently refuse all the invitations from waitresses inviting us to eat in their restaurant. If you are on a date, you will get pogi points for being confident in navigating your way around Little Tokyo.

Uramesi ya
As you enter the restaurant, you'll see bottles of Japanese wine on your right and the bar on your left. You'll be greeted with a warm welcome by the Filipina waitresses who would accompany you to your Yakiniku table. I don't think you would need a reservation but I noticed that the place fills up quickly around 7pm. Better go there earlier so that you can choose the right table for your group.

Uramesi ya
Yakiniku 101. If you are a big group of 4 or more, try to order the Tarafuku-set (P1,545) or the Wagyu set (P2,665). You can supplement it with a seafood set or additional meat servings. You have to cook the meat yourselves and you can't rely on the waitresses during the peak hours. They would show you how to cook the first time and change the griller top once in a while. Budget P700- P1,000/ person when you eat in a Yakiniku place.

If you decide to eat here, check out the menu ahead of time:
Uramesi ya
Set Menu, Sashimi, and Tukemono | Yakiniku and Horumon | Jingsisukan and Nabe | Yakai and Salad | Yakitori and Ramen | Other Japanese Treats | Karubi | Drinks

Uramesi ya
The meals starts off with a sotanghon with a slices of squid? ball meat.

Uramesi ya
Filipinos love sauces and I particularly love Japaneses sauces like the Yakiniku sauce with chili paste called kujijang and fresh garlic.

Uramesi ya
A yakiniku experience is not complete without enjoying it with friends or barkada. Make sure that this is your last stop for the night because it is guaranteed that you will smell like grilled meat.

Uramesi ya
Tofu Salad (P190). Be prepared for the name dropping selling line that Gretchen Barretto loves ordering the Gyushabu Salad or this Tofu Salad. We were skeptical but we ordered it anyway. The greens were fresh and the tofu has a clean soft taste just like eating a white pillow of tasteless gelatin. The Japanese sweet and sour sauce adds magic to this salad and we can't stop raving about it.

Uramesi ya
Tarafuku-Set (P1,545). The set comes with three (3) plates of beef -- tongue, beef meat and beef karubi (beef ribs); two (2) servings of pork -- pork butabara (belly) and buta horumon (intestines); a bowl of Wakami (seaweed) soup; a small place of choligi salad; and a cup of rice. It is typically good for two persons but you can stretch it to up to three. Just order extra servings of Japanese rice.

Uramesi ya
Horumon Santenmori (P1,097). We also ordered the Seafood Set that consisted of two (2) pieces of prawn, four (4) big round pieces of scallops , and two (2) slices of squid-- all seasoned with salt and pepper.

According to Rache, "Timing is very essential in yakiniku style of cooking…especially with seafoods. Grilling it too long would be a no-no while taking it out the grill prematurely would be like having a gum in your mouth. "

Uramesi ya
Aidan was happy to join us and played around with the Japanese books. The place is not really for kids because you'll see a "different" kind of magazines.

Uramesi ya
I don't really know how to cook (at least not yet) so I let my wife Rache do all the cooking. The meats are already cut in bite-size portions and it doesn't take long to cook the meat. You need to have a perfect timing when to declare the meat is cook and ready to eat.

Uramesi ya
Karubi (P380). Finally, we ordered the featured Karubi meat which was highly recommended by the waitresses as one of the meat best sellers next to the Tarafuku set.

Uramesi ya
Enma Ramen (P246). We ended the dinner with the "devil's" ramen. You have a choice to order from a scale of 1 to 20 which represents degrees of chiliness. We went for the usual choice which is 5 (bearable) and how I wish I ordered 10 just for the experience.

Uramesi ya
The coating of chili was different. This is definitely a must try for all foodies out there who likes an adventure with their ramen.

Uramesi ya
Hana Flavored Ice Shavings
Aidan was demanding a dessert so we ordered the best dessert in Little Tokyo -- the flavored ice shavings from Hana. We got the peach flavor instead of their chocolate with banana bestseller because it was out of stock.

Uramesi ya
It was a great Japanese Yakiniku night! Thanks to Atsushi Matsuura for the foodie tip!

Urameshi-ya Yakiniku Restaurant
Little Tokyo Makati
2277 bet. Pasong Tamo and Amorsolo Street
(beside Makati Cinema Square) Makati City, Metro Manila
Telephone: +632 8132210

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Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)



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Does your friend know on where to buy the authentic tacoyaki in Little Tokyo? You should also try the Okonomiyaki resto "Kagura" =)

I don't think you can ever go wrong with any of the restaurants in Little Tokyo. Moving out of your comfort zone and being adventurous with your food choices yields the best discoveries.

wow, thats very nice... though the cooking part is a little bit different from japan... but its good.. also, i didnt saw the takoyaki and okonomiyaki in the menu.. .its hard to cook that.. ehehe. but it will be a nice experience

Hi Anton!

Saw you at Katouqe at QTV 11 earlier =)

Your blog is a great help for 'lakwatsera' like me to locate cool places to unwind. Thanks and More power


according to gmmahoney's past descriptions:an adventurous FILIPINOS ASIANS ASIA CONTINENT can only best described if they actually learned how to BLEND IN{dining culture}with most if not with all other foreign cultures internationally or locally

I wonder if they also do catering services or is possible to reserve the venue for corporate event and functions. can the venue accomodate 100 pax.

I've been meaning to try Little Tokyo but I've always been intimidated. I don't know why... At least now I have a specific place to go to:-)

Diba Atsushi Matsuura is the former guitarist of the Dawn?

Yes my Japanese friend is the former band member of the Dawn.

Hello Sharon and Chris (who we saw just last month here in HK). Small world :). They're my hubby's college batchmates. I've bookmarked this entry and will try the resto. Thanks for posting! By the way I like your Best Bargain Blog.

Chris Alano and the baller band haha.. nice to see him here =)

holy... i miss yakiniku! never thought i would find something similar back home here. argh! i will visit this place someday

WoW how nice reataurant....ahm by d way i wanna greet my atata working this amazingly awesome place like ourameshiya...hi mama u so mch ma from ur 1 and only always...mingaw nq pag au nmu ma...."_"..

masarap nga!!!! :D

the emma ramen is priced 246, not 160

tarafuku set is 1,850 kakakain lang namin yesterday.

Hi Anton! I really enjoy your reviews and photos. Thank you for sharing your dining experiences with us! Hope you don't mind if I make just one correction... I've noticed, like in the title of this post, you tend to say "One of the best place" or "one of my favorite restaurant" etc... Grammatically, it should be "One of the best places" or "one of my favorite restaurants." When using "one of"... it should be followed by the plural form of the noun, not singular :) Hope this helps! More power to you and OAP!

Thanks Gloria, for pointing this out. These are one of those blog posts that I should have corrected a long time ago. I corrected it na. Thanks so much :)

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