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Rogin-E Update: Progressing Slowly

Tapiya Falls-18
It is very hard for me to provide an update on the Rogin-E challenge because I'm progressing slowly. I would like to celebrate my small successes and share them with you:

1. The challenge was able to bring me back to the gym last April. That is a significant personal achievement for me because after 5 years, I am going back to the gym again. It feels good to feel those ab crunches' pain again.

2. I lost some weight enough for me to fit in my old clothes. This gives me the motivation to continue with my goal even without this Rogin E challenge.

3. I'm more determined now to replace the guy here in the Rogin-E website (someday...). Check out the Rogin-E unbreakable challenge section in the website.

My immediate goal is to weigh under 200lbs... a long way to go.... Thanks to Rogin-E for pushing me to pursue my personal unbreakable challenge.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.



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Hi Anton,

Do you still have that Genki umbrella? hehe! its so cute! i wanna have a free umbrella from you! teehee! :-)

You've lost a lot of weight na kaya! From the time na I first met you and Rache - malayo na.

Good luck Anton!! :)

Me too Anton! My motivation for keeping up with my exercise regimen is when I see fitting in my old clothes again. And it's ok if the progress is slow. Just keep it at your own pace. You don't want to get injured or anything. So, keep up the good work!

Hi Anton,

I recently chanced upon a vitamin with ginseng & anti-oxidants called Ginsomin, endorsed by a promo from Mercury. I tell you its the most awesome vitamin ive taken in a long time! I weighed more than 200lbs just like you but now, having more energy to exercise and do extra activities after a hard day at the office, i feel much much better! i'll try rogin-e just to compare the effect, cheers and good luck to your progress!

Hi Anton,

the box said it came from megalifesciences australia, bought it from a promo in mercury for a very reasonable price. Very very effective though. Thanks.

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