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The Rustic Beauty of Batanes

Jump for Joy

I expected Batanes to be awesome because of the rave reviews of people who came from this island. It exceeded my wildest expectation. You definitely have to go to Batanes once in your lifetime. (Unfortunately, Asian Spirit flights to Batanes are already fully booked for this summer) The landscape sceneries in Lord of the Rings and the rustic beauty of the Jurassic Park flashes through your mind as you explore the Batan and Sabtang islands in Batanes. Check out these awesome Batanes scenes! ( I do hope that Master George Tapan's will be proud of his student's work - I credit him for taking my photography to a different level )

  1. Rakuh a Payaman– This is my favorite place in Batan Island especially during sunrise. Locals call this the Marlboro country and this is a grazing land for the carabaos and cows in Batan Island.

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  1. Dekey a Kanayan, Alapad – One of the magnificent views in Batan Island. You can see the ruins of the LORAN station a former US navigational facility.

Alapad and LORAN station


  1. Bo Savidug, Sabtang Island – Everyone falls in love with this old community of old stone houses called vahay in Ivatan.

Bo. Savidug
Old Stone Houses in Barangay Savidug


  1. Bo. Chavayan, Sabtang Island – Bo. Savidug and Bo. Chavayan are the two old stone house communities that makes Sabtang Island a must see visit during your Batanes trip. I love playing with the Ivatan children in Bo. Chavayan.

Enroute to Bo. Chavayan
Chavayan Ivatan Children


  1. Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio Views, Sabtang Island – One of the grazing land views in Sabtang Island.

Chamantad Tinyan Sitio Pt


  1. House of Dakay – This is the Oldest standing Ivana Stone House since 1887. Lola Florestida Estrella welcomes everyone who visits her house.

House of Dakay
Lola Florestida Estrella


  1. Valugan Bay Boulder Coast – The charms of the boulders in Valugan Bay gives this a Jurassic Park appeal.

Paul in Jurrasic Park
Samsung - Valugan Beach


  1. Diura Fishing Village – one of the must see fishing community in Batan Island especially during the fishing season.

Diura Fishing Vilage


  1. Batanes Sunset and Sunrise You will literally jump for joy with the awesome Batanes Sunset and Sunrise scenes. Perfect time to capture those jump shots.

Batanes Sunrise
Basco Sunset (Samsung)


  1. The Ivatan Children - Everyone falls in love with the Ivatan Children’s big anime-like eyes.
  2. Ivatan Children Chavayan Eyes

I’m creating the ultimate travel guide to Batanes and we’ll publish it soon for those traveling in Batanes. I was also hoping to create the Ultimate Batanes Tour sometime in End May/ First Week of June for a small group of people (if I can reserve the Asian Spirit flights). Let me know if you are interested.

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sounds awesome!!! any qualifications to join the ultimate batanes tour? :)
sana my boss will still let me go on leave hahahah...

Whoa!! Amazing pics! :) The Malboro Country looks a foreign place. Go for Wow Philippines! :)

I'm hoping to go there too someday. Thanks for this post Anton! :)

hi anton! i already booked a flight thru Asian Spirit on June 20-23...uhmmm... *wink wink* hehe

Thanks for sharing the pics Anton! It was great meeting you there. I have been a constant visitor of this site since early this year. It was recommended by my ofcmate. And we didn't ecpect to meet you at the workshop. We will look forward to your other posts on Batanes. Did you ask permission from Paul? hehe. Ok ang abs exposure niya dito ha. :-P

great pictures! i will go to Batanes. thanks to you Anton!!!

Hi! I'm interested but I'd like to know first how much it would cost me.


wow! Im so green. I love your pics! I really think that the closest thing I can get of Scotland or Ireland is Batanes. Sooooo breath taking.
PS. love your pics, parang postcards! =D

i'm very much interested! :) much? :P hehe! XD REALLY NICE PICTURES Anton! :) yey

....still beautiful....i used to nap-sleep{dreams}in some of those....but even way greener 'gorges' late afternoons....wish to see more if i can remember more....

Anton, can i and my hubby join the tour that you'll be organizing? sama kami (hopefully may pambudget na by then, no more extra rice for us. pag wala ill just be looking forward to your ultimate batanes guide).. wowowee! The Ivatan people look beautiful. it shines through the pictures o. more pictures please :D nice homes and beautiful people. The guy from F4 went here also. v 00 v

ginulat mo yata yung Lola, bro!

