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Leyte Pasalubong

Tacloban Pasalubong-10
Tacloban is the Ultimate Leyte Pasalubong haven. The top 4 pasalubong from Tacloban are Binagol, Chocolate Moron, Sagmani and Carigara's Pastillas. I would recommend that you buy all your pasalubong from Tita Aida's delicacies along P.Zamora St. (across Chowking).

Tacloban Pasalubong-4
Binagol (P25? /each) is made in the town of Dagami. It is made of talyan (a root crop similar to gabi). coconut milk and sugar. It is called binagol because the mixture is placed inside a coconut shell called "bagol" and steamed inside. We love the sweet surprise hidden at the bottom of the coconut shell.

Tacloban Pasalubong-5
Moron (P25? / each) is a suman with chocolate flavor. It is made of ground rice cooked in coconut milk then flavored with cocoa. It is smooth like a budbud kabog. Just imagine a suman dipped in chocolate batirol. Our favorite!

Tacloban Pasalubong-7
Sagmani (P25? /each) is the less popular among the pasalubong delicacies. It is similar to Binagol but it is made of cassava, gabi or sweet potatoes. It is cooked with coconut cream, sugar and sometimes coconut meat.

Carigara Pastillas

Carigara's Pastillas Special (P150). The special pastillas of Carigara is made of pure carabao's milk. . Addicting.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

PS. For Tacloban folks -- can you validate my price for Binagol, Moron and Sagmani? I forgot.



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I loooove suman and kakanin!!! My officemate's from Leyte, I wonder if she knows where this pasalubong store is. Nice post. :)

Hello :) I love Moron! So great to see a pic of that in your site. Misamis Oriental also makes great Moron :)

whoa.. pics are making me hungry! i love kakanin.. i wanna try the moron, binagol & sagmani :D

Hi Anton- were you able to try their Roscas? The half moon shapped cookies?

yup the pastillas are addicting indeed. I hoard them when my parents send me some LOL

binagol - I love the sweet part. I like to eat it warm. Yummy.

Like Annie asked, were you able to try the roscas? how about the decaña?

Thank you so much Anton.

I think you have more to discover from Tacloban & Leyte. Till your next trip


i love this,
and i haven't had this in more than 5 years!


punta tayo dumaguete,
i also had some sort of chocolate suman there.

then one that was tri-colored.

canyaman, ne?

hi anton, moron sells for P5 each :) best eaten pag bagong luto or just after giving it a quick steam -

were you able to try delicacies under the brand of charito's delights? don't really know if they're leyte or samar delicacies though, but we buy a lot of pili cakes for pasalubong

makes me wanna eat some binagol! hehehe! yummy binagol..

My father's from Leyte, Binagol and Moron are his usual pasalubong when he visits his province. We grew up with these yummy native delicacies, there came a time when we won't eat na this pasalubong, "nagsawa na":) But now, it is my son's turn to love Binagol and Moron!

Great pictures!

Hello, folks. I hope you can help me. I am looking for a recipe for "roscas". I think that is how it's spelled. It's like a half moon cookie and originated in Leyte or maybe Cebu. I love this cookie and would really like to try making them. BTW, I am in Canada. Thank you,

dagami, leyte is the town where the "binagol" originated, not tacloban... C=

how about arasip..... its yummy also.. but i like best sagmani..and moron also... hmm binagol sometimes hindi masarap,,..the torta in carigara wow.. napakasarap.. walang binatbat ang mga torta sa manila ..

Where in Manila or Quezon City can I buy the pastillas pictured above?
Can I order on line? Would you know the address of the distributor?
Salamat po.

Wala ba yan sa Metro Manila hindi ako makakapagpabili yan sa Leyte pa pala yan nandito ako sa Canada uutusan ko lang iyong pamangkin kung magpadala pastillas at binagol

I dont know po where they are available in Manila.


Hi Anton. Do you have any contact number of Tita Aida's Delicacies.?

Thank you.


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