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29 posts from July 2008

July 31, 2008

Cinderella in Manila! Relive the Miss Saigon Feeling of being Proud to be a Filipino!

I love watching musical plays because of its timeless lessons that shape my life today.

Rent taught me that there is "No Day but Today". I also learned how to measure your life -- not in terms of five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes but in terms of Seasons of Love. It is the reason why I pursued my wife despite all odds at that time.

Kate Monster from Avenue Q taught me: "You gotta go after the things you want while you’re still in your prime." That is one of the reason why I am pursuing my passion today - blogging my heart away and sharing with people how awesome the Philippines is.

The valuable lesson I learned from Cinderella is that: "Impossible Things are Happening Every Day!". I watched how Filipinos -- Lea Salonga as Cinderella and Bobby Garcia as Director - are leading a predominantly American Broadway cast in the Asian premiere of Cinderella. Is it impossible for Filipinos to be a great nation in 2010? It's Possible!!

I can't get this song off my mind:
" Impossible! But the world is full of zanies and fools
who don't believe in sensible rules
and won't believe what sensible people say..
and because these daft and dewey eyed dopes
keep building up impossible hopes
impossible things are happening every day! "
- Cinderella's Godmother

We are so proud of both -- Lea Salonga and Bobby Garcia! You guys deserve the sold-out opening night which ended in a standing ovation! Thanks for showing us that Filipinos can lead the world!

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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July 27, 2008

Bohol - More Than Your Usual Tarsier Experience?

Congratulations again to Mich Guevara of Pinoy Lakwatsa! You've won a very nice Jansport Graphix Remix Bag that you can use on your next travel.

I'm going to Bohol which is the first leg of the seven (7) Havaianas Flipping for the Beach Trips. I'm excited to feature all of them.

Can you share with me your Bohol secret other than the usual Tarsier?

July 25, 2008

Where in the Philippines is the Next Destination of OAP?

OAP Contest: Where in the Philippines is the Next Destination of OAP?

This contest will be easy. Guess my next destination in the Philippines this coming August and win a prize. The first one to guess the right destination will win a JanSport Graphix Remix Bag. Just enter your guess in the comments and that will serve as your official entry to this contest.

Thanks to Bratpack for sponsoring the JanSport Bag for this contest.

About JanSport's Graphic Remix Line of Bags

Now after 40 years, JanSport continues to celebrate its hippie heritage through its Graphic Remix line of bags as inspired by this generation's most definitive counterculture -- the Indie community. The Graphic Remix line's quirky and anti-conformist designs like graffiti, doodles, pop art and calligraphy fits the Indie community's passion for creativity, originality and individuality.

"For us a bag is more than just for carrying your stuff around, but as a practical and personal billboard of expression that's why we came up with the concept of the Graphic Remix line individually designed by the country's best graphic designers," says Clytie Choa, Brand Manager for Jansport.

Froyo's in Serendra

The Froyo's cart is now parked in Arama (formerly Chocolate de Batirol). This is the place-to-be to have your frozen yogurt dessert in Serendra.

Froyo's Chocolate Frozen Yogurt (P70). Intense Deep Chocolate Taste. For adults only. You gotta try this!

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The Buzz About Froyo's
California Berry Frozen Yogurt
After Lego Island, Enjoy Yoh-Gurt Froz!

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.
Email: anton@diaz.ph
Blog: www.OurAwesomePlanet.com

July 24, 2008

Jonas' Pares

Jonas-8 Jonas-9
All-Time-Favorite Pares (P100)

Another unique treat in Robinson's Place - Pioneer, is one of the mall outlet of the popular Jonas Pares restaurant in Quezon City.

Jonas is credited for inventing the term "Pares" which means the pairing of beef and rice.. It also refers to the value meal of beef, rice and soup. It was founded by Lolly Tiu in 1979 who envisioned a restaurant providing fine-dining quality food at a price affordable to masses. What makes Pares so special is how the beef was prepared and cooked. Seventy percent (70%) of the beef is lean meat from beef flanks; the rest of the 30% is from fat. The beef is tender because it was slow-cooked in a charcoal-fed fire for at least 12 hours! Anythying you cook for this length in time will definitely becomes soft; add to these the various spices it is definitely tasty and yummy.

Jonas has a simple menu. Aside from Pares, you can order mami, siomai, siopao or spring rolls.
All Time Favorites and Mami | Siopao, Drinks and Desserts | The Story of Jonas

Be honest, have you tried pares before? If you haven't tried the carinderia version, check out the upscale Jonas restaurant version in Robinson Place Pioneer.

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