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How to Surprise Your Kid with "The Legend of the LEGO Island"

Lego Island-6

Lego Island-8
Most kids love and play with Lego at home. At home, we only have a few Lego blocks and Aidan would love to create a boat or an airplane. You would need a lot of imagination to create one just from a few standard blocks.

Lego Island-16
This is my cue to tell him a story of an Island entirely made of Lego in a far far away land...

Lego Island
Of Big Ships and a Shipyard entirely made of Lego...

Lego Island-4
An island where the citizens and buildings are made of Lego...

Lego Island-7
Legends of actual airplanes made of Lego...

Lego Island-5
I let him imagine what a lego gasoline station would look like...

Lego Island-10
Aidan's favorite is the helicopter and I would share stories about helicopters flying over the Lego Island...

Lego Island-13
If he loves horses, tell a story about a farm full of trees, corns pineapples and horses...

Lego Island-11
Or tell a story about MRT Lego trains around the island...

Entrance is FREE to see the Lego Island Exhibit. It is a fund raising campaign for UNICEF and WORLD VISION to aid in their efforts to help the Filipino Children. (see: official mechanics)

Lego Island-23
For every P50 Donation, you'll get:
- a chance to guess the number of LEGO Santa Claus mini-figures in the Christmas Land
- the first (5) correct entries or the closest guess (without going over the actual number) wins a LEGO Set.
- all entries will be checked on January 11, 2009 and posted at hobbes & Landes Fort on January 13, 2009

Lego Island-18
For every P300 Donation, you'll get:
- one (1) raffle entry where you can win a Canon Printer or a Special Lego Set (2 winners every week), or three (3) Grand Prize winners of a Canon Camera and a Special Lego Set.
- a chance to build with a bucket full of LEGO bricks (which means you cannot bring it home)
- after building your LEGO creation, Canon will take your picture and post it on the LEGO Photo wall above and uploaded to LEGO Christmas Land.

(Warning: The website is just another LEGO marketing gimmick, the photos are not even uploaded immediately. I guess that is why there is no commitment on when it will be uploaded, maybe next year :)

Lego Island-20 Lego Island-25
For every P200 donation, you'll get:
- get and build your own LEGO mini Santa Claus OR Christmas Tree. (You can choose to build a Mrs. Santa Claus )
- after building your LEGO creation, Canon will take your picture and post it on the LEGO Photo wall above and uploaded to LEGO Christmas Land (asa pa :)
- the best part is, you can take home your LEGO Santa Claus!

Lego Island-21
Aidan with his LEGO Santa Claus! (at least, already uploaded in OAP :)

Mr. Lego Santa-4
He was so happy and when we came home, he introduced the Santa to his LEGO friends at home.

Lego Island-17
Located in front of Hobbes and Landes in Bonifacio High Street Makati
Mondays to Thursdays 12nn to 9pm
Fridays to Sundays 12nn to 12mn (?)

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Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)



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Nice! I used to play Lego when I was a kid. I remember I have my own police force, space fighters, fire station, etc. Hahaha.
Do you happen to know till when is the exhibit? :)

It's so nice that Lego transcends age differences and connects generations. I'm glad Aidan shares this wonderful toy with you and Rache. : )

Anton, the farm is the Del Monte farm. They're pineapples. : )

@Joey - until January pa.

@Pam -- haha oo nga, pineapple not corns :) Thanks :)

Hey Anton!

You got me here again :)

My son is fond of lego. Check this out...

...and I'm gonna be bringing him to Lego Island in High Street.

Thanks for the info here.


Yah! Mas better pa kung i-upload mo na lang sa blog mo yung pics rather than wait for the Lego marketing guys to post it on the wall or in their site.

i'd love to take my daughter here. she enjoyed my mom's pictures when she went to Lego Land in the US. up to when is this exhibit or is it going to be permanent?

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