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Nike Human Race 10K Bracelet

Finisher Bracelet
Wow! Nice Human Race 10K bracelet for all runners who will finish 10k on August 31, 2008.

First 241 virtual race participants to upload their 10K run will get a finisher bracelet Nike+ Human Race must be claimed on 8.31.08 at Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street. For you to qualify, simply be one of the first to sync your run in any of these 2 ways:

1. Sync your run immediately after completing the 10K during the scheduled run
. After the race, just go to the available laptops and upload your run. The race marshal will be affixing a stamp and a number on your race bib after you've successfully uploaded your run. Present your marked race bib at Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street to claim your finisher bracelet. Open to attendees of the scheduled run.


2. If you didn't get the chance to upload your run after the scheduled run, you can simply go to Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street any time during the day from 9:30am - 5:00pm. A laptop and wi-fi will be specially made available on the race day so that you can sync your 10K. You will be given a stub once you've successfully uploaded your run. Present this to the counter to claim your finisher bracelet. Open to both attendees and non-attendees of the scheduled run.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

P.S. Virtual race participants have until 11:59pm on September 2nd to upload their run.

P.P.S. I still have 20% discount for the Nike Sports Band or iPod Kit. Please email me [email protected], your complete name, contact number, and shipping address. I'll send the discount coupon tomorrow.

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Hope to see you there Anton. By the way, how about a post on "Power Songs", maybe your readers can suggest some good and unique melodies? :)

More power!

Anton.. for the Nike sportsband or ipod kit to work, we need to have a Nike+ shoes right? Because I was under the assumption that I only need the Nike sportsband and I would be able to participate in the human race.

good luck to the runners :)

what if my sportband is busted? my sensor got lost coz it was tied n my shoelace... cant use it anymore... can i still join?:(


You know what, the day before the race, I ended up going to the Nike store sa Bonifacio High Street and ended up buying the Nike+ SportBand along with a few more Nike gear. Kasama ko pa si Gail, so she had to buy a new pair of Nike shoes din!! LOL!

The race was a blast. Very well organized. I was almost sure na sasali ka dito. Hinahanap nga kita but I didn't see you eh. I guess busy sa mga PR events, hehe

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