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[Flavors of La Salle] Mama V Resto

Mama V Restaurant-5.jpg
Beef Tapa (P89).

Mama V @ The Providence Tower is what I would call an All Filipino Restaurant. It probably serves all the Filipino food that we loved since our childhood. Beef tapa (in 12 special flavors), tocino, pork chop, corned beef, sisig, 9 pork variations (afritada, binagoongan, caldereta, kare kare, menudo, patatim, pochero, sinigang, sweet and sour), macaroni salad, spaghetti tomato, adobo, pork/chicken barbecue (in 12 special flavors) and chicharon. The menu is targeted to students and most of the dishes are less than P100.

It was established way after we graduated from DLSU and it caters to La Salle, CSB and St. Scho crowd. The place is not sossy but it is patronized by the students. Finding a parking is always a challenge so better avoid the heavy traffic hours (usually late afternoons)

Mama V Restaurant-2.jpg

Mama V Restaurant Menu | The Mama V Story

One interesting thing worth checking out is the P5/per song 24 hours a day Karaoke. There is no entrance fee, no cover charge, no person/per hour charge. The private air conditioned rooms can comfortably sit 5-10 persons but I usually see more people inside the room. I miss the college days where you hang out in a karaoke to celebrate someone's birthday and the more squeezed you are inside the room-- the better it is (if you know what I mean :)

(For room reservations with advance food orders, call Tita at 02 440 8749)

Mama V Restaurant-11.jpg
Sisig (150grams) - (P100). The sisig is always a best seller in a Filipino food places you go to.

Mama V Restaurant-6.jpg
Chicharon Bulaklak (P100). The best that I have ever tasted because of its crunchiness and flavor.

Mama V Restaurant-12.jpg
French Fries with Chili Cheese Sauce (P59). This is a good pulutan to order and there is something special about these fries because of the way it is cooked.

Mama V Restaurant.jpg
Lengua ni Mama V (Made to order). We loved this lengua and so did Aidan. The meat was really tender so Aidan was able to chew and digest it. He even asked for more that surprised us. Hmmm....Aidan's beginning to eat like an adult. This is not in the menu but I guess you can request for it in advance.

Mama V Restaurant-7.jpg
Tocino (Pork) Tapa (P89). This is part of the breakfast meals which comes with the sinangag rice and egg.

Mama V Restaurant-8.jpg
Lemon Chicken. A healthier choice.

Mama V Restaurant-9.jpg
Ox Lengua w Mushroom Sauce. This is my personal favorite and you should request their lengua specialties if possible in advance.

Mama V Restaurant-14.jpg

They have a 24 hour convenience store in front of the restaurant and caters to the night people or during holidays when all the establishments are closed.

Mama V Restaurant-15.jpg

Mama V and Tina V showing off their restaurant.

Mama V Restaurant
2471 Leon Guinto corner Estrada Street, Malate, Manila
Telephone: +632 523-8307, 440-8249, 524-4714



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Maraming salamat! I didn't realize until I attended a Blue Ocean Seminar in Manila by Josiah Go and Ned Roberto that our Providence Karaoke was indeed Blue Ocean strategy at it finest. Kudos to the brains behind it - Mama V!

This is a new resto. Di ko na inabot ito :)

try merce's chow and raps steaks and cakes

wala pa ito when I went to DLSU =( Students now are so lucky they have a lot of choices around the campus.

Ok ang videoke dito! P5 lang per song and no room charge! :)

Ok ang videoke dito! P5 lang per song tapos wala pang room charge. Suggest ko lang ay lakasan nila ang aircon nila. ;)

The food looks so yummy... how i wish i live nearby huhu unfortunately i'm from cavite.. anyy branch nearer to my place? hmmm

The food looks so yummy... how i wish i live nearby huhu unfortunately i'm from cavite.. any branch nearer to my place? hmmm

How about Kaibigan? The carinderia right beside the DLSU computer science bldg. That was an all time favorite for us comsci students. A big plate of calamares for under 100 bucks!!!

Hey thanks for featuring restos around DLSU. This is very informative. My friends and I tend to explore a new one every lunch time. Haven't tried "Mama V" though. Hope to see more. :P

Hi, I'd like to ask for your permission to use one of your photos in my own site. It's the second one with the view of the videoke rooms from an outsider's perspective. Ok lang ba?

Hi! Where can i find their menu and price list online?

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