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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


18 posts from March 2008

March 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Happy Feet!

The Happy Feet Family-2
Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Happy Feet! I am a proud member of this awesome social running club. I always look forward to races just to meet this young, fun and passionate runners. I got inspiration from the group because most of them are experts in their own right. Anybody can join specially the running newbies who want to have company during the races. Just join the impromptu_runners@yahoogroups.com.

Never Shall I Fail... (Rogin E Bloggers Unbreakable Challenge Update)

Rogin E Bloggers Unbreakable Challenge Update (March 31, 2008) -- My Personal Reflections After One Month

Mizuno Infinity Run-1
I've been struggling with weight loss ever since we got married last January 2003. Rache and I have been hitting the gym almost 3x a week before we got married. We were disciplined in the food that we eat. Over the years, I let my weight accumulate to my heaviest weight ever at 212 lbs. One reason is we love to eat and the OAP blog was a witness to that.

The Rogin E Bloggers Challenge is my 5th attempt to lose weight since last year. The first attempt was my decision to join the marathon -- my first ever that took place last year. It was very effective in training my body and legs to run the entire 42km stretch. But it was not effective because I continued to eat whatever I liked. My second attempt was to enroll in a one-year membership at Gold's Gym. I only used it once or twice. Gold's Gym just profited from that arrangement. The 3rd attempt was just last December when I joined a biggest loser challenge among office friends. I lost in that challenge and I still owe P1,000 to Boni, who won. Two months ago, Jim Lafferty launched a company wide biggest loser challenge where the winner will go to the Corporate Athlete training in Florida, USA. I lost that too! So, for those who are attempting to lose weight, you can probably empathize with my struggle. Can you share your own story?

After 1 month into the Rogin E Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge, I'm just starting to get into the gym groove. Thanks to Rogin E for the 2 months Gold's Gym membership, the excellent trainer Jopet and the Nike apparel incentives for hitting the gym. I've been traveling lately so I did not have a chance to go to the gym for the last two weeks. To get back on track, I just finished my 15km Mizuno Infinity run yesterday at the Fort Bonifacio area. I finished my run under 2 hours. I liked Mizuno's tagline of "Never Stop" running but ironically, the water supply stopped after the 7km mark. (Just a side note: I'm disappointed that even Mizuno does not know how to organize a proper Marathon).

As with any green blooded archer, my motto is "Never Shall I Fail...". I hope you don't mind that I make my OAP friends, as my accountability partners in my unbreakable quest to lose weight and get that 6-pack abs :) I will update you every week about my progress on the Rogin E unbreakable challenge. Check out the Rogin E Unbreakable Challenge Website.

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March 30, 2008

Earth Hour 2008 - See The Difference You Can Make

Earth Hour 2008-7
Our Awesome Planet officially supports Earth Hour 2008. I was excited to be a part of the lights out event today at 8pm-9pm. The main Earth Hour event was held in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) lawn area. I decided to document the Earth Hour Manila 2008 in CCP via this Photo Essay. Also, can you share your own Earth Hour experience?

Earth Hour 2008-2
People eagerly waiting for the lights out event in front of CCP area.

Earth Hour 2008-3
30 seconds countdown to lights out.

Earth Hour 2008-4
CCP with full of lights. This is right before the lights were shut off by 8pm Manila time.

Earth Hour 2008-5
CCP, Star City, Jollibee, SM Malls, Meralco, and many others joined the lights out event. The entire Roxas Boulevard lights were shut off, SM Malls reduced lights by 50%, CCP/ Star City lights were off for an hour. The only lights that I see are coming from the hotel rooms in the area.

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March 29, 2008

Samsung Camera is Now My Official Blogging Camera

Samsung is now my blogging camera-7
(of course, this was taken from my canon 20d, :)

Samsung Camera is now my official blogging camera. I must confess that I'm a loyal Canon user so it breaks my heart to admit that Samsung is better. My first digital camera is the Canon 20D Digital SLR with 17-40mm L Lens. This is still my primary travel camera. I have a backup Canon Ixus that my wife uses occasionally but I'm not satisfied with the quality of its photos. I hardly use the photos produced by the Canon Ixus in my blog. It is hard for me to say this but I'm now replacing my Canon Ixus with the Samsung S760 Digital Camera. The Samsung S760 was included for FREE in our Batanes Travel Photography workshop and I was amazed by the quality of its shots. The photos are already very good and I can use it for OAP.

Check out the photos taken from Samsung S760 below. You can even check out the EXIF data of the photos to verify that it is indeed taken from the Samsung. Imagine this is only the entry-level camera of Samsung. I am dreaming of getting the high end line to use as my blogging camera.

Samsung is now my blogging camera-6
Rakuh a Payaman Samsung Shot. A lot of people love this shot and this was in fact taken by my Samsung Camera. Galing no?

Samsung is now my blogging camera-4
Sabtang Island Samsung Shot. I like the inherent color saturation of the Samsung Camera.

Samsung is now my blogging camera-5
We survived the Batan -- Sabtang boat trip. I used the Samsung camera throughout the boat trip.

Samsung is now my blogging camera-3
Ms. Marj David, Master Photographer George Tapan, Banker Paul San Pedro, House Mate Obet Laderas and Anton of OAP during the Sabtang Boat Trip. I like the face recognition technology of the Samsung which ensures that the faces of the people are in focus.

Samsung is now my blogging camera-9
All my Canon Batteries were dead during this sunset shot in the Batanes Pier. I have to use my Samsung Camera to capture this shot.

I love my Samsung S760! I originally was planning to sell it but I'm keeping it as my backup blogging camera or use it when I will run a marathon. I have to live with its weaknesses though which are: (a) it consumes the life of the 2 x AA batteries fast (within 24-48 hours at most) and (b) you can only get an 8x10 photo out of it (I have to test it yet).

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