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Piccolo Mondo's Pizzas

Note: This restaurant is closed already :(

rache Piccolo My Mondo

Piccollo Mondo-8 Piccollo Mondo-3
Aidan or Josh?

Piccolo Mondo is now located in Tagaytay for some time now coming from its humble beginnings in Aguirre St and Casa Susana in Alabang. It is owned by celebrity Chef Mervyn Whitfield's whose claim to fame is being the chef of the Beatles at one point of his career.

Piccolo serves the BEST pizza in Tagaytay. Their pizza is known for its thin crust but with a fluffy bite because it is baked on volcanic slabs. A lot more people in Tagaytay are raving about Piccolo's Pizza. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for their pasta which suffered from overcooking or commercialization of its operation.

This is one of the places close to Hotel Kimberly along the main Highway Aguinaldo road.

Piccolo Mondo means small world.

Piccollo Mondo-2
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We ate at Piccolo the day after Valentines so you can still see some decent attempt to have a romantic atmosphere using cut out hearts. I liked the homey feel of the resto and it would have been nice if Chef Mervyn was around. One of the draw of the restaurant is meeting the British celebrity chef himself.

Piccollo Mondo-7

Pizza al Quattro Formaggi and Pizza Margherita (price of the higher value pizza, P385).

You can order half pizza's because the pizza dough, tomato base and cheese are the same.

Piccollo Mondo-9
Zuppra di Asparagi (Cream of Asparagus) - P75

Piccollo Mondo-10

Seafood Pasta. We were disappointed with the noodles which was overcooked and swimming in its sauce. The taste was good so we finished it.

Piccolo Mondo
Piccolo Mondo Restaurant
5940 Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Telephone Number: +63 46 413 1942



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This is our hands down favorite resto in Tagaytay. We always eat here after we go to the zoo. Sana you tried the spinach ravioli..super yummy kahit weird yun color nung pasta (too green). Did you get to meet the owner? He's so nice! So is his wife and kid. They even let our kids play with their dogs once :)

Did you know that you can order 2 flavors on one pizza? That way you can taste several agad :)

last time i ate at Piccolo mondo was when thery were in BF pque pa. THe pizzas was really the star not the pasta

pizzas look good, but for me any establishment that serves un-al dente pasta is a no-no. pasta is really among the easiest dish to make! overcooked pasta automatically makes me scrap the restaurant off my list. but if only for this place's pizza, i'll drop by and have a taste. i would imagine the only thing one orders from this place is the pizza. and maybe soup?

wow, we must try this. we are running out of restos to try in tagaytay. do they accept credit cards?

i think you guys just caught them at a bad time. we often go here and we have no complaints about the food. we have been able to meet chef mervyn himself. he is such a gracious chap. one of the things he talked to us about was how customers usually have the pasta/risotto sent back to the kitchen for being "undercooked", and he always always obliges because the customer is always right. i think it takes a very humble person to cater to a customer's wants even if it totally militates against yours. im sure he never intended to serve overcooked pasta. must have been a bad day at the kitchen i guess.

I remember Piccolo Mondo when it was in BF Paranaque. The pizza was really good indeed (especially the Four Cheese Pizza). I only managed to eat twice there and it was sad that they closed down in BF.

Its good to know that they are still around though now you would have to travel to Tagaytay. (I really don't like it that a main local tourist route requires you to share it with tricycles. Imagine how much faster it would be to get to the cooler temperatures.)

I look forward to eating their pizza again after a long while. Its a place to look forward to when one is at Tagaytay.

i've eaten at their old casa susana branch a few times. and yes, i do love their pizza. unfortunately, when i got back from a furlough in the states, it was gone. and i've been wondering where they had transferred to.

thanks to OAP, i can now visit one of my favorite pizza spots once again. :)

another reason to visit tagaytay. :D

I ate at the resto last Sunday (24 Feb) and contrary to your write up, I enjoyed the pasta more than their pizza. The noodles were cooked to al dente perfection! :) Must tries are the amatriciana (named slighlty differently than this at piccolo mondo) and the spinach ravioli. The serving was just right for the price. The pizza however, could have been crispier. (But that's me.) Taste-wise though, the pizza was good. This place is something to look forward to in future trips to Tagaytay. :)

great great great food!!!! pasta was al dente, very flavorful but not overpowering! im not a fan of italian pizzas, i like american pizzas better but after having a bite of piccolo's pizza, im definitely a convert! chef mervyn is opening a restaurant soon in westgate alabang. the place will be called Sophie...i cant wait to try it out!

oops..the resto that will open in westgate is Sophia, not Sophie...=)

hey! they're only in tagaytay?

wow! the last time i ate at piccolo mondo was still in bf homes paranaque. must try it again in tagaytay sometime.

Hi Anton! I frequent your site for your reviews and am thankful for all the information. However, I wish you would enlist someone who can edit your posts for grammatical errors. More power to you!

great food, service, prices and chef-keep it up

aside from their pizza, try their beef salpicao in red wine....its good..

Hi! They already renamed the restaurant to Katrina's. Same people, same management, same great food.

hi!do they have branch in alabang? piccolo/sophia/katrina?

Katrina's is a great place to eat pasta - if their super delicious Spaghetti Alla Carbonara is any indication of yumminess of their other pasta dishes!

Aside from the name change, they also changed numbers. You can reach Katrina's at 046 483 1942

how can i reach there if i am from Imus, Cavite?

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