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Diddy Riese Cookies

Diddy Riese-2
LA is crazy about the Diddy Riese cookies and you can see the long lines above to prove it.

Diddy Riese-5
I love Diddy Riese cookies because they are fresh, crunchy in the outside but soft / chewy in the inside. The bestsellers is the Cookie Sandwiches where you can select any two flavor of cookies and a choice of Dryer's ice cream. Diddy Riese is 2x better than Mrs. Fields (yes, that is how good these cookies are). I do hope somebody franchises it in the Philippines.

Diddy Riese-3
Our recommendation is the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Walnut.

Diddy Riese-4
All the cookies are served fresh and people order it by the dozen. The cookie turnover is very high and usually you get your cookies hot.

Diddy Riese-10
a sneak peak into a dozen of Diddy Riese cookies... super yummy!

Diddy Riese-11
Thanks to ate Carmina for bringing us to Diddy Riese cookies...

Deal or No Deal
We ended the night with an arcade game of Deal or No Deal ($2/play) . I think that a Kris Aquino Deal or No Deal arcade version would be a big hit in Manila.



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We already have that same deal or no deal arcade game in timezone. I wish too we have those cookies w/ ice cream here....yum yum!

When I saw the US edition of Deal or No Deal on cable, I missed Kris Aquino. I've never been a fan but the American version was just too serious.

this is similar to PENNY BROWN cookies here in manila. they also have those ice cream sandwiches and the cookies even by themselves are also really awesome. they don't have very many outlets (only 2 i think, in robinson's galleria and glorietta 4).

i love diddy riese cookies! especially the white chocolate macadamia nut variety. great value for money at three cookies for a dollar. and its great to see the same guy still behind the counter.

they have the deal or no deal machine already in timezone :) same one that you posted :D

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