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[Flavors of La Salle] Cerealicious

rache Cerealicious - Are you Delicious?


Cerealicious is still the first and only Cereal Cafe in the Philippines. One of their first few branches was located in Sherwood Place in front of DLSU. On a normal day, it is packed with students just hanging out and enjoying the healthy cereals. The marketing of using movie titles to package their cereal creations is brilliant. It is young, fun and makes you feel like a kid again. No wonder, Cerealicious continues to expand to other school vicinities and other areas outside Metro Manila like Cebu and Davao. We need to have more of these healthy alternatives to the fatty ice cream and fatty chocolate cakes. They deserve all the media attention they are getting for the past 3 years. Congratulations on your success!

How I wish I was a student again... I'm tempted to enroll in a post graduate course just to hang out with students again. I love the Green feel of the Cerealicious Taft branch.

There are 30+ cereals and 40+ toppings to choose from. For starters, you just need to choose from the Cereal Blockbusters (tried and tested combinations). It consists of Cereals + Milkshakes + Toppings and Ice Cream. The small trailer bowl costs P43 while the blockbuster bowl costs P85. (see complete menu)

Jumango. Play the game, Sarah. Be on an adventure with one of our all time top hits. Cornflakes, mangoes and honey crumble. Don't you mumble. Let's play a game. Can you guess my name?

Nutting Hill. Can the most famous film star in the world fall for just an ordinary guy?

Aidan and Rache are certified Cereal Lovers :)


Ground floor Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue Manila (in front of DLSU) Tel: 484-3283
Open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm and Saturday at 8:00am to 5:00pm
E-mail them at, call them at (02) 413 8320 or text at (0917)795-4481.
Official Website:



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I would like to try this. It's been a while since I visited DLSU. I will visit this when I come home anyways, I also need to fix some things in DLSU.

I love this! I stumbled upon this last year in UST Hospital. The milkshake alone makes me happy already :)

talagang ang dami nang bago sa area na yan, thanks Anton for always keeping us updated! Ay namiss ko tuloy ang buhay estudyante hehehehe

They already have a kiosk inside the Animo (formerly Aristocrat) canteen.

Hi, Anton--

Their newest branch is at the Robinson's Place Midtown--we were there last Monday and tried a variety of flavors. I must say I love Jumango! I also like the idea of being able to mix your own--if you use nonfat milk and Fitnesse, that translates to fewer calories.

hi! my friends are the franchise owners of the branch in sherwood and in Midtown... let them know that they're in your blog! :) thanks for featuring them. :) i love cerealicious too! :)

I think they also have a kiosk in the Greenhills Theatre Mall area... It's pretty good!

Nakanaman Aidan! Cute mo talaga rar!

they constantly add things to the menu to keep things interesting. like now they have cereal milk shakes that are oh so good! the place is so student-friendly. it even has free wifi!

the newly opened branch at robinsons midtown is particularly doing well among the kids and students. try their stuff. they're expanding to rice toppings too at very affordable prices.

your cerealicious product is so do your best and prove it :-)

your cerelicious product is good so do your best

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