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I Love Berries Frozen Yogurt -- The Best Froyo so far in Manila...

I Love Berries-2
I Love Berries is so far the best Frozen Yogurt in Manila! They don't have an outlet yet and they are doing their rounds in the bazaars. Unlike Cold Spoon or Haven Frozen Yogurt in Pampanga, they use fresh fruits and their frozen yogurt is more creamy than tangy in taste. Aidan did not like the frozen yogurt in Cold Spoon because of its maasim taste but he loves to eat the yogurt his Momma buys for him. I Love Berries Froyo is similar to the taste of Pink Berry and I'm sure Aidan would love its creaminess taste (like ice cream already).

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I Love Berries Frozen Yogurt -- The Best Froyo so far in Manila...
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I Love Berries-3

You have to try their Tropical Mochi Frozen Yogurt! You can find them this weekend at Karl Edwards Bazaar in NBC Tent on Mother's Day weekend (May 10-11). This is the closest thing that you can get in Manila. Please let me know what you think of their Froyo (as people would call it :) For more info: check out their multiply site:



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I had 4 cups of iloveberries yoghurt in their last bazaar in fully booked. Its so refreshing and healthy. ohhh geeez... so excited to go to Karl Edward for the froyo!! =)

if theres anything more better suited for the scorching hot summer days, then it has to be I LOVE BERRIES frozen yogurt! a tangy, refreshing, addicting and healthy snack thats afforadable.. what else can you ask for?

everytime i visit I LOVE BERRIES in BAZAARS (im a avid fan!) i get at least 2 cups! it has fruity, yummy and fresh flavors that keeps me coming back for more.. and more and MORRRRRE! :)

thanks anton for featuring this product!

A uniquely indulging and truly refreshing dessert -- does not even make you thirsty at all because of a perfectly balanced taste. At last, now we have something pleasurable that is not so bad. Why go for pinkberry? Go local! Go Philippines!

the most refreshing yogurt ive tasted, a must try. the first i've tried it was when they were having a bazaar at the world trade last december. :) i can't wait for their first store. :)

Tried my first i love berries yogurt at Summer Lifestyle Bazaar and it was berrylicious talaga! The owner was so nice din and pretty =) i will definitely be on my toes for your store..

yoh-gurt froz is waaaaay better! they have a branch in MOA too :D

Ayy Kainis! I saw them at karl edwards last Sunday but the booth was way too crowded for me. I went back like 5 times and still i wasnt brave enough to go through the onlookers. ='( I missed a lot, didnt I?!

have you ever tried yoh-gurt froz? they have a frozen yogurt that isn't sour, made especially for yogurt-lovers who would rather go without the tartness of regular yogurt. and your choice fruits are blended into your yogurt too. :)
they have branches in tomas morato, moa, and another one soon to open at robinsons place, midtown wing.

im craving for i love berries now! beacuse the taste is just right.. very well balanced. i can eat like 2 - 3 cups every bazaar, the price is very reasonable too! mura na siya for a froyo, sa iba mas mahal haha, fresh fruit toppings pa! so healthy din siya, sbrang fav. ko yogurt nila! THE BEST!

I will never eat ice cream anymore because fro-yo is just so much better. It tastes better and I can have like 3 times as much cuz it's lower in calories plus healthier too. Thank god for I LOVE BERRIES! Their fresh fruit toppings on a yummylicious yogurt creamy swirl really drives me crazy. This is exactly how i want my fro-yo not blended in because mushy fruits=FTL.
For a health conscious like me, i've finally found my sinful outlet. Thank you I love berries!

For me naman, I prefer blended!

I've tried I love berries in serendra,the taste exceeded my expectation, I really enjoyed my 1st 2nd and 3rd cup... hmmm i don't know with yoh-gurt froz, I tried it in MOA, personaly I didn't like it.

i love berries is wwwaaaayyyyy better than yoh-gurt froz. I tried it in MOA and the serving is too small for the price they charge. I love berries is super yummy!!!!!

Hi!! thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! :) watch out for another berry-liciously event from i love berries! :) see you all soon!!! :)

*** we also cater to parties, events, etc :)
contact: Hanna Cokehyeng, tel # 523-4122 or 0922-8885514

Best yohgurt i've ever tasted, i must say!!! I really dont like yohgurt but when i've tried it, it's like im eating an ice cream, or even better because its healthy. Thanks to iloveberries! They have a lot of selections, very unique and indulging. They also charge it for a very reasonable price. I cant wait them to have their own space!

I Love Berries is really good. It's light (both the taste and calorie content) enough to have second servings of, without the guilt or "suya" factor. The whole experience (from the friendly owners to the last lick!) is fun and refreshing.

WE ARE OPENING SOON! so watch out :) :) :)

ive tried this and im not impressed. sorry.
the booth they had at the bazaar was dirty, the fruits they used were over ripe and the yogurt was watery

unlike other frozen yogurt, iloveberries sells at a reasonable price... and the taste is just awesome!

I can guarantee you that everything they serve is fresh, clean, & healthy!

i had this at the rockwell urban bazaar and was so very disappointed... the toppings didn't look as plentiful as the pictures above, in fact, i had to peer into the cup to see them :O and they increased prices and it was so watery! and there was a hole in the middle of the yogurt!

I've been going around different yogurt shops, ive been to CaliforniaBerry, White Hat, I love berries, Yogurbud, Cold Spoon and some other small shops.

When i tasted CaliforniaBerry frozen yogurt and it was really good. didn't have that heavy feel after eating. fruits are fresh. Choices of toppings is ok, as well as pricing. texture is good, didn't melt.

Only issue is the location. But if you are looking for a very authentic frozen yogurt taste, i highly recommend it.

they're going to open a store in A.Venue! best fro-yo so far for me. i have yet to try californiaberry.

i tried i love berries yesterday. really good . creamy and toppings were really fresh.the only minor prob is they have to be consistent with the amount of yogurt they put in the cup. i guess they got overwhelmed by the waiting crowd. I also like yoh-gurt froz a lot. Creamy , just enough tangy taste, no aftertaste and it does not melt easily . my 5 year old liked the blended ones ...we had yohgurt froz for 2 straight days. The only thing they can improve on is the amount of toppings. plus probably more fresh fruits with bigger cuts . they can just charge a bit more if you want more toppings i guess. we tried the one in rob midtown manila. really yummy

went back to yohgurt froz and they added more toppings . How's that for a quick response to customer feedback ! :) must try . really yummy it's addicting :)

I like Yoh-gurt froz too! The best! Their froyo is available now in t. morato!

Try the Pink Citrus yogurt stand at SM the block. Found it near the appliance center and caught my attention because of their nicely designed booth. Yogurt is yummy as well and tastes very similar to Korea's Pink Berry franchise.

have you guys been to DOLCE gelato at mall of asia?
it's the best ice cream i've ever tasted. and they have so many flavors!
the ferrero rocher is the best! and their gelato is half the fat of regular ice cream

I LOVE BERRIES FROZEN YOGURT & DESSERT BAR is now open at SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall (infront of Slammers burger) see youuu! :)

Wow that looks delicious. I could really go for some frozen berries right about now...

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