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Camp Sabros: Flying Like Superman in Camp Sabros!

Camp Sambros-12 Camp Sambros-23
Anton: "Do you want to fly like Superman, Aidan?"
Aidan: "Yes, Poppa."

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Camp Sambros-16 Camp Sambros-18
Rache: "This is the first time we are doing this... Can we really do it?"

This was our first tandem zip line ride. There's no turning back...

Camp Sambros-20
All set to fly with Aidan riding on my back while holding on the cables.

Camp Sambros-22
Yes, we are flying! (Look at Aidan's face :)

Camp Sambros-25
Tandem Flying in the 380 meters zip line in Camp Sambros, Davao del Sur --- Our best family adventure to date! Priceless!

Camp Sambros-27
We rode a Cable Car on our way back while enjoying the a top view of the pine trees and a view of Mt. Apo.

Camp Sambros-29
We survived! (What a relief... I was really scared too...)
Camp Sambros-30
We live to tell Syoti about our family flying adventure. We will do it with Syoti next time...

Camp Sambros-8
We dare you to do it too :) (Please share your own Camp Sabros experience)

Camp Sabros
Cool highlands of Kapatagan in Digos City,
Davao del Sur


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Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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Sweet! Looks like great fun! I have acrophobia but did try the short zip line at Camp John Hay in Baguio. You guys are so brave!

wow! mukhang super fun... was aidan tied to you or the cable? parang nakakatakot yung position nya... :D

im excited for mindanao trips next year!

Aidan was strapped to us via a strong cable...

WOW. this looks like so much fun. i have to put this on my to do list for next year. :D

I wish I'd known about this when we went to Davao! Actually, I think this is the place our driver told us about on our way to Eden, but by then it was too late. That's great how you're in a prostate position, so it really is almost like flying! In Eden, you're in a sitting position. Is there anything else to do in Camp Sabros, apart from the zipline?

There are 2 zip line courses - the longest in the Philippines and a tree rappelling adventure! Will post them next...

There are 2 zip line courses - the longest in the Philippines and a tree rappelling adventure! Will post them next...

hi anton,

i'm that guy who introduced himself to you last night at the nike running clinic in ultra.

that is indeed a great family adventure. how did aidan take it?

He don't know how to react. He said he don't like it but later on he said he liked it. He was proud na nakalipad siya.


ha ha. he looks scared at the takeoff but i guess he felt protected at papa's back.

wouldn't it be cool if they have a video camera on it as well.

Wow! I admire Aidan for being able to do that! How I wish we can also do that adventure as a family, but my husband is afraid of heights. hehehehe...

Great adventure, as always :) Happy bday to Shoti Josh :)

wow! that awesome!!! totally awesome....
now Aidan can tell his stories about flying like superman.


this look like so much fun, but i have to say, my preferred pictures are when you and family are landing back safely on the ground....phew...

never would have thought this as a family activity. =) aidan's so precious. hope to try this with my ginger soon. thanks for the idea! (love the 'yes we are flying' family photo, complete with the sunlight streaming in)

So much fun! I cant wait to try it! im so busy with work and i just saw ur new posts! Argh!

makakapunta rin ako jan by next month pinagpaplanohan pa.,.,hehehe but we will do! cause i will try to do that to.,.,if it's really scared, my friend said.,., :)


im looking for a zipline supplier in the philippines coz we are planning to put up one in cebu, can anyone help me? you can email me some contact persons



pls send me the full details on how to go there and all the expenses so that we can prepare.we are planning to visit there and to experience the zipline in camp sambros this coming november..hope you can send me as soon as for schedules...thanks

Wow! I can't believe Camp Sabros has a zipline now. I was there in 2005 and i loved the place, especially waking up in the early morning to take photos of Mt. Apo. Anton, do you have Ed's contact number? I only have his old Smart number but I think he changed it already from 6 years ago, hahah. A friend of mine is going to Davao this week and I am suggesting he go here. Thanks!

These are the numbers that I have:

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