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Yogurbud is the latest dessert place capitalizing on the healthy benefits of yogurt. Surprisingly, they now have three branches in Metro Manila - Megamall, Podium and Tomas Morato. You can really taste the sourness of the yogurt. The frozen mango topping was a turnoff for me and how I wish they provided fresh ingredients instead. For P90, the entire cup is not full and we were disappointed that there is so much air inside the cup.

I haven't tried the other yogurt offerings. Have you tried yogurbud?

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In Megamall, they are located in the 2nd floor above the skating rink. In Podium, they are located in the 3rd floor. In Tomas Morato, they are located in the ground floor 170 Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor Quezon. I'm glad that we are starting to have healthy dessert options in Manila.

Yogurbud Menu. More info:
#3 Francis Court M. Paterno St. San Juan, Metro Manila
+632 723-6333

This is still not exactly the frozen yogurt I was craving for. I'm still waiting for the day, Pink Berry and Red Mango will open in Manila.



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So basing from you post, you won't recommend this?

The T. Morato branch is the nearest to me and I've gone a few times. Their fruit toppings tend to run out rather quickly so I end up always getting the kiwi with almonds. I like the tartness of the yogurt itself, rather than wondering if the sweet milky yogurt from other places is really yogurt (ie Pinkberry, which has been forced to list their ingredients).

honestly didnt like this also. its missing something. i love yoghurts but this is not what im looking for.

how does this place compare to Cold Spoon in Angeles?

Cold Spoon is more of a yogurt confection than yogurt itself. Very creamy and foamy. But they've increased their prices while downsizing the serving (BOOOOO!!!)

Yogurbud, though very yogurt-like in taste, reminds me of cheese. :( I was hoping it would be better. It was disappointing for me.

Well, I like Pinkberry most syempre, because it's perfectly creamy, sweet and tangy at the same time.

I had my first froyo in LA (i think it's pink berry), so when I saw this in Podium, I was excited.

I had their strawberry toppings, and it was disappointingly frozen, too. The froyo itself was so-so.

People, we are lucky to live in a tropical country. Offer fresh fruits, c'mon!

hey anton! yeah i loooove yogurbud. i first tried that in podium. u have to order the tuna and cheese cold sandwich! omg! its heavenly! and the mango yogurt smoothie.. its the perfect combination! :-)

I love sour, tangy yoghurt and I feel much better that it is real yoghurt that I am partaking if it taste like that hehe :)

I can not recall Pinkberry taste - pero kinarir ko talaga hanapin yan sa NYC and I found one in Korean town (or was it Korean street?!) I think I was so hungry that time that I forgot slowing down and tasting it like what a connoisseur does. hehehe.. :)

Yogurbud is bad, I tried it last week. Harang! My thoughts exactly, why frozen fruit???? Anton, have you tried Sebastian in Podium? I saw their ice cream sandwich pero sayang I was eating the yougurbad already eh. Can you do a review in that one??

Will Go, do you own that Yogurbad este Yogurbud???!!!!!

Yogurbud is bad, I tried it last week. Harang! My thoughts exactly, why frozen fruit???? Anton, have you tried Sebastian in Podium? I saw their ice cream sandwich pero sayang I was eating the yougurbad already eh. Can you do a review in that one??

Will Go, do you own that Yogurbad este Yogurbud???!!!!!

I'll usually try desserts -- healthy or not -- at least twice before even thinking of writing about it. But I didn't need a second visit to pass my opinion on this frozen yogurt place. Sadly, it's really as bad as people were telling me. I was all by myself, and yet I ordered a large yogurt with mango and a cup of their fresh yogurt.

Egads! Their yogurt is icy, definitely one of poor quality, whether it comes from a pack or not. And my god, why use frozen mango when our country is practically rolling in it? Obviously, there's more interest in profit than on taste buds. Also, stay away from the yogurt. Yes, it's got the requisite tanginess, but it's like drinking/eating raw eggs. That turns me off, even if I'm a hardcore egg lover.

just had it yesterday in Mega. It's good...not as good as Pinkberry. I don't mean to brag but, mine is way better. =D

you may want to try the white hat sa MOA... frozen italian yogurt. had one kagabi, strawberries ang topping ko, and i could say it was pretty good. they took our picture pa for their website, i wonder kailan lalabas. =)

Pinkberry and Yogurberry are using the powder one!!! dont go there because they are liar!

Yogurbud is definitely healthy because there's no preservatives i really love your yogurt.

Yogurbud is definitely healthy because there's no preservatives i really love your yogurt.

Goshhhh!!! i love Yogurbud sobrang sarap ng yogurt nyo!!!



PAT, sorry im not the owner of yogurbud!
i just love their frozen yogurt thats it!!

i really love your frozen yogurt so yummy! i usually go to tomas morato branch kasi malapit sya sa haus ko.. and even my kids like it din.
thanks for your healthy dessert..

yogurbud is very masarap!we love it!i think they will be no.1 in the phil.! they have branches in mega and podium, i heard they will be having in makati and airport! near in my house! try yogurbud now!

yeah...yogurbud is really tasty...

yogurbud's really really really sour. and i hate the FROZEN FRUITS. can't they serve fresh fruits for the price (P90 naked yogurt ++ for toppings)


I wish they'd open up elsewhere (Katipunan please!) because I actually do like their frozen yogurt.
Only yeah, they run out of toppings fast. Next time I go, I'll bring my own haha.

I also love Yogurbud. Just the plain one. I can consume 2 cups in one sitting....hahaha!

Yougurbud could be good if not for the FROZEN toppings. The frozen ingredients ruin everything and they serve so little in the cup I always go there just to satisfy my daughter since we can't find any frozen yoghurt dessert, but I do wish they take time to put in fresh ingredients.

I think they have a new one in Shang. Brought down the price to 40 bucks too.

bigla akong naintriga ng yogurbud that i have to visit one of their outlets. .and wait there is no more fruit toppings there but instead they have nuts, chips (chocolate/strawbeery)cornflakes and many more to choose from. . . and the taste of their yogurt? i think they are one of the best, kasi mag-ki-crave ka for more. . .they have their plain frozen yogurt with toppings, strawberry frozen yogurt,creamy yogurt (which is so yummy!!!)cold yogurt beverage in three flavors (strawbeery, blueberry and mango). .why not try it again and see for yourself kung papasa sa panlasa ninyo hehehe!!!. . naku dapat bayaran ako ng yogurbud for the free plugging hahaha!!!

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