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Ice Cream Bar (Flavors by FIC)

rache It's Ice Cream Time!

Ice Cream Bar-20
The FIC Ice Cream Bar is now open at the Joya Tower (in front of 7/11 in Rockwell). I was excited to check it out because there is a new dessert bar that you can go to after dinner in Makati. Also, I want to check out their Frozen yogurt dessert. The ice cream bar menu is simpler than Five Cows in Trinoma. I would still vote for Five Cows in terms of creativity and uniqueness of the ice cream concoctions. But if you love FIC for its premium quality dairy and milk ingredients, then this is the place to be :)

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Ice Cream Bar (Flavors by FIC)
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Ice Cream Bar-13 Ice Cream Bar-12

Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt (P120) with P15 for every topping. I was disappointed with the Frozen Yogurt because for the tiny serving it would costs P150 with 2 toppings. With Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt, it only costs about P100. Secondly, it is more of an ice cream with a bit of a yogurt taste. But it is still a healthier option to choose versus the ice cream ones.

Ice Cream Bar-18

Ice Cream Bar Menu:
Splits | Parfaits | Sundaes | Specials | Signature Concoctions 1 and 2 | Drinks | Scoopings and Toppings | Real Bites

The chocolate overload (Signature Concoctions) for P320 is good for sharing.

Ice Cream Bar-14
Warm suman served with a serving of mangga't suman ice cream, caramelized muscovado and frozen chocolate shell (P120). This is a nice simple dessert to end your night.

Ice Cream Bar-17
The Chocolate Milkshake Kiddie Size (P110) is Aidan's choice!

Ice Cream Bar

The Ice Cream Bar (Flavors by FIC)
Store Hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Joya Tower, Joya Drive (beside Power Plant Mall) inside Rockwell Center.



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Uy FIC..I love their ice cream because it's not to sweet :)
It's about time they have their own bar

hi anton!! ill definitely this out this weekend!! interesting! i love FIC pa naman

btw priceless ung first pic ni aidan Ü

Their adobo pandesal sandwiches are really good too :)

i love FIC, especially their raspberry ice cream, i'm happy with a single scoop on a sugar cone! the ice cream bar looks expensive though. frozen soft serve yogurt seem to the the fad nowadays...(i recall reading a post on pinkberry somewhere...).

i wonder if you're familiar with BIG SCOOP? yummy, very flavorful and inexpensive. so cute here so plenty ice cream to choose from lol!....i wish first love:a healthy planet paradise o a healthy world paradise 70's group of filipino high schoolers will-can join aidan joshua in an healthy enviromental activities issues in an eco park as a topic in baguio o tagaytay o antipolo oh di kaya sa la mesa ecopark that would be a really great idea....meaning our awesome planet families are getting bigger & bigger everyday lol!....also make copies to make them as postcards so the first love:AHPP of 70's high schoolers can or if possible to add their ecopark pictures with aidan at joshua in their other coffe table book collections na stories is about a gifted orphan newborn-child left in la consolacion college run by nuns who never met her father but can see where they live but no one believed her everyone thought she just made them up she did'nt know where exactly i believe the title is something like.....NOS.1 JACKLYN LANE....coz this is what makes 'great' books interesting though fictions it can also be real just by looking at those glossy 'state of the art' real life photographs....just an idea lol....

....jacklyn eating an ice cream here{will add comedy-as a twist lol]with aidan's pictured advertisement as background in one of the book collection titled....NOS.1 JACKLYN LANE....or something like that whatever those 70's high schoolers named it....i was told{i read some}ng kaeskwela ko noong maliliit pa kami na this newborn orphan short story ay sobra daw UNUSUAL o unique talaga{exceptional}nakakaiyak kahit paulit ulit ang basa mo meaning paulit ulit ka ring iiyak kahit with this ice cream in your hands lol!....well good luck with this ice cream too o sorbetes sa kalsada lol!....

I like the expression on Aidan's face!

whoa! kaw pala yun! hehehehe.. congrats for being one of blogbank's top earners :D hehehe..

wow! that looks really yummy...and a little more affordable than five cows too!

I love FIC. This place is worth checking out. I'm jotting down your recommended places. Summer is here and perfect time to try new places.

Those pictures are gorgeous, Anton! And I love Aidan's expression in the first pic. So cute!

Thanks for the reco. Will definitely check this out soon!

i definitely agree with you, Anton! I prefer Five Cows, they have a lot of unique ice cream concoctions. It was even difficult for me to choose which dessert i wanted to try.

im an ice cream lover and anyone who enjoys a scoop of ice cream, i recomend La Salle ice cream..they have a great little store in New York City on 3 ave between e33st & e34 st..check it out!! you havent had GREAT ice cream until you've had LA SALLE ice cream!!! =]

i love the frozen yogurt at the ice cream bar. it reminds me of the ones you get on board cruise ships abroad. yum. i miss unlimited frozen yogurt :)

Is this the one labelled as FYI? This is our running favorite for now. I haven't realized about the premium price though :P

Usually love it here but last SATURDAY (JAN 30) teh service was HORRIBLE. The waiters were slow, they never cleaned up our tables (puno ng champola crumbs at ice-cream splotches) even we sweetly asked 3x for it to be cleaned, and the bill took more than 15 minutes (we only ordered 2 items).

To add to the disappointment, when I asked for a customer comment card to air my comments in a civil manner, they claim to have none.

Syang ang ice-cream pag pinapaasim ng pangit ng serbisyo.

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