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Pampanga Heritage Tours and Lunch @ Claude Tayag

Brought to you by: Our Awesome Planet, Ivan About Town, and Ivan of Old Manila Walks.

Bale Dutung - 14

We are starting to organize high-end Pampanga Tours for December. We will have a dry run with my Brother's friends this coming Saturday, November 3. I'm extending this invite to OAP readers who would like to join on Saturday. I know it is a short notice. In any case, if you are not doing anything on Saturday, come join us. The group is a mix group and I don't know most of the people joining so it would be a good bonding session.

Betis Church - 1

The Package Tour would costs P3,500/ head which includes the transportation and meal for the entire trip. This would include Kapampangan breakfast at Everybody's Cafe and a Pampanga Heritage Tour by Ivan About Town! Ivan is a Director in the Heritage Conservation Society of the Philippines and is very proud of his Pampanga Heritage. There will be the tour of Betis Church, Bacolor Church and other heritage stop in San Fernando Pampanga.

Bale Dutung - 34

The highlight of the Tour would be Lunch at Claude Tayag which is priced at P1,800/ head (included in the package tour). Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung is one of the Top 10 Awesome Restaurants of the Philippines! It is certainly one of the Best Kapampangan restaurant in the country today. Lunch @ Claude's could be as long as 3-4 hours and based on our last food trip, you won't have any space for dinner. So after Claude's, we plan to go back to Manila after buying pasalubong.

Meeting place on Saturday is 6.30am in Starbucks 6750 and we will be back at around 6.30pm.

Please text me and confirm if you plan to join us on Saturday. Anton @ +63928 xxx xxxx.

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Would love to join, but yung sa January na XD

....the 'best awesome' thing that happened in internet.....high end town's heritage tours{state of the art}is what people needs to be doing-busy about.....learning where you come from{history-origin of culture}tells you exactly who you are as citizens....this will energized YOU and inspire everyone to do more to do even better to spread{let it be known}how beautiful 'fiipinos'are......filipinos are unbelievably creative but definitely not a risks takers in the field of arts and natural wonders hesitants in nature they limit their bests they find any excuses contemplates in showing the rest of the world their full potentials their hidden natural talents in artistic world so few notice them decades before not as much as the world do now....the revival of anything state of the art activities-projects will best serve your country and all it's people in general....maintain the directions...
keep doing your best....keep your best culture alive at nasa listahan po ninyo ako sigurado po yan....salamat po

I have been dreaming about this...i2i, chatting and bonding with fellow OAP readers and at the same time enjoying and appreciating the awesome food and cultural heritage of our I wish but I just can't...I just spent a family vacation in Orlando and then Hawaii this year... so spending another vacation specially out the country would just be too frivolous. I am really very very envious.

Awww, I've always wanted to try out Claude Tayag's. Unfortunately, dining there's quite a production with a minimum number of participants and I'm usually just with my wife. Too bad we've already made plans for the weekend. Oh well... =)

i wish i had gone online yesterday! i just saw this post now, and alas, i am 8 hours too late.

hopefully, i can join the next one. :)

awww man! just read the post 5 mins ago id love to join sana..let me know ah when's the next ;)

Reading your blog makes me want to go home to Manila and try all the fantastic food on offer. Want to go to Pampanga too, haven't been there at all.

Darn it! Here I am reading about this on the evening of November 3! Talk about missing the train...

hey anton. great job! i had a wondeful time yesterday.. looking forward to joining your tours again.

here are some of the photos from yesterday:

too bad i missed the sat trip! would love to join the next one. =)


let's make it an overnight trip for december;
there's a secret italian restaurant deep inside a village in angeles city that you must visit!!!

we can then go watch the Giant Parol Festival in san fernando...

the next day, brunch tayo sa MeatPlus sa subic. hahaha!

Hey Anton, it's a bit OT, but I'd like to invite you to visit our restaurant. You might have heard of it - it's Rose & Grace Restaurant with branches at Sta. Rosa, Laguna, SLEX, Calamba City and the original shop at Sto. Tomas, Batangas. :) It's on me. :p

this is a grea idea :) hope i can join the next trip. please keep us posted on upcoming tours. thanks.

I'd love to hear about the trip.=)

Spanx! Actually the next trip is on December 15. Food trip during the daytime and Giant Lantern Festival sa gabi! :) Anton should make the announcement anytime soon.

may i know where exactly the location of BALE DUTUNG? Is it in Lubao or City of San Fernando?

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