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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

March 28, 2008

The Rustic Beauty of Batanes

March 28, 2008

The Rustic Beauty of Batanes

Jump for Joy

I expected Batanes to be awesome because of the rave reviews of people who came from this island. It exceeded my wildest expectation. You definitely have to go to Batanes once in your lifetime. (Unfortunately, Asian Spirit flights to Batanes are already fully booked for this summer) The landscape sceneries in Lord of the Rings and the rustic beauty of the Jurassic Park flashes through your mind as you explore the Batan and Sabtang islands in Batanes. Check out these awesome Batanes scenes! ( I do hope that Master George Tapan's will be proud of his student's work - I credit him for taking my photography to a different level )

  1. Rakuh a Payaman– This is my favorite place in Batan Island especially during sunrise. Locals call this the Marlboro country and this is a grazing land for the carabaos and cows in Batan Island.

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  1. Dekey a Kanayan, Alapad – One of the magnificent views in Batan Island. You can see the ruins of the LORAN station a former US navigational facility.

Alapad and LORAN station


  1. Bo Savidug, Sabtang Island – Everyone falls in love with this old community of old stone houses called vahay in Ivatan.

Bo. Savidug
Old Stone Houses in Barangay Savidug


  1. Bo. Chavayan, Sabtang Island – Bo. Savidug and Bo. Chavayan are the two old stone house communities that makes Sabtang Island a must see visit during your Batanes trip. I love playing with the Ivatan children in Bo. Chavayan.

Enroute to Bo. Chavayan
Chavayan Ivatan Children


  1. Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio Views, Sabtang Island – One of the grazing land views in Sabtang Island.

Chamantad Tinyan Sitio Pt


  1. House of Dakay – This is the Oldest standing Ivana Stone House since 1887. Lola Florestida Estrella welcomes everyone who visits her house.

House of Dakay
Lola Florestida Estrella


  1. Valugan Bay Boulder Coast – The charms of the boulders in Valugan Bay gives this a Jurassic Park appeal.

Paul in Jurrasic Park
Samsung - Valugan Beach


  1. Diura Fishing Village – one of the must see fishing community in Batan Island especially during the fishing season.

Diura Fishing Vilage


  1. Batanes Sunset and Sunrise You will literally jump for joy with the awesome Batanes Sunset and Sunrise scenes. Perfect time to capture those jump shots.

Batanes Sunrise
Basco Sunset (Samsung)


  1. The Ivatan Children - Everyone falls in love with the Ivatan Children’s big anime-like eyes.
  2. Ivatan Children Chavayan Eyes

I’m creating the ultimate travel guide to Batanes and we’ll publish it soon for those traveling in Batanes. I was also hoping to create the Ultimate Batanes Tour sometime in End May/ First Week of June for a small group of people (if I can reserve the Asian Spirit flights). Let me know if you are interested.

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