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No More World Pyro...

World Pyro Olympics!
I was sad when I learned that there won't be any World Pyro Olympics for this year. What happened? I was looking for more info from the net and I can't find one. Have you heard anything about why they decided to cancel World Pyro this year?



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although its sad to know that there won't be any world pyro this year...i think my traumatizing experience last yr is enough to keep me from trooping all the way to MOA to get stuck in such bad traffic and wait for a loooooooong time before the show finally starts. *sigh* in other words..never again :x


sa dami ng sumasabog dito sa metromanila,
the organizers probably felt there was no more
need for more explosions and fireworks...

sad, but true.

I love the picture! The silhouettes are just beautiful.=)

They opted to have it in Macau this year. With this new arrangement, Philippines can now participate.

pero sana, some group/s can organize a similar set-up, not necessarily as huge as the pyro olympics, but something that we can look forward to, it's a certified crowd-drawer and at the same time profitable but also a mammoth traffic magnet!!

true, can't they join the macau fireworks contest and hosted the world pyro olympics too?

i understand from an SM insider that no one could come forward with the P2 million sponsorship fee. gee, that's actually peanuts for a big corporation to an own annual anticipated event. hmmm, how about "SMART's Amazing Skies", or "San Miguel's Spectacular Sky Show". With the goodwill the fireworks show generates, makes you wonder why SM just didn't pick up the tab. oh well, we just have to be content with their weekend mini fireworks display then.

awww.. i'm looking forward to it pa naman.. that's sad..

The 2008 Pyro Olympics is on (Feb 16 to March 15)!!!!! Some favorites have dropped out (UK, USA, Denmark) but it will be exciting to see what Dubai and Korea have to offer. =)

Details on where to get ticket prices should be available soon (the website isn't updated yet). Will keep you posted.

here's the sched ata:

February 16 - China (CN) vs Germany (DE)
February 23 - Japan (JP) vs Australia (AU)
March 1 - Korea (KO) vd Dubai (AE)
March 8 - Italy (IT) vs Venezuela (VE)
March 15 - Frace (FR) vs Philippines (PH)

hey! is this for real?? we've been going to this event every year and we were really disappointed when we couldn't find any information on when it will be held this year :)

oh my! tentative schedules are here:

scroll to the bottom.

we're so happy!!! :)

.....i hope country friends danemark u.k. u.s.a will come back for this year's fireworks....we must keep the fun rolling around the world lol!....i hope country friends from sweden switzerland spain saudi arabia austria new zealand etc.etc. can join too....i hope it's not too late for them to join again the fireworks 'world' fun to be gazed photographs so to hear-share the oohhsss & aahhhhsss and those priceless excitements bewildered childrens smiles topping the adults fun lol!.....good luck 2008 philippines....

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