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The White Hat - Let the Fro-Yo Wars Begin in Manila!

The White Hat-5 The White Hat-4

You gotta try this! The White Hat is the closest frozen yogurt taste to Pink Berry. The yogurt is more on the creamy side with a tangy kick. This is the kind of frozen yogurt taste that started the fro-yo craze in the US.

They serve fresh fruit ingredients (finally!) unlike the Korean-owned yogurt establishments which include Cold Spoon in Clark and Yogurbud. What makes Pink Berry and Red Mango so unique is the assortment of ingredients. In White Hat, their signature ingredient is home-made cinnamon flavored granola. I would recommend that you combine the granola with any fresh fruit toppings.

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The White Hat - Let the Fro-Yo Wars Begin in Manila!

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The White Hat-2
Check out the White Hat Menu

This one is super expensive. The small one (4oz) sells for P85 yogurt only while the large one (6oz) at P115. You would have to pay P35 for two toppings. Net, you would have to pay P140 just to indulge on this frozen yogurt treat. The Pink Berry and Red Mango in the US are expensive because their store is as big as a Starbucks cafe with bright funky colors. White Hat on the other hand is just located in a small booth in Mall of Asia.

Net, White Hat is recommended in terms of fro-yo taste, but it is expensive. It is definitely a healthier alternative than a Frapuccino from Starbucks.

The White Hat
Let the Fro-yo Dessert Craze begin!!

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt2/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
(near SM Discovery Center)
Telephone Number: +632 727-4198Store hours: 10AM –

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i love yogurt!

how did you convince Rache
to pose with a cup of yogurt
balanced on her head?!?!??!!

i crave for yogurt, having tasted yogurbud, dun pa lang kuntento na ako. after reading your blog (which i often do), i wanna try more. so hope white hat will have a branch in megamall..i have been only 2x in mall of asia, it is too far from my comfort zones (ortigas center/greehills areas)and the price of gas is argggh

i do spend 85 pesos a day for a tall cup of brewed starbucks coffee, so i guess it's kanya-kanyang opinion on whether this is super expensive or not. to me, it may be a bit on the high side, but considering the premium toppings then it is still worth it in terms of value for money.

finally! froyo with fresh fruits. thanks for the tip!

ang galing... have you read my comment last friday on the yogurbud post of yours? sabi ko dun may white hat na sa MOA... tapos ngayon may review na...


Yes I read your comment and thanks for the tip, Darci!

wahhh...this is what I forgot to try last Saturday. I saw Batman in IMAX and I forgot to visit this place. Bummer! Will do next weekend. =) Hope its better than yogurbud.

hey... rache's white hat picture is the customer pic of the day in whitehat's website... =)

was browsing the site for our pics and i saw this... hehe...

i've tasted their granola partnered with peaches as toppings to my regular size froyo and the whole treat was a blast! the crunch of nuts and what-have-you ingredients in the granola was a perfect foil to the soft creamy texture of their yogurt, which was the real thing by the way, only frozen. The peaches' mild sweet-sour taste was a complement to the yogurt, which was already tangy on its own. I figured more sour fruits like mango would be an overkill, so i stayed away from those. i'll try their cheesecake- kiwi duo next time!

Wow. I hope they do taste like Pinkberry :P

Do they also have the green tea and coffee yogurt?

Had two regular cups of this yummy treat today. First cup had the granola and cheesecake; second cup was strawberry, peaches and cereal.

Yes, I had two cups! I still don't believe I ate that much. Ganun siya kasarap!

i like yogurbud more... kasi its fresh and healthy! white hat kasi is using powdered mixes.

Hello, i'm eric, marketing manager of THE WHITE HAT. While normally i don't comment on blogs since i prefer to let customers say what they think without any influence, i feel that i have to speak out about Mitchi's erroneous comment.

We at THE WHITE HAT serve only FRESHLY MADE yogurt which is made in our small shop every day. I don't know how other companies make their yogurt but i DO know that there is a cheap alternative to FRESHLY MADE yogurt which is simply to buy cheap yogurt powder and mix it with water. I've tested this from suppliers from KOREA, AUSTRALIA, and USA and their quality and TASTE did not pass our high standards. Some of them had a bitter aftertase, some had a salty aftertaste, some were outright uneatable, and NONE of them tasted fresh at all. Not to mention that using this method KILLS all the live bacteria which yogurt is supposed to have.

Here's a simple analogy for you. Consider that EIGHT'O'CLOCK or TANG is simply flavored sugar with water. The end-product is an orange DRINK. But its definitely NOT ORANGE JUICE. It lacks the natural nutrients found in REAL ORANGE JUICE. Any vitamins or nutrients they claim to have must have been added artifically. This is the same with YOGURT. Only freshly made ones have real live active cultures (called probiotics).

For this reason, our company decided to go with the ITALIANS because their yogurt-making is unique in the sense that they are the only ones that require the use of FRESH MILK. We believe that our quality speaks for itself when customers keep coming back because they notice the difference. Even if the ITALIANS are the most expensive suppliers in the world for yogurt, we committed to them simply because we are obsessed with two things: QUALITY & CLEANLINESS.

For any reader out there who read this blog, may i invite you to come to our shop and give us a try. Don't be misled by pretty websites or fabolous write-ups because not all of them are sincere or truthful. Please also observe what kind of toppings are being served to you and are they truly representative of what they SHOW you in their pictures. Then, make your own judgement and trust your own tastebuds.

thank you very much



Im a big fan of White Hat because it's so close to where I live. I also noticed a sudden boom in yoghurt shops in the Manila area. There are at least four yoghurt shops within the 200m radius from UP Manila - Yoghurt Froz, White Hat (both in Robinsons Manila), White Berry (at Belagio Square, Bocobo St.) and Seesuns (PanPacific). I think White Hat is tops in terms of taste.

If given the choice though, I would prefer my yoghurt to be non-frozen - much like what they serve in Sagada. ;)

Have you tried Frozen Yogurt indulgence (FYI) in Tomas Morato, @ IL Terazzo, they're the best i've tasted so far.

oh they also have yogurt that is fresh.
check it out

Well nice to see this blog. Actually I'm not a big fan of Yogurt Ice Cream until I tried White Berry! It's superbly good. I also tried others in Robinsons Manila but the tastes of White Berry is uncomparable and the place its so cozy the best for barkadas. Well as for me White Berry is the best! So try to visit them at Belagio Square! : )

oooh :) i had a 3 cups of frozen yogurt today at white berry in bellagio square, it is really AWESOME i keep going back in that shop because of GREEN TEA flavor,which we all know that it is good for our health, secondly i like strawberry with MOCHI!!!ooh:)) and SYEMPRE!!!!i love their PLain fresh frozen yogurt with maraschino cherry and tapioca pearl!!! :)and one thing i keep going back in White berry is because of their place is really good, with wi~fi zone and cool staff really makes me feel Good especially when iam so much stressed in school :) white berry is the best place to go for studying,and pampering yourself!!! :))

I find this sweet. I am biased towards really tangy/soury yoghurt so I am still on the search for the right one for me....

2 months later... I realized that this is the only "accessible" fro-yo in MM. Located in so many places, I get to acquire an adaptability to its taste. Sana may company discount - hint hint - coz the whole floor seems to be out there almost every day :P


To say that I am a White Hat addict is a gross understatement! I just need my White Hat fix. I think that you are accurate in saying that frozen yogurt is a good alternative to the Frappuccino :D

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