Your batanes pictures look really lovely Anton. It captured the spirit of the Ivatans and the land.
Five years ago, I was all set to jump on the plane on the flight to Batanes and the flight got cancelled because of bad weather conditions!!! =(
Your photos encouraged me to reschedule that much delayed trip!

hi! This comment is not entirely related to your post. But i just want to share that i've been reading your blog for some time now and when planning to go on out of town trips, I try to search the net for info re. my planned destinations. I always end up getting the most helpful infos from your site and I've always wanted to make a blog like yours but I always fail to document my trips. Anyways, I got myself a trusty dslr just recently and was able to take pics of my recent pics to Ilocos Norte. Hopefully, I'll have the time to make a blog. hehe.

Anyways, looking forward to you ultimate travel guide to Batanes. :)

Great pictures Anton! =)

Hi Anton,

BATANES, One of my dream destinations every year! Looking forward to your travel guide post.

Your Pictures... i laveet :)

Nakaka-miss, went there a few years back.Wild ride yung boat trip to Sabtang hehehe...good thing the old planes of Laoag Air is not in service anymore.

Best feature of the place is the people. Ang babait and honest. Where else can you find a store named "Honesty Cafe".

Nice pics Anton :)

Hi Anton,

So so great pics of Batanes! Was there any lighthouse in Batanes? I believe I saw one in a TV looking forward to visit Batanes soon :)

Yeah, there were the lighthouses designed by Butch Abad --- 2 in Batan Island and 1 in Sabtang. I also love the honesty and warm welcome of the people.

On the tour, Asian Spirit is fully booked and we are still looking for ways to get a flight.. via sea air or chartered flight...

Awesome photos Anton! I see the workshop paid off ;) I'd love to see the photos you took today (it was great seeing you, Rache and Aidan again).

I'm interested in the Batanes tour, but I'd have to check my schedule and budget first ;)

Great photos. I especially like the first carabao picture because of the contrast of the green and the water.

Anton, for me, this is one of your best entry ever!!!

Bravo shots!

....batanes for decades & centuries has kept it's traditions of community stores without the need of 'sales person' lol....they leave their goods with prices or sometimes no pricetags in some stores and it's up to you to pay them by 'yourself'and self service 'give' yourself the proper money changes 'honestly'....i did'nt see the local traditional roofing like 'headresses' still so picturesque so magical looking enviroment....i feel like dreaming again lol....

I really like to visit Batanes. Thanks for sharing your wondeful pictures.


is that you in the "half-naked guy jumping in the air" pic? :D

wow! great pictures anton specially the first photo! very professional! :)

Hi Anton,

Please make again a schedule for next year...hehehe=) I'm pregnant kasi e and i've been wanting to go to Batanes

very nice pics. Batanes is definitely a must-see place. ^_^

Hi Anton,

I would love to get a copy of that ultimate travel guide or, better yet, be part of that Batanes tour. Please do send me details.


If you are interested going to Batanes. Please visit us - Your cheapest source of travel packages to Batanes!

Please give me a howler when the Batanes trip is set. thanks

great pics! kakaiba talaga ang batanes =) it'll be a year tomorrow (april 1) since my trip there . . . i think si roger din yung naging guide niyo kasi he mentioned that he was in charge of george tapan's group when i asked him something before holy week . . . bait ng mga tao dun no?

would love to go back again . . . hope i get to join your trip =) regards to rache!

Dear Anton,

Again, thank you for your blogs which are a source of information. Am so envious of your Batanes trip. The photos are really great. Thanks for the sharing.

Sign me up!

I would love to join the Batanes tour. Will watch out for details.

thanks for your posts, now at least i have names for the wonderful places and faces that we've met. mabuhay ka! love your pictures! iba ka paul, you should pay anton a royalty for making you look fabulous (para wala ka talagang t'yan.. he he, peace tayo!). congrats, anton - if we were given honors for doing well at the workshop, am sure kayong 2 ni keith ang nasa top 2.

Master Anton,

Great to have met you there in Batanes. Even more so to be your housemate in the Big Brother House of Master Photographer George Tapan (Pensione Ivatan). You definitely made my Batanes adventure interesting. Learning from you, Obet, Cocoy and Pops (not to mention the criticisms from George T)pushed me to seriously consider upgrading my tools to better capture the moment and make my pictures timeless. Sounds familiar huh!

Anyway, this is an excellent blog with the best pictures to prove how beautiful Batanes is.... the model you used (that's me, Paul San Pedro)enhanced the overall pic of the rustic Ivatan turf!

short and handsome paul :-)

what did i tell you about batanes? see, it's so enchanting!

hi sir,
my dad and i would like to join the Batanes tour. any details on how much the package would cost and how long can we stay there? thanks.

amazing photos by the way, my dad's a big fan of yours ^_^


I'm interested in the Batanes tour too. How does one go about signing up?

