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Explore Busuanga, Palawan with Wig Tysmans

Next Stop: Palawan Travel Workshop with Wig Tysmans. I'm taking back to back travel photography courses and I've always dreamed of going to Busuanga, Palawan. I would like to share that experience with you. If you would like to join, check out for details.



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i'm looking forward to your blog entry about palawan -- that's the only thing i can afford hahahaha. although the workshop fee, imho, is worth it :D are you also going to camiguin? :)

i'm sure you're going to enjoy coron. great diving site, i don't know if you also do underwater photography, coron is famous for the wrecks. maybe, you can make a side trip to culion as well

Ah shucks... will be in Boracay during that time. Will you be going to Camiguin?

Wow, I'll look forward to your Busuanga adventure. I'm planning to go there by June.

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