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Earth Hour 2008 - See The Difference You Can Make

Earth Hour 2008-7
Our Awesome Planet officially supports Earth Hour 2008. I was excited to be a part of the lights out event today at 8pm-9pm. The main Earth Hour event was held in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) lawn area. I decided to document the Earth Hour Manila 2008 in CCP via this Photo Essay. Also, can you share your own Earth Hour experience?

Earth Hour 2008-2
People eagerly waiting for the lights out event in front of CCP area.

Earth Hour 2008-3
30 seconds countdown to lights out.

Earth Hour 2008-4
CCP with full of lights. This is right before the lights were shut off by 8pm Manila time.

Earth Hour 2008-5
CCP, Star City, Jollibee, SM Malls, Meralco, and many others joined the lights out event. The entire Roxas Boulevard lights were shut off, SM Malls reduced lights by 50%, CCP/ Star City lights were off for an hour. The only lights that I see are coming from the hotel rooms in the area.

Earth Hour 2008-14
Our family is committed to live an environmentally friendly life.

Earth Hour 2008-17
During the lights out, there were a few performers to entertain the crowd. The one hour just passed by...

Earth Hour 2008-11
Earth Hour is perfect for Night Photography....

Earth Hour 2008-18
I'm a proud member of Manila Jaycees which fully supported Earth Hour 2008. Chef Garbs CEO Lex Adasa and Family in full support of Earth Hour 2008.

Earth Hour 2008-15
Roxas Boulevard @ Earth Hour 2008 Manila.



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Here's my post on Earth Hour:
I loved the feeling. Once a year is not enough. :)

I was looking forward to participating in Earth Hour but I was out in the metro shopping for something. SM indeed reduced their lights by 50%. My family did turn off the lights and unplugged the appliances back home. Too bad I didn't get to take a photo.

Bloggers joined the Earth Hour. In fact I blogged about it second week of March together with Bayanihan blog network and Pinoy Centric. Then it just spread. I wished I was there. I had to go to the house since it was Lauren's birthday party. Thanks for taking time to be with us at Wikipilipinas.

Our family participated. My dad turned the electricity to the whole house off. :) hehehe! XD really nice experience (even though it was like we were the only ones in the village who did it) :P

I closed most of the lights in our house, but it was different scene outside. ABS-CBN was doing a shooting hence it was really bright out on our street. I kinda have this little conspiracy thing that Meralco wasn't really happy about Earth Hour hahaha :p

We switched-off the lights in our restaurant...except for the kitchen. Diners were eating by candle-light. It really was a wonderful feeling...I hope WWF makes this monthly endeavour.

"Our family is committed to live an environmentally friendly life."

-- So will you give up your SUV? Hehehe! ;-)

congratulations to the Pinoys. In this small way, we were able to support Earth Hour but it does not end there. We can always reduce energy consumption on a daily weekly basis making it a habit.

wow, this is great! sadly the event was not so successful in ortigas (or atleast near our area)

here's my blog on that:

We participated in this as well but same with the others, we were the only ones in our building who turned off our lights.

Good question! Did you get an answer?

Katrina wrote:

"Our family is committed to live an environmentally friendly life."

-- So will you give up your SUV? Hehehe! ;-)

Sir Anton, aren't you the ones (wife and Aidan) in the Pagsanjan falls scene that was broadcast on TV 'Unang Hirit' ? I think that was Monday March 31, 2007.

good provocative question on the SUV. For now, di siguro, but we will find ways on how to minimize use of the SUV or innovative ways to use other means of transportation like using the MRT :)

I was in Coron for the weekend with a couple of friends. We were wondering if the town will turn off the lights for Earth Hour. They actually did…because there was a blackout! Hahahaha! The power was out for about 2 hours!

hi anton!! i was in greenhills naman celebrating earth hour :) it was quite a challenge eating in the dark but cool din biglaan nag candlelight dinner kami ni paul hehe

This is phenomenal. Let's all help to change the world.

Sharing my post on this.

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