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Yoki's Farm (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 7 of 8)

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We drove for 30 minutes crossing over the Tagaytay Ridge and finding our way to Yoki's Farm. It is a hydroponics farm which houses a private collection of Yoki's artifacts collection.

Yoki's Treasure-26
The vegetables are not grown on soil but on water with nutrients. We love buying our salad ingredients here which is one of the sources of Tagaytay Greens for Tagaytay's famous restaurants..

Aside from Yoki's treasure, buying cheap and good quality vegetables is one of the highlights of the leg of this tour.


You have to get a special permission to see the private collection at Yoki's farm.

We would usually go around the simple farm as a break before we head off to our final foodie destination.

Yoki's Treasure-6 Yoki's Treasure-2
Don't forget to take your lucky picture with one of the biggest buddha I have seen in Manila.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.



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Wow. I never knew such a place existed in Tagaytay. Great post!

What a pretty place!

Thanks Anton for sharing.

Between Bites

Great post bro.

Which buddha are you talking about the gold one or the one in the shirt? hehehhe peace!

May I know the address of this place... Thanks and more power!!!

Hi Anton! May I know the direction to Yoki's farm? Is it open to the public?? We'd love to see his treasures...i thought they're on sale hahaha collection pala !

thanks for sharing, i really like ur site me and my fiance are travel photographers hobby lang pero pro sya than me.may i know the way how to reach yokis?gnda magshoot dito..:-)thanks!

If you are arriving at the Tagaytay Rotunda, turn right and drive all the way to the Mendez Intersection. Go past that intersection and you should see bag of beans (BOB) on the right. Drive past BOB and turn right in the first intersection. You should see a sign going to Hacienda Isabella. It is easy to just follow the signs going to Hacienda Isabella.

On the last turn to the Hacienda, instead of turning right you need to go straight. The last turn is after the sharp left or U-turn. Unfortunately, I don't think there are street names. If you arrive in Hacienda Isabella, then you are in the wrong way.

Once you go straight, in the deadend you should see a small left turn sign going to Yoki's farm. After turning left, go ahead for a few minutes and turn left on the first street. You should see a big gate on your right. That is Yoki's Farm.

Call me +63917-5683627 if you get lost. I'm not sure if the private collection is open without prior advise. You can definitely visit the Hydrophonics Farm. BTW, there is a P50/ head entrance fee.

Thanks for the directions but If it's near Hacienda Isabella then Yoki's Farm is actually not in Tagaytay but in Indang, Cavite. Passing thru Tagaytay is easier though.

Hello Anton,

I want to check out this place this coming weekend. May I ask if they do accept "instant visitors" or we need to ask for a prior advise to check out these cool collections? Do you have any contact numbers? Please let me know, and if you could suggest any awesome restaurant nearby for a family dinner, I would greatly appreciate it. I love reading your blogs, thanks for sharing..More power! ;p

Hi Anton! My nephew needs info on the history of yoki's farm for his project in school. I will also email you. Thanks!

Hi, I just want to know if can we visit during weekend? open po ba sila anytime?Do you have any contact numbers? Please let me know,we want to go on Feb.2, 2013, I'm sure my kids will enjoy!Pls. let me know soon :))God bless.

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