Hi Anton! I really enjoy reading your blog, and this entry really evokes memories of my own Batanes trip three years ago. Too bad its for work, and I just stayed there for three days! Nevertheless, I enjoyed soaking up on the beautiful scenery that was laid out before me everywhere I went. I hope to go back real soon! Thank you so much for sharing your Batanes memories with us... :)

Hi Anton. I'm interested to join the ultimate batanes tour that you're arranging! How do we sign up? arnie

....european country look of an philippine island provinces in the philippines no matter how impoverish their areas can look as good as 'batanes' if they're as clean & polished....meaning if broken fences-roofs no trashes o di kaya unnecessary items publicly displayed outside their homes means it's a helpful ideas making low income communities-houses fixed as shown in this pictures means they are alright interesting historical inspiring and something they can be proud good luck metro manila luzon visayas mindanao meaning confirmations of the visions the solutions are in front of your eyes....

Its my ultimate dream to see Batanes. I love to photograph beautiful scenery of oceans and mountains. I want to have my own Batanes Masterpiece. I am interested to join the Ultimate Batanes Tour. Email me some information soon. Thank you.


I was just surfing online, and I came across your site. Batanes really seems wonderful and breathtaking as most people say it to be...Are you pushing through with your Ultimate Batanes Tour? If you are, may I have the details, and the rates, if ever?


Awesome views, man!
Non-travelling people like me would definitely make plans
to go there based from your pics.

Ang ganda ng Pilipinas, wohoo!

Awesome views, man!
Non-travelling people like me would definitely make plans
to go there based from your pics.

Ang ganda ng Pilipinas, wohoo!

Email me the details should the Batanes Summer 2008 trip materialize.

Hi! Nice pics, my hubby and I are also planning to go to batanes, his into photography also and I love travelling.But probably we will go next summer. Il book early napupuno pla agad ang asian spirit. How bout the hotels/lodges in batanes? Are they comfy enough? If ever ur trip this may becomes succesful, maybe u can organize again for next summer hehe...and pls do inform me if ur travel guide is done already thanks!
By the way, I have been going to the top restaurants that u have recommended on ur blogs and we love it, thanks for all the info! God bless.

Please inform me regarding the tour. Thanks! :)

Great adventure! Great pieces of art captured by a graet photographer! Give us more! Post more! and we wil all be proud of the pearl of the orient!

Congratulations! more...more.... more....

.,.elow po.,. hope mas marami pa po ung ma-attract n tao pra pumunta jn sa pnakama2hal qng hometown.,.

going to batanes on sept 23. can you share some practical tips and must sees, must eat, dos and donts?

my boss tasked me to do the itinerary.
we'll have a media appreciation tour of the regional development in batanes..

can you help me?

Chay of NEDA

What is the best time of the year to go to Batanes. I love to go there. It is my dream to see the place and live there all the rest of my life. Is there any ATM (megalink or anything)in this planet? How about Western Union or Xoom money padala? I hope somebody could answer my inquiry. See you in Batanes.

Dear Anton, I am a big fan. My wife and I regularly look to you and your site for info and advice as for our outings, trips and restaurant seeking. For that we thank you very much. However, personally, I wish everyone would stay away from Batanes. I Thank the Lord God getting there is no easy task. Who would want hordes of mainlanders trampling the beautiful, unique landscape of Batanes. The advent of cellphones, sat TV, the internet is plenty influence already. I long for the days of peace and quiet, innocence, purity of the old Batanes. Hordes of tourists would be a death knell for what Batanes is really known for: Not only for its natural beauty but also for it's beautiful people and their unique culture. Today and soon I dread, Batanes will become just another spoilt, overdeveloped, dirty, overcrowded tourist trap with everything Batanes is known for destroyed. Think Puerto Galera...Boracay! Again, thank God the place is so remote and inaccessible and only visitable 2-3 months out of a year due to incredible stormy weather. Even a passing downpour there would be like a super typhoon for the mainlanders. That because of these reasons, our beloved Batanes will remain as pure and as unspoilt as we wish, forever...we are thankful... hopefully.
Leave Batanes alone!!!

BTW, my dad is a pure Ivatan. Which makes me 1/2 Ivatan I guess.

Wow! Great job, well done!

Wow! Great job, well done!

punta ako batanes definitely! panalo pictures!

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