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Sister Raquel Reodica, Cancer Healer of the Lord

One of my pro bono projects is to do a total site makeover of Sister Raquel's website from a Web 1.0 site (Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry) to a Web 2.0 Site (Sister Raquel Blog).

Sister Raquel is one of the Mother Ignacia nuns who is known as a Cancer Healer of the Lord. You can subscribe to the blog to get inspirational photos and poems by Eastwind and Sister Raquel. You can also pray for people from all around the world who requested for prayers for their sickness. You can also send your own prayer requests to the prayer warriors.

We visited Sister Raquel and had a healing pray over session for my mom.

My partner for the blog site, Bernie Lopez was busy filming testimonials on how Jesus was able to heal the sick through Sister Raquel.

Check out if you want to know more about the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry of Sister Raquel, RVM.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.



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Hi, there!

I've been a beneficiary of the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry, and I'm also a prayer warrior myself. I went to the healing center twice or thrice in 2007, I think. With Sister Raquel's ministry and that of Fr. Suarez, I'm now tumor-free. I used to have pituitary tumor that was operated on in 2004, but a good part of it remained because it lies on a sensitive part of my brain. When I had one-on-one healing session with Sr. Raquel, the tumor shrinked to half its original size. I still continued asking for prayer request from the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry every time I'm scheduled for my annual MRI. I was also blessed because on my birthday, Fr. Suarez held a mass and a healing session near my place of work. Although I wasn't able to see him face-to-face, I still believe I was healed that day. Fr. Suarez and Sr. Raquel are my saviors. Thanks for featuring Sr. Raquel here.

you rock, brother.
OAP has really transcended food blogging.

i'll pray for your mom too ",)

hi anton! will be praying for your mom..*hugs*

Hello Anton, the new motherignacia website is looking good! :)

i pry for mom too

I pray for your mom too

THis story inspires me.. I just had my operation for my pituitary adeoma.. I am currently seeking sister raquel healing prayer thru phone.. I am also praying to get the chance to attend fr suarez healing session.

Please pray for me that I will be tumor free too!.. your story inspired me a lot.

Jovette alcantara

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