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New Hatchin Japanese Grocery - Probably, the Best Japanese Grocery in Manila

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery-4
Authentic Takoyaki (P78 for 8 pieces)

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery continues to be voted by both Filipino and Japanese as the number 1 Japanese Grocery Store in Manila. It is famous for Fresh Sashimi, Authentic Takoyaki, and Dorayaki (A pancake with sweet red bean paste inside).

Their authentic Takoyaki is made of Octopus, Cabbage, Tempura Flakes, Benishoga (red ginger) with Okonomiyaki sauce, shrimp flakes and noni (seaweed bits) on top. Once you tasted an authentic Takoyaki, you won't settle for anything less than the authentic ones.

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery-3
Fresh Salmon and Maguro Sashimi! (Depending on the weight it ranges from P100 - P200)

Make sure you have Japanese Soy Sauce and Wasabi at home. You can also buy that from this Japanese store. The fresh sashimi are only available during weekend.

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery-2
Japanese deli treats (3 for P100) --

We bought the sweet egg, vegetable tempura, and seaweeds with vegetables just to try out their different japanese treats. We were disappointed because the vegetable tempura was soggy, and Rache did not really like the other two.
New Hatchin Japanese Grocery


Makati Branch
7602 Sacred Heart St. cor Metropolitan Ave
San Antonio village Makati City
+632 8977207/ 8905038/ 8901648
store hours 8 am - 7 pm

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Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)



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hi anton! im curious about the dorayaki. is it good? i tasted something like this back in japan but its called imagawayaki or something like that.sarap!

wow! thanks for the info! i absolutely loove salmon sashimi! btw would you know how much roughly is one pack of it? i cant really zoom in the pic :) thanks!

It ranges from P110 - P200 depending on the size and weight.

I've gotta try some of those takoyakis ... i used to snack on those whenever i've passed a stand.
had them in a makati and a baguio mall not too long ago. sarappp.

Hi, Despite of heavy traffic, I was a bit disappointed went I went in there today. I was hoping that they have tokayaki balls. I was informed that they only serve it during Saturdays and Sundays :(

Hi, Despite of heavy traffic, I was a bit disappointed went I went in there today. I was hoping that they have tokayaki balls. I was informed that they only serve it during Saturdays and Sundays :(

hi anton! i also bought several things at the grocery: japanese mayonnaise (squeezable big bottle, cheaper than rustans), tonkatsu sauce (bulldog), yakiniku sauce (for dipping) and mackerel fillets (ready to grill, just add salt). have to go back :)

Hi Anton!

Can you give me the directions going to New Hatchin?

from Ayala go straight until you pass by the Buendia intersection... Go
straight through the winding road and turn left going to South Super hiway.
Turn left again on the first turn and you should see New Hatchin on your

They also have a branch at Cartimar along Taft Avenue. Harder to get to but I think the prices are cheaper than the Makati branch. Try their Uni Sashimi too, yum!

Thanks Anton! Sadly, I'm from the north and I'm not familiar with the area. If I'm coming from Buendia (from Edsa), where do I turn?


Go along Buendia and turn right on Ayala Extension and follow the road going
to south super highway. Turn left at the X intersection and turn left at the
first corner.


good day! i've been searching for places where i can buy fresh horseradish. are there any in manila?

I'm not sure, Tey.

Oh really?? I never thought that there is a Japanese Grocery here in Philippines. Thanks for this post, now I know. Nice post.



hi...i loved takoyaki and im craving to make on of just curious if they sell takoyaki frying pan..tnk..

Do they also sell Japanese Candy such as Kinder Eggs?

Is this store still open? Gusto ko sana sadyain, I live in Bulacan. Thanks :)

do they have Japanese Green Tea at this store>
I love Japanese Tea

Do you have Natto? If so, what is your price?

do you sell puccho candies there? if yes, how much? thank you!

The best talaga ang Hatchin in all aspect of japanese grocery. Ang sarap ng mga Obento nila MUst try at value for money.

Good Day Sir?

do you sell pocari sweat powder? Thanks and godbless

I went there earlier today to buy my Takoyaki ingredients. The prices are way cheaper compared to SM and Rustans. :)

Hi, is there a kitkat green tea there?.

hi do u sell vidal sassoon hair wax?

HI anton. i live in cebu city. pwd order ko japanese food?

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