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Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls

rache Trip to Pagsanjan Falls

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-29
Have you experienced the full body massage under the Pagsanjan Falls? We finally did it. and it was fun, scary and something that is worth the hassle of going to Pagsanjan. The safest time to go to Pagsanjan Falls is during the summer season when the water level is low and the waterfall is smaller and less powerful. We have been always discouraged of going to the falls because of illegal boat flaggers on the way to Pagsanjan Falls. Here are some tips on planning your Pagsanjan Falls trip:

1. Avoid the weekend or holidays where there are a lot of tourists. We would recommend to go on a weekday to avoid the traffic jam on the way to Pagsanjan and the tourist crowd.

2. Don't ever stop or entertain the illegal flaggers who would offer you overpriced boat ride to the falls. In fact, they are rude and would shout at you as if you violated a one-way road. You'll be intimated with the number of people swarming to offer you boat rides. Some of them will follow you via a motorbike so don't even attempt to have an eye contact with them.

3. Go to an accredited resort directly where you can pay for the proper boat ride fees. Currently, It costs P635/ person for the boat ride to the falls and P90/person for the raft ride to have the massage under the falls. Unfortunately, there is no kids rate so we paid full price for Aidan. We went to Pagsanjan Falls Paradise Resort (+63 49) 808-4393, 808-5494.

4. Expect that you'll hear a pitch that the boatmen only earn from tips. The intent is to condition you to give a high tip. Currently, the tourists are giving them P200 or $5 per boatman (there are two boatman per canoe). For the Raft man, he is expecting P100 tip. In total, we gave P500 tip to make everyone happy. That is an expensive tip for a local tourist, and the right tip would have been half of that. On the other hand, it is also very hard to paddle all the way to the falls and they took care of us throughout the entire trip.

5. Allot a total of 5 hrs to go up to Pagsanjan Falls from Pansol, Laguna. We went to 88 Spa and Resort in Pansol, Laguna for lunch and drove to Pagsanjan for 90 minutes. The entire boat ride is 2 hours. You'll be going back for another 90 minutes in time for the sunset scene in Los Banos.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-11 Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-15
Aidan was scared at first but courageous enough to join us inside the Pagsanjan waterfall. He is already wearing a swim suit so that he is ready to get wet. BTW, we heard that the film crew who was filming when we went inside the Pagsanjan Falls was from Unang Hirit. It was a pleasant surprise. I wonder how it looked because Aidan was so scared of the sound of the Pagsanjan Falls.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-6
The boat men would navigate via paddling, pulling and pushing the canoe through the rapids. Also, they would use their feet to navigate and give initial momentum to the canoe ride. Going up the river is difficult because of the downstream current.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-9
At first we decided to sit Aidan in between us to give him assurance that he would be safe. Good thing, the water is clean so we don't have to worry about getting wet. On our way down, Aidan already sat in front.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-20
The boat men have already created a system on how to handle one way streets. The boats going down are given priority because they have more momentum since they flow with the direction of the current.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-22
Upon reaching the Pagsanjan Falls, you can ride the raft inside the falls and get a once in a lifetime massage under the falls.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-25
It was indeed a great bonding session with Aidan. For me, I was able to check off Pagsanjan Falls in my list of awesome places to visit and blog about.



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I was on my way to school I think last Tuesday. The bus was tuned in to GMA7 and I thought I saw Rache on TV. I thought it was just her doppelganger but then I saw Aidan. He was really cute on TV! The part which they showed on TV was when you were alighting from the raft.

Yeah, saw you on TV. Aidan was so cute! I thought you crossed over into TV na. As in promoting tourism. Love your blog and I tell my friends about it. I live in the US and Pinoy friends ask me all the time what to do and where to eat, etc, etc when visiting our motherland. I direct them to your website.

ay! si Aidan nga yun! hehee...i saw a glimpse of the segment and i think i saw Aidan and Ms Rache. I was tempted to ask you na nga just to comfirm :)

hi again..sabi ko na nga ba si aidan yung cute little boy na nasa ko na dyan sa pagsanjan at it was really nice talaga..have u tried sa 88 spa and resort?is it nice there?hey anton if u have time please visit the ADARNA Food and culture na restaurant dyan sa kalayaan avenue, Quezon City.Look for Chef Giney,the co-owner.nakwento na kita sa kanya about ur blog.your going to love the place, and maganda mag picture-picture doon..hehe..hope to see u there syempre si aidan at rache din..nice blog talaga!!

always wanted to go to pagsanjan...this summer, we just might :)
nice pictures! :)

Hi Anton. Maybe 3 years back, we brought some relatives from the US to Pagsanjan. The rates were all published up front, or so I thought.

I am sorry to say it was a most unpleasant experience because of that tip issue. I do not know now, but before they only broach the tip issue in the middle of the trip when we were already on the way to the Falls. We were totally distressed, and we actually felt we were being held up because of the ruthless way they were asking for this tip.

I felt very sorry for this since, as you say, the Falls are a most beautiful tourist destination. But with such a bad experience with the people there, I do not think I am ever going back there again. I do hope for their sake that they have already improved this system by now. Maybe just include the boatmen's fees in the published rates up front.

Dear Sir,

Your blogs are a big boost to Philippine Tourism, keep it up. I have some friends who ae coming in from abroad and they wnt me to take them to 88 spa and resort in pansol laguna but it has no website and a listed phone number. Could you provide me with their contact numbers? I will really appreciate it.


I read about your recommended summer destinations in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine yesterday and I wanted to know more about the places you mentioned especially the contact details and the rates (entrance, accommodation, etc.). I checked your site but I cannot find the URL mentioned in the article about Summer Destinations. Hope you can post it to make things easier for us.


I also had a bad experience with the boatmen and raftmen asking for tips. They were also asking 200 pesos for each paddler. Wow! That is really high for a local tourist. The resort owner informed me that they're already earning from the published rates.

I also had a bad experience with a flagger on a motorbike. He made it look like I did something wrong!

Apparently, these annoyances have been happening for a long time now. Too bad they have to ruin the experience for toursts.

Wow,that is really great blog.I always wanted to go to Pagsanjan...this summer.It is a natural massage.It doesn't have any side effects.

Hi. Wondering if we will need to rent a room to bathe in after the ride.

Usually in the resort where you will ride a banca, they have a changing bath


My friends and I are interested to go at Pagsanjan Falls and try water rafting.
Can you send us the contact of the person we can talk to on getting there? The number above for Pagsanjan Falls Paradise Resort does not work :-(

Thank you. Nice pictures, by the way. :)


Hi Diorel,
Better to coordinate with a hotel. Try 88 Spa and they can arrange
everything for you.
If you go there without any pre-arranged trips, it would be a hassle.

hi, Anton!

Thanks for that. Do you have their number? :)


unfortunately, I was not able to get it :(
049-536-1388, Laguna office
The Laguna office arranges for the Pagsanjan trips.
02-804-0608, Manila office
The Manila office can arrange for transportation from Manila to 88 Hotspring Resort.

hi anton! is it safe now to travel to pagsanjan and do the boat ride? thanks.

YEs it is safe naman but the waters would be low during the summer season.

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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Hi Anton,

What can you say about 88 spa? OK ba?

Korean with Korean Food. A bit nakaka-Out of Place because everything is Korean... but OK naman.

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)

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